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7 patio furniture covers that will stand up to any weather

Many people have some type of outdoor furniture either on their patio, on a deck, or in a garden.

After all, whether you’re throwing a party in the backyard, hosting a neighborhood barbecue, or just getting together with family for an afternoon cup of coffee and good conversation … you gotta have something to sit on, right?

If you’ve never bought covers for outdoor furniture or even furniture covers for storage, don’t worry. In this article, we’ll weigh in on seven covers designed to protect your furniture for years to come.

Modern Leisure Heavy Duty Patio Furniture Cover

This outdoor cover is perfect for a loveseat or patio chair. It’s a bit on the plain side, but it doesn’t have to look pretty to get the job done. Its strong fabric ensures that your patio furniture won’t be ruined by dirt, dust, debris, and rain.

It can fit nicely over furniture that’s up to 33 inches deep and 55 inches wide. Plus, it’s tall enough at 38 inches to cover the legs of most outdoor chairs.

Classic Accessories Veranda Water-Resistant Patio Furniture Cover

This cover is made for outdoor tables more than other types of furniture. Made by Classic Accessories Veranda, it’s noteworthy for its waterproof skirt. It works nicely to protect outdoor tables from rain, sleet, and snow, as well as wet leaves and other debris. At 72 x 44 inches, it fits tightly on most rectangular tables.

Quite a bit more expensive than the previous cover we discussed, this one ranges in price based on size, ranging from $41.91 to $72.60. Check availability here.

AmazonBasics 2-Seater Deep Lounge Sofa Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover

This cover protects against the rain perfectly due to its waterproof PVC lining. Made of woven polyester, the cover comes with convenient click-close straps and interlocking seams so you can quickly secure it around your outdoor sofa’s legs.

A bit less expensive than the last cover mentioned, this one also ranges in price based on size.

Grab it for under $50.

Duck Covers Ultimate Waterproof Patio Furniture Cover

Although it’s not made for tables or outdoor loveseats, this furniture cover is almost eight feet long and covers most patio sofas. It’s also made for all-weather protection and is 100 percent waterproof. Featuring click-close straps and air-tight, sealed seams, this cover is incredibly versatile and comes in a wide range of sizes.

Vailge Lounge Patio Furniture Covers

This one’s not made for tables. It’s only for outdoor lounge chairs, patio chairs, and loveseats. The cover includes padded handles, which makes it easy to remove. Additionally, you’ll find that it’s designed to enable a custom fit with its adjustable lock closures.

ULTCOVER Rectangular Patio Furniture Cover

This cover fits over oval and rectangular patio tables easily as well as associated chairs. At 90x64x28 inches, the ULTCOVER is quite generous in size. Like all the others on this list, the cover protects against the elements, including UV light. Made of extremely durable polyester canvas, this patio furniture cover comes in various sizes and prices.

King do way Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers

One of the largest furniture covers on this list, the King do way can cover up to 12 patio chairs, including the table. Made of waterproof fabric, it has incredibly strong elastic straps to secure it against high winds. As with most of the others covers previously mentioned, there is a wide range of sizes to choose from. One downside is that you must tape the seams for it to be totally waterproof. However, prices start at only $13.99!

Remember that purchasing outdoor furniture covers is essential if you want to protect the investment you’ve made in patio or garden furniture. Without a cover that’s the right size for your outdoor chairs, loveseats, or sofas, the elements are sure to cause deterioration that will ruin your furniture’s value.

You’ll want to ensure that anything you purchase is waterproof and can be tied down so that the wind won’t blow it away. Of course, you won’t use an outdoor furniture cover year-round, but you’ll certainly want one for late fall and winter. Additionally, you’ll need a cover if you choose to take a summer vacation and won’t be home to use your furniture.

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