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Seed starting

When is the best time and season to plant your vegetables?

When should you plant your veggies outdoors? Here's how to tell

Why knowing your climate zone is essential to your vegetable garden

Do you know what climate zone you live in? Here's why it matters
Flower garden on a sloped landscape

6 gorgeous plants that thrive in dry soil

These great plants love dry soil -- and could be perfect for you
crocus flowers blooming in snow

What can you grow in cold weather while waiting for spring?

Cold weather and plants can sometimes get along -- here are the plants that thrive in chilly climates
soggy yard

Wet soil can drown most plants — but not these 13 shrubs

Some shrubs thrive in wet soil, but it's important to pick the right ones. Gives these 13 trees and shrubs a try.
Vegetables in a garden

This simple guide will turn you into a master gardener

Gardening isn't for the pros -- it's for you, too, if you follow this good gardener's guide.
Christmas cactus with purple flowers

These are the 21 best plants for cold-weather climates

Cold weather climates can be tough on many plants, but not these. Here's how to tell which plants will thrive in the chilly months.
Purple and white foxgloves in a garden

Grow beautiful foxgloves at home with these 5 tips

Foxglove plants are beautiful when cultivated properly. We list the five most important things to do when tending them.
Pink, yellow, and white lantana blooms

7 gorgeous plants that grow in dry climates

No matter your climate zone or experience, there’s a perfect plant for you. We list seven seven lovely plants that grown in dry areas.
person picking green lettuce from garden

Amazing plants you can grow in wet climates

Cultivating a garden in a wet climate is not difficult with the right choice of plants.