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Best October vegetables

The best vegetables to plant in October

Fall weather brings unique challenges and advisories. Here are tips for planting your crops and caring for each plant. 
A potted indoor mint plant

Here’s how to grow mint indoors for delicious results

Growing a mint plant indoors is easier than you think. Here's how to grow mint indoors so you always have some on hand.
A brown circle of dead grass

How to fix yellow spots in grass so your yard is the pride of the neighborhood once more

You might be embarrassed by those ugly yellow spots in your grass, but have no fear! Here are our tips to make your lawn green and gorgeous again.
Peat moss

Peat moss vs. coco peat: Which is best?

Keep reading to learn more about some of the key similarities and differences between two exciting growing mediums — peat moss and coco coir.
Strawberries being grown vertically

Can you grow strawberries in a vertical garden?

Growing strawberries in a vertical garden is an exciting new trend. Learn how to grow them in the most efficient way possible. 
Cherry tomatoes

How to grow tomatoes in pots for fresh, juicy results all growing season long

Tomatoes are easy to grow on your own. You don’t even need a big space or a garden. Check out this guide on how to successfully grow tomatoes in pots.
food spread out on table outside

Check out these small outdoor kitchen ideas to turn your limited space into a chef’s paradise

Outdoor kitchens have become popular these days. Here are some outdoor kitchen ideas to help you enjoy the beautiful evening weather.
growing chives

How to grow chives from seed in your garden or kitchen so that you always have fresh herbs on hand

We’ll teach you how to grow chives from seed outside in a garden or from the windowsill of your own kitchen. Let's get started!

Are your wicker furniture pieces weather resistant?

Make sure your wicker furniture will stand up to the weather.
group of people around pool

Swimming pool shapes: What to keep in mind as you design

If you are thinking of adding a pool to your backyard, there are several details to consider. One that you may not think of as terribly important is the shape.
Japanese quince flowers blooming

These plants grow best in cold weather

There are quite a few plants that thrive in freezing temperatures. We list the hardy ones that can withstand the colder seasons.
Two people with hands in large compost bin

Can you still compost through winter?

We have some simple tips to answer all your winter composting questions!
how to plant shrubs for a gorgeous new gardenscape garden with

How to plant shrubs for a gorgeous new gardenscape

Whether you’re looking for something small and cute, or big and bold, here are some general tips for making sure your shrubs are happy and healthy!
How to plant flowers

How to plant flowers like a seasoned gardening pro

We've got some tips and tricks to help you become a flower garden pro in no time.
Large oak tree with orange leaves in autumn

How do trees detect seasonal changes?

Why do trees know how and when to adjust to their surroundings, especially when it becomes autumn? We provide the answers.
monthly seed subscription services how to choose the right one for you 2

Monthly seed subscription services: How to choose the right one for you

Let’s take a look at the key elements of a seed subscription box to help you decide which box may be a good fit for you. 
slug drinking from a beer trap

The best ways to control slugs and snails organically

Try these methods to help you get rid of uninvited guests in your garden without causing harm to your family, pets, or plants. 
benefits of gardening

The environmental benefits of gardening

Wondering how gardens help the environment? Here are some of the benefits. 
indoor plant allergies

Do indoor plants help with allergies?

Take a look at the best plants for allergies and which ones to avoid.
refinish old furniture

Should you refinish old furniture or buy new?

Refurbishing old furniture is not difficult. Discover how these old-turned-new pieces can give your outdoor space a lot of character.  
Metal chairs and table on outdoor patio

How to choose the right patio furniture for your space

You're looking for the perfect patio furniture for your outdoor oasis. Check out our tips and tricks to make the perfect additions.
Row of herb plants in pots on windowsill

How to keep herbs alive indoors all year long

You can keep your herbs alive all year long with some extra care beyond sunlight and watering. Here are our best tips to help you succeed. 
Contemporary garden room with stone pathway

How to build a contemporary and affordable garden room

A contemporary garden room combines pathways, furniture, plants, and more. Our guide shows how you can create one with style and flair. 
Four bromeliad plant in pots

The 4 most exotic houseplants you can grow at home

Exotic plants from around the world can now thrive right in your home. We take a look at some of the most exotic and popular ones.
Spray bottle being used on garden plants

Great ideas for organic pest control anyone can use

Creating organic pest-control methods isn't hard. Our guide lists everyday items plus plants that help deter pests naturally.
Gloved hands applying red cedar wood chip mulch

What is organic mulch made of?

Organic mulch is the perfect option for keeping your homegrown fruits, veggies, and other plants free of harsh chemicals for a more clean end result. 
Woman tending to potted plants indoors

The most compatible houseplants for your home

There are quite a few plants that thrive indoors and add a lavish touch to any space. We have a list of which ones will work best.
Backyard pathway with trees and outdoor lights

The best types of outdoor lighting for any space

Your outdoor lighting is the first element your guests see when they visit. Our guide lists some of the various types available.
how to start a vegetable garden female hands picking fresh tomatoes wooden crate with vegetables 1024x1024

How to grow a vegetable garden at home

Planning to grow your own vegetable garden? Check out these helpful tips we’ve compiled to make the process a little less daunting plus a little more fun.