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A tulip in a vase with water beads

Can you grow plants in water beads? Here’s what you need to know

Water beads are a fun and colorful way to grow plants hydroponically. If you want to give this method a try, here are the plants you should use.
Herbs rooted in water

The 8 best plants to grow in a hydroponic garden

Spider plant with spiderettes

Spider plants are hardy hydroponic plants – here’s how to grow your spider plant in water

A person reaching for a head of lettuce

Can you grow hydroponic herbs?

Mason jar uses

How to grow hydroponic herbs in Mason jars for the most adorable garden

A piece of cut up ginger

Here’s how to grow ginger from a store-bought root in 6 easy steps

Purple orchid flowers with white stripes

Growing orchids in water for an exotic and beautiful display is easier than you might think – here’s what to do

Freshly harvested spinach leaves in a bowl

Here’s what you need to know about spinach germination time and how to grow this salad staple

Cilantro grown hydroponically

Indoor gardening: Hydroponics growing tips for any plant

Gardener growing some lettuce

How to harvest romaine lettuce you can eat fresh from the garden

lettuce grower

A beginners’ guide to growing lettuce from the stem for tasty results

White pipe with plants growing from holes in the side

6 crops that will thrive in your winter hydroponic garden

Wick hydroponics

The 6 best flowers to add blooms to your hydroponic garden

Looking to add beautiful blooms to your hydroponic garden? These are the 6 best flowers for you to grow
Hydroponic kit

Good, Better, Best: Indoor hydroponic systems

We've gathered up some of the best indoor hydroponic systems for you to choose from
A bowl of fresh spinach leaves

Gardening 101: Growing spinach hydroponically

You don't need outdoor space to grow delicious spinach. Here's how to grow it hydroponically!
what is a rain garden mick haupt lp0dz24xo6a unsplash

What is a rain garden and why you should build one

How could a rain garden save you money and the planet?
hydroponic system

How the hydroponic Nutrient Film Technique can work for your garden

What is the hydroponic nutrient film technique? We tell you what you need to know

What you need to know about the Dutch bucket hydroponic system

This is your one-stop source for everything you need to know about the Dutch bucket hydroponic system
how to build rain garden hands 1838659 1280

Consider these 5 things before you build a rain garden

Rain gardens are an amazing way to make the most of your water -- who doesn't want that?
Hydroponically grown vegetables

Gardening 101: 6 types of hydroponic systems explained

What's the difference between the six main hydroponic systems and which one would work best for you?
A hydroponic setup with small plants

Hydroponic vs. soil: Which growing method is best for your vegetables

Aside from the growing method, is there any other difference between hydroponic and garden-grown plants?
A hydroponic setup with small plants

Put your basement to good use — start a hydroponic garden

You can grow a garden in your basement with these easy ideas
hydroponic plant growth shutterstock 1728055639

Do hydroponic plants grow faster? Here’s everything you need to know

We debunk some of the most common myths about hydroponic plants in this handy guide.
two orchids closeup

Grow your own hydroponic orchid garden with these 3 tips and tricks

These tips and tricks will help your hydroponic garden thrive no matter the weather
Potted golden pothos

What’s a pothos plant and how can you keep one alive?

A pothos plant is a hardy and colorful plant to have in your home. We give you the ins and out of caring for one and its varieties.
Indoor garden filled with plants

How to breathe new life into a drab indoor garden

If your indoor garden is looking a little drab, you can certainly spruce it up. With our tips, you can bring new life to your home.