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Will Blesch

Will Blesch

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Will Blesch is a copywriter, content writer, and someone passionate about anything that lets him discover more about this amazing world we live in. Most work has been done with private, B2B companies, but he's also been featured in, mentioned on, or has written for PBS, MSN, the Motley Fool, The Jerusalem Post, Arutz 7, Termsfeed, and many others. Please reach out to The Manual editorial staff with any questions or comments about Will’s work.

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6 fantastic backyard design apps to help you craft your own personal oasis

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6 common greenhouse plants even a beginner can’t kill

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Add these fruit peelings to your compost pile to enhance its nutrients

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How to identify vintage wrought iron furniture

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Winter pool maintenance: Everything you need to know about keeping your pool tidy this season

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How to heat a greenhouse with compost in 3 simple steps

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How to protect outdoor lights from rain

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Do grow lights work? How to make sure you’re not wasting your money

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7 fall vegetables to grill this season for healthy and tasty cool-weather meals

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How to keep up with pool maintenance during the fall

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What is coconut soil, and how can it make your garden better?

Coconut soil is a sustainable and renewable soil that could be a tremendous asset to your garden. Here's what to know before you bring a bag home.
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Pool skimmer installation: How to install a new skimmer to keep your pool clean and ready to use

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What you need to know about growing sugar snap peas in containers

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The 5 best outdoor floodlights for your yard

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Level up your garden: Grow these crops to compost immediately (yes, really)

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5 inexpensive indoor greenhouses your plants will love

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What you need to know before you install an outdoor pizza oven

An outdoor pizza oven is a great way to upgrade any outdoor kitchen. Here are some things to keep in mind before you install one.
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What to consider before building a wildlife pond

Wildlife ponds are beautiful additions to any garden. Here's how to build one and the best plants to plant alongside.
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Can you DIY your own outdoor solar lights? What you need to know

If you're considering DIYing your own outdoor solar lights, take these tips into consideration.
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Our favorite Instagram accounts for landscape design

If you're looking for some outdoor space inspiration, look no further than some of our favorite Instagram accounts.
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Good, better, best: Heat lamps to keep your patio warm this fall

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5 ways to go green in your patio or deck space

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How to protect your outdoor furniture as the weather begins to cool

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7 landscaping lighting tips and tricks you’re going to love

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Outdoor wall decor ideas that will wow guests at every party

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Patio versus deck: How to know which is right for your home

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How to integrate succulents into your landscape design

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How to choose the right poolside furniture for your needs

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What you need to do to make sure your patio is ready for the fall

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Keep these questions in mind when designing you outdoor kitchen

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How to restore teak patio furniture to look as good as new

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Read this gas grill buying guide before you head to the store

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Why fungi are important to the environment — and what that means for your garden

Fungi is incredibly important to the environment. Here's what that means for your garden.
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What you need to know about making sure your greenhouse is ready for the fall

As summer comes to a close, here's what you need to know about making sure your greenhouse is ready for the transition.