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Vertical Gardens

A small pumpkin sitting on top of a fence post

You can grow pumpkins vertically – give these methods a try

Despite their weight, pumpkins can grow vertically. Here's how to get them started for a harvest full of healthy gourds.
White squash growing on trellis

Growing squash vertically is easy with these simple tips

A wall-hanging herb garden

How to start a wall-hanging herb garden today for great tasting dishes tomorrow

Strawberries being grown vertically

Can you grow strawberries in a vertical garden?

Vines with white flowers growing on a wooden trellis

How to choose the right trellis for your climbing vines

Purple clematis

Caring for clematis, a beautiful climbing vine for your summer vertical garden

Pink climbing roses

7 colorful spring plants that will beautify your fence line and give you privacy

Cupped hands holding potatoes

How to start a vertical potato garden with only 5 square feet

Trailing fuchsia in a hanging flower pot

Fuchsia adds a striking pop of color to any vertical garden: Your growing guide

Woman planning a DIY craft

What you need to know about gutter gardens

gutter garden plants flowers

4 gutter garden plants to make your home come alive

A living wall on a wall with a frame

How to make a living wall with succulents


10 creative ways to start a wall-hanging herb garden in your kitchen

Wall-hanging herb gardens keep your counters free so you can cook like crazy. Here are 10 wall-hanging gardens you'll love
Colorful array of flowers on a vertical garden

The 8 best plants for indoor vertical gardens

These amazing indoor plants will look great climbing your walls
Vertical garden of succulents of different shades of green in a swirl pattern

How to grow starter plants in a vertical garden

Save space and grow a beautiful garden with these vertical growing system ideas
A terracotta pot made into a strawberry tower, with holes in the side from which strawberry plants grow, on a table in a garden

You only need these 5 items to build your own strawberry tower

You can build a simple strawberry tower with these 5 items
Colorful array of flowers on a vertical garden

Here’s how to choose the best plants for your vertical garden

A vertical garden is a beautiful way to add visual interest to your garden or yard. We list three plants that will look great on yours.
Indoor garden filled with plants

How to breathe new life into a drab indoor garden

If your indoor garden is looking a little drab, you can certainly spruce it up. With our tips, you can bring new life to your home.
vertical garden plants on wall

The best plants for a vertical garden

There are actually many varieties of gardening suited to different living situations. One that has seen a dramatic increase in popularity is vertical gardening.