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Woman in black swimsuit in a pool

How to choose the best pool shape for your backyard size and location

When it comes to your backyard, not all pools are created equal. Our guide helps you choose the size and shape that's best for you.
two orchids closeup

Grow your own hydroponic orchid garden with these 3 tips and tricks

These tips and tricks will help your hydroponic garden thrive no matter the weather
Purple blossoms in a field

These 5 outdoor plants bloom early to signal spring has arrived

When spring is coming, early-blooming plants signal that winter is over. We list five plants that bloom early and are gorgeous.
woman holding collection of plants

These 5 plants help keep pests out of your garden naturally

Skip the pest control chemicals and give these plants a try instead.
indoor plants in a living room

Cultivate your indoor garden with these 5 fast-growing plants

You'd love to start an indoor garden that suits your home. We list five fast-growing plants that provide vibrant colors to your space.
A fully grown tree with bushes and plants near a pond

How plants detect seasonal changes, and what it means for your garden

Plants change with the seasons, and it's important to know which ones are appropriate to each. We explain the changes for you.
rubber crumb in the hands of man

Is non-wood mulch safe for your garden?

There are other mulch options out there, but are they safe for your plants? Here's what to consider.
Garden shovel with dirt

Get your garden right the first time — here’s how

Starting a garden can be daunting. We offer a step-by-step guide and list the products to get it right the first time.
Modern home cinema in garden room

These contemporary garden room designs will please any eye

Garden rooms are contemporary structures designed to be what you want them to be. We list five great design ideas for inspiration.
Wine bottle and glasses in an outdoor patio

Consider the shape of your backyard when designing an outdoor eating space

You might have a weird, funky-looking backyard. We offer tips on how you can make your backyard fashionable with just a little effort.
Indoor garden filled with plants

How to breathe new life into a drab indoor garden

If your indoor garden is looking a little drab, you can certainly spruce it up. With our tips, you can bring new life to your home.