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5 greenhouse organization tools needed for spring cleaning

No one should have a greenhouse that’s all out of order. Knowing that you have a clutter-free workspace to grow your plants can help keep things stress-free and ensure peace of mind. Just one way to begin creating order out of chaos when it comes to greenhouse organization is through the use of “zones.”

For example, think about creating an area that’s only for edible plants, another spot for non-edible ones, a space used exclusively for potting, and yet another for storage. In fact, concerning the latter, we’ve got some excellent greenhouse storage ideas to share with you.

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You’ll find they’re pretty economical, easy to purchase, and wildly effective when it comes to arranging all your greenhouse tools. What could be better when it comes time for spring cleaning?

Two Tier Staging-Forest-Rion

A super easy way to begin adding more display space and help organize things all at the same time is to use staging shelves, like those from Rion. These Two-Tier Staging Shelves can hold gardening accessories, tools, or garden plants. It’s your choice.

Colored in earthy green, you can also use these shelves outside your greenhouse if you desire. Other typical spots gardeners place them are the outdoor garden, flower beds, and sometimes even lawns.

Wood Garden Potting Bench Workstation

With the Wood Garden Potting Bench Workstation, you can create a garden that’s simply gorgeous to behold. Its whole design shouts loudly that its maker had the home gardener in mind. Coming with a non-toxic tub that can be used as a sink, the workstation helps the gardener to protect soil and fertilizer mixes and helps prevent contamination.

The tub is actually hidden under the workstation’s sliding tabletop so you are able to save a significant amount of space. Another great benefit to the workstation is the fact that it’s mobile. It comes with four 360-degree wheels, which allow you to move the bench from one place to another in your greenhouse with ease. If you want it to remain in place, there’s no problem whatsoever since each wheel has a built-in lock. Finally, all wooden pieces are stained to protect the workstation from sun damage, rotting, and discoloration.

Sterilite 15 quart Clear View Storage Bin with Latch

This might sound too easy, but why should things be hard? A great way to help keep things arranged neatly is to use flexible, stackable, plastic tubs. You might find that they’re great at holding and controlling open compost bags. Plus, if you want to, you can think about adding wheels so that you can move these tubs around your greenhouse without a hassle.

The Sterilite 15 quart Clear View Storage Bins are great since they come in seven sizes. Because they’re clear, you’ll always be able to see exactly what’s being stored inside.

Wall Hook-Soft Iron-Threshold™

If you’ve used up most of the space on your greenhouse floor, you can still usually find room on the walls! Buy some useful hooks, and you’ll be good to go since you can hang just about anything that belongs in a greenhouse. For instance, you can hang up watering cans, herbs, seed packets, tools, and even flower pots.

The Threshold™ wall hook allows you to keep everything organized with a sense of style. Hooks come with mounting screws, and each comes with labels so that you ensure all items you hang on them are easily identified.

Raised Bed Garden Container Gray-Buzzy Seeds

If you’d like to keep your plants a bit closer together, you can do that with the Buzzy Seeds Raised Bed Garden Container. It’s perfect for ensuring that you can drain away excess moisture, and it allows the greenhouse gardener to raise produce that’s fresh, pesticide-free, and organic. Additionally, you can use it in a variety of places and not just your greenhouse. For example, you could also use it anywhere you’re growing plants, such as on your patio or deck.

The Buzzy Raised Garden Bed is made of robust and durable plastic, which wipes clean with ease. Another nifty feature is its removable legs. Finally, a seed pack selection that includes six-packs of seeds is included with your purchase.

Organizing your greenhouse has never been easier with the variety of gadgets and gear available for that purpose. The items we’ve listed can be significant assets in ensuring that your greenhouse is kept tidy and clutter-free. Whether you need to store gardening tools, fertilizer mixes, unused pots, or seeds, remember that you’ve got options!

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A complete guide to cleaning your greenhouse for beginners

When you first installed your greenhouse, it probably looked like a glittery glass castle for your lovely plants to grow and live in. However, weather, soil spills, and birds have made their mark on your greenhouse over time and now it's probably looking cloudy and nasty. So how do you clean a greenhouse?
Why worry about a clean greenhouse?
You may be wondering if you even need to worry about cleaning your greenhouse. If you don't mind the dirty look, maybe you could leave it as it is? Unfortunately, it's much better for your greenhouse and your plants if you give the greenhouse a deep clean at least once a year. It'll make it easier to use when it is clean and organized, and the walls of the greenhouse need to be clear so they can let in as much light as possible. Additionally, a clean greenhouse is less likely to spread pests and diseases to your precious plants. And lastly, things last longer when you care for them and greenhouses aren't cheap.

When should you clean a greenhouse?
There's no right time to clean a greenhouse; whenever you can is better than not at all. However, we suggest cleaning it when there isn't so much to do in the garden and it isn't so hot out. Usually, the fall is when the garden chores slow down and it starts to cool out, making cleaning the greenhouse much easier on you.
What is the best way to clean a greenhouse?
You can use whatever cleaning method works for you, but here is our step-by-step process that we recommend.
Step one: Empty the space
Of course, we know you can only empty a greenhouse so much if you have tender plants that need to stay warm. But as much as you can, take out the tools, buckets, and bags of soil. It will be much easier on you if you don't have to fuss with items in your way as you clean the walls and floors. This also allows you to go through what you have and declutter if necessary.
Step two: Rough dusting
Over the season, spiders and bugs and maybe even some mice have tried to make homes in your greenhouse. This has probably led to a few cobwebs and dust piles around the corners. You'll want to remove these large areas of debris before you start the deep cleaning. Use a broom to knock down the cobwebs and sweep up the floor; you've probably spilled some soil during the summer!
Step three: Clean the walls
The panels of your greenhouse will now need to be deep cleaned. You can use a bucket of warm water and a sponge to wipe them down, but we also recommend bringing a long-handled brush to make life easier. This way, you can dip the brush into the bucket of soapy water and scrub down the walls with the long-handled brush. You'll be able to reach every inch of the walls without killing your back.

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When and how to transplant tomato plants for the best results
baby tomato plants

There's a time in every gardener's life when they try to grow their own veggie plants from seed. This is a gratifying process, and there are many benefits to growing your own seed starts. One of those benefits is bigger and healthier plants. By growing your own baby tomato plants, you can ensure that the plants are well cared for, never given anything you don't want them to have, and transplanted in just the right way at just the right time for optimal plant health. So how do you transplant tomato plants to ensure they're happy and healthy and live to produce lots of yummy tomatoes for your home?

How do you transplant a grown tomato plant?
If you've never transplanted tomatoes before, the idea can be intimidating. You have all these tiny plants that you've cared for over the last several weeks, and now it's time to pluck them out of their nursery pots and plop them into the outside soil where they're exposed to sun, weather, and critters. Luckily, you've cared for them so well that they're healthy and robust plants that will be able to handle anything nature throws at them.
Step one: Harden the plants
Hardening the plants is a term gardeners use when talking about the process of acclimating a greenhouse-grown plant to outside conditions. Typically it refers to sunlight, but it could also refer to wind and other weather that could harm the plant. About a week before you're ready to transplant, you'll want to harden your baby tomato plants by exposing them to sunlight at increasing increments each day. For example, day one should be about 30 minutes, then 45, then 50, and so on until the day of transplanting. If you don't do this, you'll risk your plant being burnt and killed when you transplant it outside.
Step two: Don't water the plants
Before you start pulling little plants out of their pots, you mustn't water the plants a few days before transplanting. Wet soil can make the transplanting process much harder on you and the plant. Dry soil falls away easier and is less likely to break off roots as you move the plants to their new home.
Step three: Prepare the new soil
The new location for your tomato plants will need to be prepped before you get all those babies out of their homes. Whether you are planting into the ground, a raised bed, or a pot, you'll want to amend the soil to guarantee that the plant has many nutrients to soak up. It also is easier if you dampen the soil right before transplanting. Damp soil is much more manageable and more easily manipulated around the plant.
Step four: Plant deeply
As you gently pull out the baby tomato plants, you'll want to shake off the old soil to expose the roots. This will ensure the plant has access to the new soil and nutrients you're about to provide it with. 

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5 outdoor living trends that will totally improve your 2022
women outside sitting

After being stuck in our homes the last two years, we've started to realize that making our homes into a lovely place to be is very important. However, we can only stay inside for so long before we ache for sunshine and nature. Turning your outdoor space into a haven where you can escape the indoors and enjoy some fresh air will improve your 2022 no matter what it throws at us. So here are some ways to spruce up your outdoor living space so you can enjoy the spring when it finally comes back around.

Bring indoor luxuries to an outdoor space
The best way to encourage yourself to go outside more often is to make it as comfortable as possible. So often, we choose indoor seating instead of going outside simply because that huge sectional is way more comfortable to lounge on. So instead, invest in comfortable seating, plenty of surfaces for drinks and electronics, and maybe even purchase some umbrellas or awnings so you can sit outside even if it's lightly raining. Making an easy transition from indoors to outdoors will encourage everyone in the home to come out more often and enjoy the space.
Vertical gardening
Not everyone has the luxury of having an expansive backyard. If you're struggling to know what to do with your smaller space, but you know you want more plants and gardening opportunities, try vertical gardening! This is where you take a wall of your deck or fence and grow plants one on top of the other. You might have seen these as living walls or those DIY projects with pallets and herbs. Either way, growing flowers or veggies vertically allows you to garden without taking up precious space in your smaller yard.
Outdoor office
Many of us spend a lot of time inside at our desks. If you were lucky enough to work from home the last few years, you might have a pretty decent setup for your home office. However, spending all day inside when the weather is excellent can be depressing, and if you're home, why not take advantage of the opportunity and create an outdoor office space? This allows you to keep working while enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Endless studies are proving that getting outside more often improves mental and physical health!

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