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5 greenhouse organization tools needed for spring cleaning

No one should have a greenhouse that’s all out of order. Knowing that you have a clutter-free workspace to grow your plants can help keep things stress-free and ensure peace of mind. Just one way to begin creating order out of chaos when it comes to greenhouse organization is through the use of “zones.”

For example, think about creating an area that’s only for edible plants, another spot for non-edible ones, a space used exclusively for potting, and yet another for storage. In fact, concerning the latter, we’ve got some excellent greenhouse storage ideas to share with you.

You’ll find they’re pretty economical, easy to purchase, and wildly effective when it comes to arranging all your greenhouse tools. What could be better when it comes time for spring cleaning?

Two Tier Staging-Forest-Rion

A super easy way to begin adding more display space and help organize things all at the same time is to use staging shelves, like those from Rion. These Two-Tier Staging Shelves can hold gardening accessories, tools, or garden plants. It’s your choice.

Colored in earthy green, you can also use these shelves outside your greenhouse if you desire. Other typical spots gardeners place them are the outdoor garden, flower beds, and sometimes even lawns.

Wood Garden Potting Bench Workstation

With the Wood Garden Potting Bench Workstation, you can create a garden that’s simply gorgeous to behold. Its whole design shouts loudly that its maker had the home gardener in mind. Coming with a non-toxic tub that can be used as a sink, the workstation helps the gardener to protect soil and fertilizer mixes and helps prevent contamination.

The tub is actually hidden under the workstation’s sliding tabletop so you are able to save a significant amount of space. Another great benefit to the workstation is the fact that it’s mobile. It comes with four 360-degree wheels, which allow you to move the bench from one place to another in your greenhouse with ease. If you want it to remain in place, there’s no problem whatsoever since each wheel has a built-in lock. Finally, all wooden pieces are stained to protect the workstation from sun damage, rotting, and discoloration.

Sterilite 15 quart Clear View Storage Bin with Latch

This might sound too easy, but why should things be hard? A great way to help keep things arranged neatly is to use flexible, stackable, plastic tubs. You might find that they’re great at holding and controlling open compost bags. Plus, if you want to, you can think about adding wheels so that you can move these tubs around your greenhouse without a hassle.

The Sterilite 15 quart Clear View Storage Bins are great since they come in seven sizes. Because they’re clear, you’ll always be able to see exactly what’s being stored inside.

Wall Hook-Soft Iron-Threshold™

If you’ve used up most of the space on your greenhouse floor, you can still usually find room on the walls! Buy some useful hooks, and you’ll be good to go since you can hang just about anything that belongs in a greenhouse. For instance, you can hang up watering cans, herbs, seed packets, tools, and even flower pots.

The Threshold™ wall hook allows you to keep everything organized with a sense of style. Hooks come with mounting screws, and each comes with labels so that you ensure all items you hang on them are easily identified.

Raised Bed Garden Container Gray-Buzzy Seeds

If you’d like to keep your plants a bit closer together, you can do that with the Buzzy Seeds Raised Bed Garden Container. It’s perfect for ensuring that you can drain away excess moisture, and it allows the greenhouse gardener to raise produce that’s fresh, pesticide-free, and organic. Additionally, you can use it in a variety of places and not just your greenhouse. For example, you could also use it anywhere you’re growing plants, such as on your patio or deck.

The Buzzy Raised Garden Bed is made of robust and durable plastic, which wipes clean with ease. Another nifty feature is its removable legs. Finally, a seed pack selection that includes six-packs of seeds is included with your purchase.

Organizing your greenhouse has never been easier with the variety of gadgets and gear available for that purpose. The items we’ve listed can be significant assets in ensuring that your greenhouse is kept tidy and clutter-free. Whether you need to store gardening tools, fertilizer mixes, unused pots, or seeds, remember that you’ve got options!

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