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8 gardening seats that make gardening fun again

It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 81 — gardening for extended periods can be hard on your body. Kneeling on uneven ground while weeding can cause bruises and sore knees, and sitting or bending over can strain your back. Gardening is supposed to be a relaxing hobby, but it’s hard to feel like it when you can feel a muscle spasm coming on. 

Everyone’s aches and pain are unique to them, and that’s why there are so many options when it comes to garden seats. Some made for kneeling, sitting, wheeling, and some that even come with toolboxes attached. No matter what your needs are, you’re sure to find one on this list to help ease your body aches while still allowing you to get in the garden. 

For kneeling and sitting

This garden kneeler by Ohuhu is the standard style that you might see in garden centers. It can be flipped one way so users can sit on it or flip the other way for kneeling. While some gardening tasks are more easily done while on your knees, some are easier while sitting. This garden seat allows you to have both options and even comes with two storage bags on each side for tools, water bottles, or cell phones. 

For keeping tools close

Not only does this gardening seat offer a nice place to sit while weeding, mulching, or pruning, but it also offers roomy space for tools. You get everything you need to safely and comfortably work in the garden with this seat and garden toolset. Included with purchase are the seat, a tote bag, five gardening tools, pruning shears, a foam kneeling pad, and a pair of gloves. 

The best with wheels

While some gardens are on level ground, others are bumpy with rough terrain. This rolling seat by Best Choice Products is heavy duty and has four rubber tires. It will hold up well to uneven ground and the dirty work of gardening. It has a storage basket on the back and a tray under the seat for extra space. The seat height is adjustable and swivels to make it easy to reach any area of the garden. The turn bar can swing 90 degrees, which makes it easy to maneuver the seat around the garden. 

With wheels and storage

This durable plastic garden seat is lightweight and easy to roll on flatter ground. The bin has spacious storage and comes with a pull strap. This strap makes it simple to move the seat around to the spaces you need to work. There are two drink holders to keep water or other refreshments close by during those hot summer days. It also comes with a smaller carrying bin for smaller items or weeds. 

The best for leaning

If you don’t need your gardening seat to carry your tools, this seat by Vertex offers a curved bottom to make it easy to lean side to side or front to back. Unlike other garden seats that are stationary, this seat moves with your body to give you the best angles for pulling those nasty weeds or pruning your favorite flowers. The top has a nice cushion to make it more comfortable, and at only 3 pounds it is easy to transport around the garden. 

gardening together

The best portable choice

Instead of grabbing carts and seats behind you, this lightweight garden kneeler is easy to carry around and unfold when needed. Sometimes carts or stools can feel bulky or cumbersome while trying to finish gardening work. This kneeler by HappyPicnic is made of heavy-duty canvas and will hold up over many seasons. 

A 4-in-1 option

If all these garden seat options sound suitable for your needs, you might like this 4-in-1 garden seat by Miracle-Gro. It rolls, you can sit on it, kneel on it, and you can store tools in the large bin. The kneeler has foam padding, and the raised sides make it easier to get back up. The storage bin has two locking sides to keep items safe. It weighs only 4.4 pounds when empty and can easily be carried around the garden. 

The best aesthetic choice

It may not have the bells and whistles of the others on this list, but this garden seat is aesthetically pleasing! Its simple design is lightweight but will look great when left on the patio or deck. You can prune bushes or pick cucumbers with the comfort of its sling seat, then have a snack with friends outside without having to hide all your gardening accessories!

No matter your age or your abilities, there’s likely a seat here to help make reaching your gardening goals easier — even if it’s just a pretty seat to relax on while admiring your hard work. 

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