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Green and white hosta plants

5 incredible hosta varieties to consider for a shade garden

Hostas are classic shade plants, perfect for practically any shady garden. If you aren't sure which hosta variety you should get, why not try one of these five?
Herbs rooted in water

The 8 best plants to grow in a hydroponic garden

Hanging planters made of a recycled tire and bucket.

Here are some fun and easy DIY plant wall ideas

An iridescent pink water globe under a holly plant.

What are water globes, and why should you use them for plants?

Plant in a window

The 4 best window shelves for displaying happy houseplants

golden pothos plant

Are pothos plants toxic? What you need to know

Three potted succulents

How to water succulents: An easy guide to happy, healthy plants

Japanese maple tree

How to prune a Japanese maple, and when to do it for the best results

A bumble bee on blue forget-me-not flowers

Amazing tips for forget-me-nots care so they don’t take over your garden

A patio with colorful potted plants surrounding a bench.

9 low-maintenance outdoor potted plants your patio needs to be its brightest, most inviting self this summer

Two hands side by side, one holding seeds the other holding a seedling

Gardening 101: 7 easy seeds to grow in cups for a tiny, adorable, and low-maintenance indoor garden

Woman waters ZZ plants

Do ZZ plants cause cancer? Here’s the definitive answer

Rows of plant seedlings in wooden box garden

Not sure how often to water seedlings? Here’s everything you need to know about starting seeds

Here's everything you need to know about growing your indoor seedlings into healthy plants.
A field of lavender flowers

Focus on color: The most vibrantly purple plants to add to your garden this season

This month's focus on color is all about the most vibrant purple plants to add to your garden.
Person holding produce in a bowl over vegetable garden

The low-maintenance vegetable garden: 5 unique perennial vegetable plants that produce year after year

Want a vegetable garden that doesn't require much work every year? Plant these perennial vegetables and get a harvest for years to come.
flowering herbs in a garden

Does your herb garden need a refresh? Here are some cute, DIY ideas to try

These 3 fun and unique DIY herb garden ideas will be sure to entertain you
Climbing pothos

Not sure when and why you should be using plant poles? Here are some tips

Vining plants like monstera, pothos, and philodendrons love to climb. Use this guide to set yours up with a moss pole to help them reach for the sky.
A pothos as a wall vine

Want to make your pothos plant’s vines thicker? Follow this guide

Has your pothos gotten a bit leggy? Try this easy guide to make the vines thicker, the leaves larger, and the plant even more attractive.
A person holding a bowl of air plants

6 air plants that make for the perfect air-purifying indoor plants

These six air plants will make beautiful additions to your indoor garden and will help purify the air in your home.
Wintergreen basket

7 easy patio plants that will thrive into the cold winter months

Here are seven low-maintenance plants that will thrive on your patio through the winter cold.
climbing roses

5 easy-to-grow, beautiful climbing roses that will impress your neighbors

These beautiful climbing roses will wow the gardener in your life—and your Instagram followers! Here are five of the easiest varieties to grow.
Person with potted plants

5 most beautiful potted plants that thrive year-round

Grow these beautiful plants in your pots and watch them thrive year-round.
Low-light loving plant

7 best low-light indoor plants for your north-facing windows that’ll thrive

These low-light houseplants are perfect to sit in your north-facing windows and they'll still thrive.
A small pot with a tiny house plant and succulents

Add whimsy and magic to your yard with these lovely fairy garden ideas

A fairy garden is a lovely addition to any outdoor space. Try out these ideas for inspiration.
Leeks on a cutting board

Your easy-care guide to planting leeks, a delicious addition to any meal

Leeks aren't that difficult to care for once you know the basics. Here's what you should know about the leek plant.
White amaryllis

Focus on color: Prepare your garden for Easter with these white plants

This month, we're highlighting white plants to add to your garden
Gardening gloves

The 3 best gardening gloves to protect your hands from prickly plants and pests

Looking for a good pair of gardening gloves? Try one of our recommendations
Monstera variegata

Here’s how to find and purchase the rare plant of your dreams

Have a rare plant you've been dreaming about getting? Here's how to find it
Potted marigolds

6 easy-care patio plants if you have a brown thumb but still want a jungle vibe

Turn your patio into a jungle by adding these easy-to-care-for plants to your collection
arranged houseplants

The best ways to arrange houseplants to maximize their impact

Tips for using your houseplants as a part of your home decor
An indoor garden humidifier

Good, better, best: A guide to the best humidifiers for your indoor garden

A guide to the best humidifiers for your indoor garden.
Training moss pole

How to train your plant to trail around a moss pole for fuller leaves

Wondering how to train your plant to grow up a moss pole? We have answers
air plants

How to select the right base for your air plant terrarium

Choosing the right base for your air plant terrarium can be tricky. Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind.
a pile of red and white gift boxes

2021 gift guide: Gifts for your favorite houseplant aficionado

A gift guide full of unique items for your houseplant-obsessed friends and family
gardening gifts

2021 gift guide: The coolest gardening gadgets out there

A gift guide for your friends who love the latest gardening gadgets