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6 most gorgeous flowers to give for Mother’s Day this spring

A bundle of fresh, fragrant flowers makes for the loveliest Mother’s Day gift. But with so many options from your local florists and supermarkets, you might experience some choice paralysis when picking out blooms for Mom. Below, we’ve rounded up the most stunning Mother’s Day flowers to show your love for Mom this year — all you need to do is track down a bouquet or potted plant and attach a heartfelt note!

Pastel pink and purple tulip buds
Image used with permission by copyright holder

1. Tulips 

Come springtime, you’ll notice tulips taking over grocery stores and nurseries. Blooming just around March and May, they’re a failproof Mother’s Day flower, beloved for their pretty bell shape and wide range of colors. Pink and yellow are classic colors for Mother’s Day bouquets, but many assortments also offer a rainbow of colors to help you mix things up.

You can buy vibrant tulips as freshly cut flowers or potted bulbs around Mother’s Day. The latter option can thrive for months, if not years, with proper care. Tulips do well with bright light and well-draining soil, and Mom can even replant the bulbs for next year’s blooms.

2. Gardenias 

Symbols of purity and gentleness, gardenias feature waxy white petals against dark green foliage for a delicate bouquet. Besides looking great, they also give off a creamy, zesty scent — it’s no wonder gardenia is a note in so many floral fragrances.

If your mom is an avid gardener, you can also gift her a gardenia shrub. These evergreen flowering shrubs are hardy in zones 7 through 11, blooming around late spring to fall. As heavy feeders that need moist yet well-draining soil, gardenias require considerable maintenance, but their beautiful, long-lasting flowers make them worth the effort. 

Pink and red carnations
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3. Carnations 

Although crepey, delicate carnations have a reputation as inexpensive filler flowers, they can actually make for gorgeous centerpieces in your bouquet. The carnation has been the official flower of Mother’s Day since the early 20th century. Anna Jarvis, who spearheaded the holiday, actually encouraged people to wear white carnations, which were her mother’s favorite flowers.

If you’re looking for other colors, carnations are also available in lush pinks, oranges, creams, and purples. What’s great is that carnations can last a while, so Mom can enjoy beautiful blooms in the weeks following Mother’s Day. And yes, because they give bouquets texture and volume, carnations can also be complementary with other flowers. 

4. Roses

Traditional roses are versatile for any and every occasion. Although they have a romantic connotation, they’re still perfectly suitable as Mother’s Day gifts. Their cup structure with tucked-in petals makes them go-to, stand-alone flowers that look great all on their own or mixed in with other blooms.

As red roses tend to be closely associated with romantic love, opt for softer shades for your motherly festivities. Pink roses are some of the most popular varieties on Mother’s Day, but white and cream are also suitable picks. Roses tend to have a short life span (approximately one week) after being cut, so keep them in water and give them flower food to ensure they stay fresh for as long as possible.

Pink anthurium
CHOTE BKK / Shutterstock

5. Anthuriums

If your mother is an avid houseplant collector, treat her with a potted anthurium that you can find at your local garden center. Although often found alongside orchids at nurseries, they are more low maintenance than your typical orchid.

Also known as flamingo flowers, they feature waxy, long-lasting blooms that are commonly red but can also be white, pink, or green. They thrive in bright, indirect light with well-draining soil and benefit from ample humidity. If you’re looking for a plant that Mom can keep for years down the line, an anthurium is a safe and sturdy choice. 

6. Peonies 

Another graceful beauty for Mother’s Day is a bouquet of peonies. These ruffled flowers are often pink, but you can find them in white, orange, and other colors, too. Besides their dreamy, papery texture, they have a lovely, fresh fragrance.

They’re also ideal for Mother’s Day because they tend to be in season in late spring, so you might be able to find fresh blooms with a lower price tag this time of year. Keep them fresh by leaving them in the refrigerator at night and setting them in an area that doesn’t get direct sunlight.

Treat Mom to a lovely arrangement of fresh spring flowers this Mother’s Day. You can’t go wrong with classic tulips and carnations, but you can also mix things up with something like an anthurium, a less traditional pick that’s still stunning in its own right. Whether you opt for cut flowers or potted bulbs, blooms make for an elegant and failproof gift — Mom can even press them for sentimental keepsakes!

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