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A mix of colorful wildflowers

What is a chaos garden, and why should you start one this spring?

Chaos gardening is exactly what it sounds like: It's a low-maintenance and laid-back approach to gardening.
Light pink gerbera daisy

Focus on color: Grow these peach-colored flowers to celebrate the Pantone color of the year

Pink hibiscus flower

Hibiscus care: Everything you need to know

White gardenia flower and flower buds

How to care for gardenia, a fragrant, heat-loving bloom

Lotus flowers in a lake

Water lily vs. lotus: What’s the difference and which is right for you?

A heliotrope plant growing in a garden

Add heliotrope to your garden for stunning purple flowers all summer long

Sunlit garden path and flowers

If your yard gets a lot of afternoon light, these are the afternoon sun plants for you

Gooseneck loosestrife flowers with a fly

Gooseneck loosestrife might be the perfect plant for your pollinator garden – here’s what to know

A field of black-eyed Susans

These are our favorite biennial flowers for a garden

Three pansy plants in terracotta pots

The do’s and don’ts of caring for pansies

Placing pressed flowers in a frame

Wondering what to do with dead flowers? Our favorite ways to give them new life

Orange, red, yellow, and white gerbera daisies clustered together

How to care for gerbera daisies, vibrant flowers that everyone loves

Close up of a bright blue cornflower

Spruce up your garden with these gorgeous blue flowers

Blue is a beautiful color, and there are many blue flowers to choose from. Here are our six favorites you can add to your garden this year.
Three small plants growing in kokedama moss balls on a blue background

Kokedama is an easy and elegant gardening trend that you can try today

Kokedama gardening is a technique from Japan that looks impressive, but is surprisingly easy to make and maintain. Here's what you need to know.
White bacopa flower

Plant your bacopa now for a sweet-looking display through spring and summer

Bacopa is a beautiful plant with trailing stems that look great in containers and in gardens. Here's what you need to know to grow it for yourself.
Dark red and white nemesia flowers

Caring for nemesia, a cute and colorful perennial for your flower garden

Want to add colorful nemesia flowers to your home or garden? This nemesia care guide has answers to all your questions, from planting to pests.
Pink carnation flowers

How to care for carnations, a gorgeous flower for your garden

Carnations are beautiful, and they're remarkably easy to grow. If you're looking to fill your garden with carnations, this is the care guide for you.
A field of lavender flowers

How to grow lavender from seed to keep your garden and your home smelling fresh

Keep your garden and home smelling fresh by following this simple guide for growing lavender from seed.
An overgrown lilac bush beside a mailbox

How to care for geraniums, the perfect flower for your garden

Garden-variety geraniums are relatively easy to care for, but you should keep these maintenance tips in mind for lush blooms.
White and pink silk roses with dark green leaves

How to clean silk flowers for beautiful arrangements

Silk flowers are beautiful but require special care — here's how to clean them gently and safely
Roses in a white vase

How to make your roses last longer

How long should your roses last? Find out and learn how to keep them alive longer with these tips.
An orchid in a pot on the table

How to revive an orchid that’s struggling and return it to its majestic former glory

Orchids are beautiful houseplants, but they require some specific care. If yours isn't looking so great anymore, follow this guide to restore its beauty.
A tree with red berries covered in ice

Trying to beat the cold? Here are our favorite frost-resistant plants for any climate

When the weather gets chilly, you might wonder if you can grow anything that won't wilt. We have the tips you need to keep your plants alive through the frost.
Close-up of daffodils in sunlight

5 November garden plants you should consider growing

If you're wondering what to grow late in the fall, here's a guide on what to plant in your garden this November.
A chrysanthemum plant with several round, reddish-pink flowers

6 gorgeous mums to add color to your autumn garden 

If you're wondering which mum to get for your fall garden, here's a helpful guide to help you choose the perfect variety.
Scarecrow among fall flowers

8 beautiful, fall-blooming perennials to add to your garden

For the best fall colors, plant these bright, gorgeous perennial flowers in your garden landscape this autumn.
Beautiful light purple asters

The colors of fall flowers can be striking: 11 flowers that’ll have your garden bursting with autumn colors

Just because summer is over, it doesn't mean your garden has to dial back the color. Plant these flowers to keep your yard bursting with color.
View of a vegetable garden

Wondering what to plant in October? Here are the best flowers and vegetables for autumn

Here's a thorough guide on what to plant in your garden this October for delicious winter and spring harvests.
Several orange miniature roses in a large pot

What you need for a gorgeous indoor rose plant

Roses will grow just as well indoors as long as you take proper care of them. Here are the basics of indoor rose care.
Bromeliads in bloom

Do bromeliads die after flowering? Everything you need to know about blooming bromeliads

Flowering bromeliad care depends on whether or not you want to encourage new bromeliads pups. Remember that each bromeliad only blooms once.
Begonia blooms side by side on table

This is how often you should be watering your begonias

The watering needs of begonias can change with how mature they get. Our step-by-step guide will help you ensure beautiful blooms.
A bumble bee on blue forget-me-not flowers

Amazing tips for forget-me-nots care so they don’t take over your garden

Forget-me-nots spread across a garden easily. This is how to care for them properly for beautiful, manageable blooms.
Close up of a yellow hibiscus flower

How to deadhead hibiscus to keep beautiful blooms going

Should you deadhead your hibiscus blooms? Here's what you should know
A potted peace lily displayed on a desk

How do you care for a peace lily indoors? It’s easier than you think

This is the ultimate guide for everything you need to know about peace lily plants, from basic care to propagation.
A patio with colorful potted plants surrounding a bench.

9 low-maintenance outdoor potted plants your patio needs to be its brightest, most inviting self this summer

Want a beautiful garden without the fuss? These low-maintenance potted plants will thrive on your patio and add some great color to your space.