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Our 10 favorite Instagram accounts for outdoor spaces

Instagram is a fantastic source of inspiration when it comes to everything from fashion to recipes. There are even accounts with stunning outdoor design ideas, landscape inspiration, and furniture suggestions to live your best life during the warmer seasons. It doesn’t matter if you live in California, Wisconsin, or Maine — creating a space outside to live and enjoy nature can improve parties and dinners and enhance your mental health. 

Get inspired to create your own outdoor haven with these fantastic Instagram accounts that regularly post new ways to enjoy the great outdoors. 

Landscapes WA

Based in western Australia, Landscapes WA posts gorgeous photos of patios, decks, and fireplaces that they have designed. The styles feature concrete, palm trees, gravel, sand, and geometric landscaping. Although they’re on the opposite side of the world, many of us could benefit from a scroll through their feed. 

IG inspiration

Saudah Saleem

This fashion-loving mom of five has aesthetic goals! Saudah’s Instagram is filled with creative and inspiring photos of her home, outfits, and outdoor decor ideas. Her style is a self-proclaimed “vintage soul with a modern twist” that keeps spaces exciting and sleek. Follow this beautiful genius for color pallets and more. 

Water & Earth Landscape Design

With a base in San Jose, California, and Richmond, Virginia, Water & Earth Landscape Designs can transform backyards from drab, dead-looking spaces to lively areas that beg to be lived in. Their style can suit almost all needs from seaside California to mountainous Virginia. Their Instagram account showcases these elegant transformations and is sure to end up in your saved folder for later!

Hey Wanderer

From Nashville, Tennessee, Savannah and Casey share everything from lifestyle to van life to DIY home remodel projects. Many of these projects include cozy-style outdoor spaces and fantastic ideas to improve a homestead. Not only do they strive to grow their own food and raise chickens, but they also do it in style! Follow their journeys on Instagram and maybe take the next step you need to build your own outdoor dream space. 

Daigh Rick Landscape Architect

For a more traditional landscaping design, Daigh Rick Landscape Architect is an excellent place to start. You’ll find lots of green and British-inspired gardens on this Instagram feed. The designs are elegant and strive to tell the story of their clients. There’s plenty of poolside inspiration alongside botanical choices from these creative landscape architects based out of Nashville, Tennessee.

Adam Robinson Design

Here is another company based in Australia, but this time from Sydney and Byron Bay. The Adam Robinson Design company strives for a grounded connection to nature while respecting the environment and bringing a modern spin. It’s clear that they’ve achieved this goal when you take five minutes to stroll through their feed. It’s filled with clean, nature-focused landscape designs. Pick their brain through technology and follow these incredibly talented people. 

Residential Interior Design

We’ve hit the Australian outback and the mountains of Virginia; now it’s time to venture out and get a taste of the desert from iconic designer Rachel Moriarty. Her unique Mexican, Native American, and Filipina heritage inspire her richly colored and textured designs. She’s comfortable with who she is, and her designs encourage everyone to embrace their “extra” side. Just one minute of scrolling through her feed will make you want to move to the desert!

garden inspiration

Scandi bohemian interiors

Embrace your bohemian style with Scandi bohemian interiors. While there are lots of interior photos on her Instagram, Susanne always shares many outdoor projects. These spaces have a touch of traditional garden vibes while still feeling fresh. Her favorite color pallets are warm with hints of yellows and oranges to make each space cozy and inviting. 

Upcycle and Salvage Hunter

If you see an old dresser at a flea market and wonder if you can transform it into a stackable garden station, Yvonne Pursell is your gal! Her Instagram is filled with recycled and upcycled items that she’s taken and integrated into her genius designs. Some of these are within the home, but her outdoor photos are sure to make you Google the closest thrift store!

Barbara Dokshina

This clever lady is all the way from Saint-Petersburg, Russia, and she not only shares her landscape design drawings but also talks often about the different tools and techniques she used to craft and create these stunning designs. Follow her for practical advice on how to best use the space you have to build a beautiful and usable outdoor living space. 

It won’t matter if it’s spring and the birds are chirping, or if you’re stuck in the dead of winter. These Instagram accounts are here to provide helpful, encouraging, and inspirational content all year-round. Use these favorites to plan your next big project or find small ways to improve your outdoor space one item at a time. 

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