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These are the 12 best gardening shows on TV right now

Whether you’re new to gardening or a veteran expert, we could all use some form of inspiration now and then. Sometimes the best way to get inspired for your next gardening project is to watch videos and shows that showcase extraordinary gardening. We’re going to talk about some of the best gardening shows on our favorite streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime. 

Grab some popcorn and get ready to take notes while you binge watch these fantastic gardening shows. 

garden shows on netflix

The best gardening show on Netflix

Watch 10 pairs of contestants battle it out over the biggest floral arrangements you’ve ever seen. This mixture of florists, sculptors, and garden designers have the skills and imaginations to take on these challenges, wow, the judges, and us. On Netflix, “The Big Flower Fight” will inspire you to grow your own flower garden and maybe even attempt a smaller but still rewarding homemade flower display.

The best gardening shows on Apple TV

In “Gardeners’ World,” Monty Don is back — but with the help of some friends. This show follows three storylines per episode. While one explores public gardens, two more help out home gardeners improve and clean up their gardens, and Monty gets to show off the garden he’s been cultivating for over 20 years. It’s an excellent mix of inspiration and actionable advice. 

“Instant Gardener” follows expert garden designer Danny Clarke as he revitalizes gardens that are run down and in desperate need of help. The catch is that he’ll be taking on these projects in just one day. Learn some tips and tricks and get inspired by this fast-paced show and apply them to your home garden!

In “Yard Crushers,” we follow hosts Ahmad Hassan, Matt Blashaw, and Chris Lambton as they surprise home improvement store shoppers by offering to crash their weekend plans and renovate their backyard into a dreamy escape. It’s an excellent option to those looking to up their backyard game, or take on a few projects on their own. 

binge a garden show

The best gardening shows on Amazon Prime

For those interested in growing their own food, “Grow, Cook, Eat” will teach you how to grow and cook veggies so you can eat meals made entirely from the fruits of your labor — literally! They’ll also showcase amazing gardening stories from around the world. Sometimes the best way to find motivation to start something new, is to watch others try and succeed. This show is ideal for those interested in homesteading, or taking control of the food they eat. 

“The Victory Garden” follows Jamie Durie, a horticulturist from Australia, as he dives deep into every garden tip and trick you can think of. He covers how to create a healthy and thriving garden bed, protect, prevent, and rid plants of disease or pests, and even touches on landscape design. 

For the nerds out there who not only love to grow but love to learn how things grow, “The Science of Gardening” is a spectacular show explaining just that. Explore topics such as plant physiology, biology, soil science, climatology, hydrology, chemistry, and ecology and how they all come together to explain how and why gardening works the way it does. 

No gardening list would be complete without Martha Stewart, and almost every gardener knows who she is even if they haven’t watch any of her award winning shows. In “Martha Knows Best,” we follow her as she takes on a variety of projects in her garden at her farm in Bedford, New York. Get fantastic advice for your own home and garden as Martha walks through each step she takes. 

Scaling back from his world garden tours, Monty is at it again with his show, “Big Dreams, Small Spaces.” In this series, he visits small British homes and aids them in reaching their garden dreams. It’s proof that you don’t need a large space to create a stunning garden and it can be just the kick in the butt you need to get started on your own small space. 

Taking on any gardening project can be intimidating, especially if you’re an amateur gardener. However, with these shows to fuel creativity and inspiration, you’ll be itching to get out and get your hands dirty. Just remember to wash your hands before coming back in for a snack and TV break. 

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