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10 backyard kitchen ideas on Pinterest we can’t stop staring at

Everyone has ideas for their dream kitchen, but not many have the same level of creativity when it comes to outdoor kitchens. Not many homeowners care about outdoor kitchens or maybe they think it is simply too hard to accomplish. Thankfully, we have the Internet and, more specifically, Pinterest.

The social media site has thousands of pins showcasing users’ outdoor kitchens. It’s the perfect place to find inspiration for your latest project. These are our ten favorite inspirational ideas from Pinterest for your outdoor kitchen.

10 inspiration ideas from Pinterest

A chic and rural outdoor setup

Not all outdoor kitchens need to be modern with marble countertops. Some can have a rustic, chic feel that evokes a simpler life without sacrificing comfort and luxury. This outdoor kitchen sink rests on rustic concrete countertops and black wood, and is the perfect combination of farmhouse and luxury California villa.

An amazing outdoor DIY kitchen

You can never have too much wood. One of the best parts about having an outdoor kitchen is the social aspect. This outdoor kitchen creates a warm, cozy atmosphere by using ample amounts of wood in decking, countertops, and tables. The string lights overhead cast a beautiful warm glow for parties.

An outdoor kitchen with a Japanese vibe

The best outdoor kitchens have one or two aspects that make them stand out. This outdoor kitchen has a rock trail surrounding the perimeter of the space, giving it a Japanese vibe that matches beautifully with the trees overhanging the kitchen.

An integrated outdoor kitchen with a fireplace

Outdoor kitchens don’t need to be separate from the home. They can be wonderfully integrated into the home itself, creating a space both separate and connected. We love this outdoor kitchen because it blends so beautifully with the rest of the home. Not to mention the gorgeous fireplace and huge wreath hanging over it.

An outdoor sink made from an old wine barrel

Rustic does not have to mean dirty or living without class. This outdoor sink is made with old wine barrels with a beautiful matte black finish. It’s the perfect example of rustic elegance, combining old world charm with modern sensibilities. Plus, drinking wine next to a sink made out of an old wine barrel really shows off your love for the drink.

The perfect addition to an outdoor kitchen: a fireplace

One of the greatest luxuries of any outdoor kitchen is a fireplace. Whether it’s gas, like the one shown here, or a wood-burning version, anyone who loves being outside year-round owes it to themselves to find a way to install a fireplace. This version sits next to a decked-out outdoor kitchen, complete with a mini-fridge, dishwasher, and grill.

A fridge (or two) completes any outdoor kitchen

Outdoor parties aren’t complete without an outdoor fridge (or two) packed with your favorite alcohol, sparkling water, sodas, or anything else you love to drink. These two fridges look sleek next to the pool, with lights that show off the various goodies inside.

An outdoor pizza oven installed right next to the pool

Sure, pizza ovens can sometimes be difficult to install and a little costly, but the pay-off is worth it: Free pizza cooked to perfection within minutes? Your backyard will be the neighborhood’s hotspot, guaranteed. This version sits right next to a pool, meaning guests can take a swim before enjoying a snack.

The classic combination of wicker furniture and stone countertops

Wicker is one of the most versatile types of furniture, but no one seems to fully utilize the beauty of the material. These wicker chairs match beautifully with the gray countertops and overall stone style of this outdoor kitchen. Wicker plays extremely well with stone, so if your outdoor kitchen utilizes the material then consider complementing it with wicker furniture.

A laid-back bar perfect for any occasion

Finally, everyone needs a bar in their life. This one folds open and closed, creating an instant bar perfect for any event, whether it’s a small gathering with friends or a blow-out party with the neighborhood. The wood and chains holding it together create a laid-back vibe that’s perfect for any backyard.

Final thoughts

From wicker furniture to fire pits to rustic materials, any outdoor kitchen can become a gorgeous paradise for friends and family. You don’t need to incorporate all of these ideas to make your outdoor kitchen shine. Make the space your own with the inspiration from these posts and your own creativity.

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