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Niko Vercelletto

Niko Vercelletto

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Niko Vercelletto lives in Lansing, Michigan. He is passionate about going into depressive spirals thanks to the Detroit Lions and telling people that using the word "passionate" is lazy and boring. His other work can be found in Popular Mechanics magazine,, and

Hand holding avocado on a tree

Where is the avocado growing zone? Here’s where avocados grow best

Here's your guide to knowing where avocado trees flourish and when you should grow them in your garden.
Grow lights in a greenhouse

Is it a good idea to use greenhouse grow lights? Here’s what to know

Some artificial lights can help plants grow, but not all of them work well in a greenhouse. Here are the right ones to use.
Child watering plants in polytunnel

The ideal greenhouse temperature and humidity settings for every season

With this guide, make sure your greenhouse is the ideal environment for your plants no matter the weather conditions.
Apps on a phone

Looking for a garden planning app? These 8 will simplify your growing season schedule

There's an app for anything — download these garden planning apps to make plotting your space as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Parent and child having fun by garden

How will the summer solstice affect your garden? What you need to know

What does the summer solstice have to do with your outdoor garden? There's more to this date than you may think.
Cut ginger on a table

Want to grow ginger hydroponically? Here’s how

Growing ginger hydroponically offers more advantages than the standard way of cultivation. Our step-by-step guide shows you how to do it.
Family enjoying a meal in their outdoor kitchen

5 weatherproof outdoor cabinets you can order from Amazon today

These great weatherproof cabinets are built to last and withstand anything you or Mother Nature throws at them.
container vegetable garden a photo of blossoming cucumber seedling  small sprouts in the

6 adorable container vegetable garden ideas your kids need to try

Kids love playing in the dirt, so keep them engaged with these great container gardening ideas.
man and little boy in summer kitchen outside

10 backyard kitchen ideas on Pinterest we can’t stop staring at

An outdoor kitchen can be the perfect finishing touch to your space, and these are 10 amazing picks.
how to start a saltwater pool under large trees

How to set up a saltwater pool in your backyard

Saltwater pools have tons of benefits. Here's how to setup and maintain your own.
Girl in pool with diving board

How deep should a pool be for a diving board? What you need to know

Don't dive into the shallow end! This guidance tells you how deep your pool should be for diving.
Awning over patio

This National Stay Out of the Sun Day, invest in these 5 awnings for your patio

Stay out of the sun with these great awning choices.
Mother and daughter at 4th of July party

What you need to know about throwing an Independence Day garden party

Your July Fourth celebration should be lively and safe. Here's how to make yours the best it can be.
family looking at tomatoes

When you should start planting for summer

Make sure you're on track for summer with this expert guide to planting.
Family sitting on a couch watching tv.

Love gardening? These are the shows to stream

These 6 gardening shows are our favorites -- and we know they'll be yours, too.
Holding seeds in front of sunflowers

When can you plant sunflowers for the most beautiful blooms?

This is when you should plant sunflowers for the biggest, most beautiful blooms.
Person working on computer in garden

High Country Gardens has a super-specific plant finder — and it’s pretty awesome

This plant finder is a lifesaver when it comes to picking the perfect blooms for your garden all year-round.
gardening together

Level up your gardening skills with this free program

Extention services are a sneaky way to learn how to garden for free.
Parent and child working on garden

How to plan a vegetable garden for beginners

Want a veggie garden but don't know how to start? We've got you covered.
Person planting roses

Gardening 101: Grow beautiful red roses just in time for Rose Month

Celebrate Rose Month with this beginner's guide to growing roses.
thriving deck vegetable garden ideas on

How to build a thriving deck vegetable garden

These expert tips will have your deck vegetable garden going from sad to thriving in weeks.
Potatoes growing in a container

What you need to know about growing purple potatoes in containers

Start your own potato garden in a container with this handy guide
Seedlings Under A Grow Light

Greenhouse lighting requirements: What you need to know

Greenhouse lighting can be a tricky thing to nail down. We've got some suggestions.
Pool in Los Gatos, United States

Solid vinyl vs. mesh inground pool covers: Which one is best for you?

Picking a pool cover is no easy task. We've broken down the two most popular designs.
Guy talking a shower outside

How to build an outdoor shower enclosure

Whether for after-gardening rinses or post-pool showers, you need an outdoor enclosure -- and we show you how to build one.
Big beautiful house with flood lights

Our favorite lights for home safety and security

LED lights are a safety essential for your home and yard, but they don't have to be ugly
Family enjoying backyard barbeque

4 outdoor cooking items every chef needs

Whether you're an aspiring chef or a grill master, you need this equipment
Man showering in outdoor shower

Why your backyard needs an outdoor shower

Skip the hose -- having your own outdoor shower is even better
Backyard greenhouse with lots of plants

5 greenhouse organization tools you need to buy today

Greenhouse storage doesn't have to be ugly -- these are our favorite solutions.
Child watering plants in polytunnel

How small is too small for an indoor greenhouse?

What size is best for a mini greenhouse? Here are our thoughts
Couch, lounger, and table on outdoor patio

The ultimate care guide for your outdoor wood furniture

Take care of your wooden furniture with these tips and products
Couple enjoying drinks by the pool

Above-ground vs. in-ground pools: Which one is right for you?

So you want to build a pool? How to tell which type is right for you.
Woman gardening in her backyard

These are the best gardening tips — straight from the pros

Gardening can seem like a tough hobby, especially if you're starting out. But our tips from professionals can help your garden look great.
Group of people at outdoor party

These outdoor lighting options will transform any space

Illuminate your outdoor space with these great lighting ideas that will look amazing in any space.
gardener tending a garden

Year-round gardening is possible with these 5 tips

Creating a year-round garden is possible with planning, foresight, and a little bit of patience. Our handy guide shows you how.