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Assorted plants with trees In the backyard

6 fantastic backyard design apps to help you craft your own personal oasis

Looking for outdoor landscape inspiration? These backyard design apps will make crafting your perfect backyard so easy.
food spread out on table outside

Check out these small outdoor kitchen ideas to turn your limited space into a chef’s paradise

women outside sitting

5 outdoor living trends that will totally improve your 2022

right size deck for you man building

Renovating your backyard? How to decide what size deck is right for you

best outdoor fire pits bowl

Good, better, best: The best warm, stylish outdoor fire pits for your patio

outdoor eating space

Use these 7 tips to build an outdoor kitchen on a budget

Garden storage shed

Good, better, best: Outdoor sheds for garden storage

Pizza spinach

What you should be cooking in your outdoor kitchen this October

Brick fireplace

What you need to consider before installing a built-in outdoor fireplace

Gorgeous landscaped garden

Our favorite Instagram accounts for landscape design

Woman painting on outdoor wall

Outdoor wall decor ideas that will wow guests at every party

Close up view of built-in outdoor grill

Keep these questions in mind when designing you outdoor kitchen

Ethnic family enjoys a picnic

8 ways to make the most of your garden this summer

How to get the most bang for your gardening buck this summer.
man and little boy in summer kitchen outside

10 backyard kitchen ideas on Pinterest we can’t stop staring at

An outdoor kitchen can be the perfect finishing touch to your space, and these are 10 amazing picks.
Awning over patio

This National Stay Out of the Sun Day, invest in these 5 awnings for your patio

Stay out of the sun with these great awning choices.
Mother and daughter at 4th of July party

What you need to know about throwing an Independence Day garden party

Your July Fourth celebration should be lively and safe. Here's how to make yours the best it can be.
Trees and Bench In A Park

How to create a sensory garden to encourage mindfulness every day

Sensory gardens are a great way to connect with nature and practice mindfulness -- here's how to build one.
Man Hiking In Forest

Use these 6 apps to get outside during Great Outdoors Month

Get outside and make memories with these great apps.
Guy talking a shower outside

How to build an outdoor shower enclosure

Whether for after-gardening rinses or post-pool showers, you need an outdoor enclosure -- and we show you how to build one.
Man making pizza in wood fire oven

How to build a wood-fire pizza oven in your backyard

Make your own delicious pizza with our step-by-step guide
Man showering in outdoor shower

Why your backyard needs an outdoor shower

Skip the hose -- having your own outdoor shower is even better
An Outdoor Pizza Oven With Wood Fire

How to build an outdoor pizza oven

There's something special about homemade pizza -- here's how to cook it outside in your own backyard.
Brown Haired Woman Sitting On Detached Patio

Detached deck ideas you can implement in a week

Doing up a deck doesn't have to be challenging -- here are some ideas that take less than 7 days to implement
Stand Alone Deck Near Ocean

How to build a freestanding deck step by step

Everything you need to know when building a freestanding deck
design indoor garden room nature jpg

What is a garden room, and can you build one yourself?

Build a beautiful indoor green space with this guide.
A bench in an English garden

The English garden: How to know if it’s right for you

What's an English garden, and would it work for you? We break down everything you need to know.

Are your wicker furniture pieces weather resistant?

Make sure your wicker furniture will stand up to the weather.
Modern home cinema in garden room

These contemporary garden room designs will please any eye

Garden rooms are contemporary structures designed to be what you want them to be. We list five great design ideas for inspiration.
Wine bottle and glasses in an outdoor patio

Consider the shape of your backyard when designing an outdoor eating space

You might have a weird, funky-looking backyard. We offer tips on how you can make your backyard fashionable with just a little effort.
A beautiful English cottage garden

How to design an English garden, no matter where you live

There are two types of English gardens that you can use for inspiration.
outdoor kitchen

Keep it simple: Minimalist outdoor kitchen ideas

No need to spend a wad of cash buying every possible gadget for outdoor cooking. Here's a minimal approach to crafting your own outdoor kitchen. 
outdoor garden room fountain in

How to design a peaceful outdoor garden room

One thing that works great in any garden is creating an outdoor garden room.
Contemporary garden room with stone pathway

How to build a contemporary and affordable garden room

A contemporary garden room combines pathways, furniture, plants, and more. Our guide shows how you can create one with style and flair. 
man and little boy in summer kitchen outside

How much does it really cost to build an outdoor kitchen?

Let’s take a look at the most important questions to ask when you are planning an outdoor kitchen build.