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5 greenhouse organization tools you need to buy today

Greenhouses are incredible inventions. The ability to grow almost any plant or vegetable in your backyard is nothing short of revolutionary. Yet the tools, seeds, and everything else needed to make the greenhouse function can sometimes be a little overwhelming. From trowels to dozens of seeds to pots everywhere, it can be hard to implement greenhouse organization and create the nature paradise you want it to be. Here, we have selected five greenhouse storage ideas that we believe will make your greenhouse not only organized, but stylish as well:

Garden collector

When running a greenhouse, you will have waste — dirt, dead plants, and other things that you can’t just throw on the floor. These 25-gallon bags are the perfect way to collect any refuse from your greenhouse or garden. Made from UV-protected, laminated polypropylene fabric (that means they are extremely sturdy), these are made for long use and durability. The plastic ring sewn into the seam keeps the top open, unlike other garden bags, and the handles are made to hold the bag for long periods of time when it is full of heavy waste.

Amazon Basics adjustable shelving unit

Sometimes, the basic ways are the best ways. You could throw all of your tools, seeds, and pots onto one long bench in your greenhouse and call it a day. However, we think you want to be just a little more organized. These shelves can hold up to 250 pounds, ensuring that no matter what items you throw on there they will remain safe. The three shelves are also adjustable so they can be tailored to the individual specifications of every user. Not to mention, the classic chrome will never go out of style, especially in a greenhouse.

FOYUEE raised planter box

In many greenhouses, gardeners are most likely not planting one type of vegetable and calling it a day. They probably are growing many kinds of plants at once to maximize their space and yield. However, keeping track of all those plants and keeping them organized is another story. The FOYUEE raised planter box not only looks amazing with its metallic black design and back wheels for easy transportation, but it is also incredibly functional. Holding 2.5 cubic feet of soil, this planter box provides ample growing space and has a shelf below for any tools that need a home.

Novelinks photo case

We understand that buying a photo case for a greenhouse may seem strange. However, hear us out. While photo cases are designed to store 4×6-inch photos, they are also the perfect size to organize your seed packs. Each case comes with individual interior cases that you can organize into categories — perhaps one for tomatoes, one for peppers, and so one — and this storage system makes finding the seeds you need so simple. If you want to plant some more radishes, you just grab the whole case and take it with you rather than fumbling for a single pack  in your greenhouse. This photo case will also keep your seeds neat and dry. Lastly, the timeless look of the case will work for every greenhouse.

Organizer rack with steel pegboard

Whether you are storing a small shovel or a giant rake, everyone needs to keep their tools organized so their greenhouse does not fall into chaos. We suggest grabbing this organizer rack that mounts to the wall. Pegboards allow you to customize the rack to your needs, and the wall-mounted board doesn’t take up floor space and also allows you to see all of your tools at once, letting you know if you should buy something new or notice if one is missing.

Whether you’ve been spring cleaning and need a space for your gardening goods or are simply sick of rummaging through your toolshed every time you need something, these organizational tools will save you so much stress and hassle. This way, you can spend more time outdoors among your plants and less time wondering where your favorite trowel went.

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