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How much does it really cost to build an outdoor kitchen?

The kitchen is a place where memories are made. Family events, holiday gatherings, meals with friends, and sentimental smells all blend together in that special space. What better way to continue that tradition than with a beautiful outdoor kitchen space?

When considering such an addition to your home, there are several details that merit examination. It’s important to include all the important elements, allot the right amount of space, and shop for the most effective materials. This can cost a pretty penny if you don’t take the time to get educated about the process as a whole. Aesthetics and preferences will also play a role in your bottom line. Let’s take a look at the most important questions to ask when you are planning an outdoor kitchen build.

What should an outdoor kitchen have?

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Although some elements of an outdoor kitchen will vary from person to person, there are things that qualify as necessities. First, storage. Whether it is cabinets, bins, or shelving, a way to store your outdoor tools and dishes will prevent dozens of trips back to the house. Whatever type of storage you use, make sure it is weatherproof.

Second is a grill, of course! You’ll need a good-quality grill, and most prefer a propane gas model, as it is easiest to manage. Next, most outdoor kitchens benefit from sink space. Quick access to water and an immediate basin to clean items off is a functional luxury you don’t want to forego. Also, good counters for food prep are always excellent. Granite and marble are great choices.

Lastly, an outdoor refrigerator, even a small one, allows for easier transport of meats and ensures a cold drink anytime. All things considered, the cost of an outdoor kitchen will fluctuate depending on the quality of the materials and the size of the space.

How much space will I need?

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A common problem with many outdoor kitchen spaces is that in trying to save money, one might skimp on the size of the area. This is a line of thinking you want to avoid, as the usability is limited with a restrictive layout. You’ll want to consider things such as counter space on each side of the grill to set down plates and food. Also, you want room to move on either side of the grill if more than one person is assisting with preparations.

If you have an outdoor fridge, it is obvious that you want that placed in a way that allows access to everyone, especially when serving beverages. A great way to gauge space is to consider how many people you will likely be entertaining on a regular basis. If you have patio furniture that seats 12 people, but your outdoor kitchen accommodates perhaps three people at a time, this is not ideal. Look at the layout of your yard space as it is right now and try to picture the way a kitchen might alter the way people will move in the designated area.

What are the best materials worth investing in?

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In regard to the base material for the kitchen structure, it is widely agreed upon that natural stone is the preferred way to go. Some will opt for brick or even cement to cut costs, but these options often do not weather well and lack the aesthetics you’ll love. Natural stone is incredibly durable and is capable of supporting another fantastic material: Granite countertops. Granite will stand up to every season and will not chip or dent during chopping. Heat will not warp it, either. Sealed granite, in particular, is non-absorbent, which is a helpful feature.

Lastly, it is crucial not to skimp on your grill. Stainless steel is always a wonderful option, and of all places to really splurge for your outdoor kitchen, this is the detail to spend a lot on.

As with any property addition, an outdoor kitchen build offers a lot of possibilities and hours of memorable experiences. The cost to build one will range anywhere from $7,500 to well above $10,000. This will greatly depend upon the size, materials, and quality of appliances you choose to purchase. If there are portions of the space you can construct yourself, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars in labor costs. With thorough planning and a mind for detail, you can create a culinary paradise in your own backyard!

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