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A collection of various houseplants

The 5 best tall indoor plants you can get to create a lively space

Do you have a room that needs a burst of greenery? Add these five tall indoor plants to your collection to fill your home with foliage and flowers.
Purple and blue hydrangeas

Make sure your hydrangeas have the best blooms by pruning them properly

How to prune your hydrangeas this summer to ensure the best blooms
Dark pink bougainvillea flowers along a fence top

Bougainvillea is gorgeous – here’s how to care for it

Bougainvillea is a stunning tropical plant that comes in vines, shrubs, and trees. If you want to add this plant to your garden, here's what you need to know.
Closeup of a southern magnolia flower

6 popular magnolia tree and shrub species for your yard

Magnolia trees are stunning and popular plants. No matter what your climate or yard is like, one of these six magnolia trees is sure to be a great fit.
Hand in a brown and white glove holding a pile of Epsom salt next to an evergreen tree

What is diatomaceous earth – and why does your garden need it?

Diatomaceous earth is a useful garden tool, keeping many pests away from your plants. Want to get started using it for yourself? Here's what you need to know.
Several houseplants including a money tree and a cactus on a window sill

A complete money tree care guide

Money trees are beautiful trees that symbolize good luck. This guide will help your money tree thrive by answering all your questions about money tree care.
Spider plant

Spider plant care: Everything you need to know

Spider plants are hardy plants that can withstand a lot, but how can you ensure yours is thriving? Here's everything you need to know about spider plant care.
Close up of dark and light green dracaena leaves

How to propagate dracaenas from cuttings

If you've been gifted a dracaena cutting or need to prune your own, here's what to know about propagating dracaena.
Avocados growing on a tree

Are avocados vegetables or fruits? We have your answers

Are avocados fruits or vegetables? Here's what we know
Person watering a plant using a white jug

How to make plant food that’s better than store-bought

Here's how to feed your plants well with our simple homemade plant food recipe.
5 different succulents planted in clay mugs

How much sunlight should your succulents have?

Do succulents need full sun, or can they thrive in the shade? Here's what you need to know
A metal bucket labeled compost, laying on its side against a blue background. Food scraps spill out of it.

Can you get rid of that terrible compost stench?

Most compost smells are avoidable and easily fixable, so no one needs to suffer through smelly soil. We list the causes and solutions.
Mother of thousands plant with plantlets

Plants don’t have to be difficult to propagate — these are the easiest to start

These plants are simple to propagate -- and will thrive no matter how new at it you are
Bird's nest fern growing in a white pot

Here’s how you can help indoor ferns thrive

Ferns aren't just outdoor plants — they can thrive when you bring them inside. Here's how to help them flourish indoors.
White and pink silk roses with dark green leaves

How to clean silk flowers for beautiful arrangements

Silk flowers are beautiful but require special care — here's how to clean them gently and safely
Mint on windowsill

How to grow mint indoors with these 3 different methods

Whichever method you choose, get started on growing your own mint indoors with this handy guide.
Spider plant with spiderettes

Spider plants are hardy hydroponic plants – here’s how to grow your spider plant in water

Propagate and grow your own spider plants — this is how.
A small bowl shaped planter with autumn flowers, mainly light green, light pink, and dark pink.

Some houseplants thrive when planted together – here are the best indoor plant combinations

These incredible plant combinations will wow any guest — find out which plants are the best to mix and match.
Roses in a white vase

How to make your roses last longer

How long should your roses last? Find out and learn how to keep them alive longer with these tips.
Purple orchids growing in a basket

How to keep orchids alive and growing in your home or office

Orchids are gorgeous flowers that can thrive in your home or office. We offer easy tips for giving this stunning flower the proper care.
A person laying out all the materials to fertilize a houseplant

How often should you fertilize your indoor plants? Here’s what to know

Here's how often you should fertilize your indoor plants and how to set up a schedule.
Many cacti with brightly colored flowers

How often does a cactus flower bloom? What you need to know

How often can you expect your cactus to bloom? We have answers.
A collection of various houseplants

These are the most popular indoor plants of 2024 – add one or all to your collection

Want to know which plants will be popular in 2024? Here's what we know.
A small jade plant in a white pot

Is your jade plant not blooming? Try this

Longing to see your jade plant's beautiful flowers? Here's what you can do to help it along.
A small pumpkin sitting on top of a fence post

A guide to composting your pumpkins

If you want to make sure your pumpkins don't go to waste, here's how to compost them.
Beets laying on a table

Can you leave beets in the ground over winter? Here’s your guide on how to store beets for the winter

Here's everything you need to know about leaving beets in the ground over winter, including whether to do it.
A close-up of flowering peace lilies

Successfully propagate your own beautiful peace lily with these 4 tips

Hoping to successfully propagate your peace lily? Here are some tips to make sure you're successful
A tree with red berries covered in ice

Trying to beat the cold? Here are our favorite frost-resistant plants for any climate

When the weather gets chilly, you might wonder if you can grow anything that won't wilt. We have the tips you need to keep your plants alive through the frost.
Purple grapes on a vine

How to store grapes in the fridge and keep them fresh for as long as possible

Avoid sour grapes by following these steps to keep your fruit fresh longer.
Purple orchid flowers with white stripes

Growing orchids in water for an exotic and beautiful display is easier than you might think – here’s what to do

Combining orchids and hydroponics can do wonderful things. We list everything you need to know to successfully grow orchids in water.
Close-up of daffodils in sunlight

5 November garden plants you should consider growing

If you're wondering what to grow late in the fall, here's a guide on what to plant in your garden this November.
Stone house with yard full of golden leaves

5 outdoor gardening projects to focus on this November

Take advantage of the cooler weather and do these five projects this November.
A hanging maidenhair fern

Everything you need to know about growing healthy ferns indoors

Ferns can add a touch of green to any shady corner. Make sure your ferns are at their healthiest by following these tips.
Garlic bulbs and cloves

Your guide to growing garlic in winter for a delicious season-long harvest

How to grow garlic this winter so you have delicious dishes all season long
A pile of fallen leaves

Are mulched leaves good for grass? Here’s how to mulch a lawn full of leaves this fall

Fall leaves can benefit your garden, even making an excellent fertilizer! Our guide helps turn your leaves into mulch.