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an assortment of colorful pumpkins

Are pumpkins a fruit or a vegetable? Here’s what we know

Are pumpkins fruits or vegetables? Here's what we know
A hand placing seeds in a row in the soil

4 of the best online sources for seeds and seedlings

If you want to buy seeds and seedlings, but don't know where to start, we've put together a guide for you.
A person holding compost in their hands

3 composting lessons we learned from YouTube channel World Composting

The World Composting YouTube channel is full of great advice. Here's what we've learned
Scattering bone meal fertilizer over a plant

Curious what bone meal is? Here’s what you need to know

There are lots of different types of fertilizer out there. Here's what you should know about bone meal.
Medium-size pumpkin growing on a vine

Gardening 101: How to grow and care for pumpkins

Everything you need to know about growing your own pumpkins
Bird's nest fern growing in a white pot

Here’s how you can help ferns thrive indoors

Ferns aren't just outdoor plants -- they can be brought into your home and thrive. We explain how to help them flourish indoors.
View of a vegetable garden

How to turn down your garden and prepare it for winter

Turning down your garden before winter is always a good idea. Here's how to get started.
Watermelon jack-o-lantern on a beach

7 fruits and vegetables you can carve that aren’t pumpkins

Carve these fruits and vegetables instead of pumpkins for unique fall decor
A grove of olive trees

A guide to growing a thriving olive tree

Your olive tree will thrive if you follow this guide
A hand dropping fertilizer around a seedling

The 5 best soil conditioners we’ve found this year

We've put together a guide to the best soil conditioner brands you can buy
A small bowl shaped planter with autumn flowers, mainly light green, light pink, and dark pink.

Some houseplants thrive when planted together—here are some winning combos

These incredible plant combinations will wow any guest.
A clear glass greenhouse with plants inside and around it

Polytunnel vs greenhouse: Which is right for you?

Although polytunnels and greenhouses serve the same purposes, there are some key differences interested gardeners should keep in mind.
Couch, lounger, and table on outdoor patio

4 poolside table and chair sets we love – all under $200

A guide to some great poolside table and chair sets to consider, when outfiting your poolside space
An adult's hands cupped around a child's cupped hands. In the child's hands in a plant

Gardening 101: Sustainable practices for your garden this fall

If you want to introduce more sustainable practices into your garden, here are some ideas to start with.
Close up of a solar pathway light

7 tips for solar landscape lighting design

These are some tips for using solar lighting in your landscape design
Pothos plant in a vase of water with roots

Watch out for these signs of root rot in your plants

Make sure your plants are healthy by watching out for these signs of root rot
Phone with plants

4 new features in iOS 15 you can use to boost your gardening routine

The news iOS update comes with a bunch of new features. Here's how they can help your garden.
tree roots with moss

Should you transplant moss from the woods? What you need to know

If you wondered about transplanting moss from the woods, here's what you need to know before you do
A person clipping the top part of a basil plant

What you need to know before you pinch and tip in your garden

Here's everything you need to know about pinching and tipping in your garden
Gloved hands holding soil with different colored balls of fertilizer in it

How to choose the best soil conditioner for your garden

A guide on choosing soil conditioner for your garden
Snowy logs with a sign reading "compost happens"

Can you get rid of that terrible compost stench?

Most compost smells are avoidable and easily fixable, so no one needs to suffer through smelly soil. We list the causes and solutions.
Gloved hand deadheading a lily

What you need to know about deadheading in your garden

Here's everything you need to know about deadheading in your garden
Creeping charlie leaves

How to make sure creeping charlie doesn’t overrun your garden

Creeping charlie has a way of overrunning gardens. Here's what to do to make sure that doesn't happen to you
Hands scooping soil out of a flower pot

How to create custom soil mixes (and why you should)

Make sure your plants are getting the exact right amount of nutrients by making your own soil mixes
Red and green croton plant

These are the best exotic plants you can start growing right now

Bring your exotic plants to life with this indoor gardening guide.
A person holding a basket full of assorted vegetables

Hybrid versus heirloom plants: What you need to know

It can be difficult to choose whether to plant hybrid or heirloom plants. Here's what you need to know.
A small wicker basket on a table containing several gardening tools with green and yellow handles and floral gardening gloves

The best gadgets that will help you care for your garden

If you want help caring for your garden, check out these cool gadgets
Young bean plants sprouting

Why and when you should plant a cover crop in your garden this fall

Let us help you figure out what you need to know about planting a cover crop this fall
Pile of bell peppers

Common plant diseases to watch out for in your pepper plants

Make sure your pepper plant stays safe by looking out for these common diseases
Ripe tomatoes on a vine

Common plants diseases to watch out for in your tomato plant

Make sure your tomato plant stays safe by looking out for these common diseases
Pulling dandelion weed

You may find these types of edible weeds in your garden

Wondering if you have edible weeds in your garden? Watch out for these varieties
Assorted heirloom tomatoes on a wooden background

Everything you need to know about heirloom plants

Heirloom plants may look imperfect, but they're often delicious and juicy. Here's what you need to know about growing them
A field of crimson clover

The best plants to include when planting a cover crop this season

These are the best plants to plant as a cover crop this season
Dogwood tree with pink flowers

How to care for your new dogwood tree this summer

Dogwood trees can bring year-round beauty to any yard. Here's how to take the best care of yours
A line of birches beside a river

The 5 best trees to grow if you live in a wet area

Not all trees are suited to be grown in wet areas. Here are best picks for the trees that will thrive