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A green soybean pod with leaves sitting on top of a pile of brown soybeans

Everything you need to know about growing and harvesting your own soybeans

A complete guide to growing and harvesting your own soybeans
A person putting mulch around a plant with yellow flowers

Want to know what the best mulch is for your vegetable garden? What we know

A guide to the best mulch to use in your vegetable garden
Red, green, and yellow bell peppers on a table

Impatient for warmer weather? How to start pepper seeds indoors now

A guide on how to start pepper seeds indoors and why you should
A cluster of tall, colorful wildflowers

How to grow wildflowers, a beneficial, beautiful addition to any garden

Plant your own wildflower garden by following this guide
Pink tulips against a blue sky

Tulips are the colorful star of any garden – how to grow your own

A complete guide to growing your own beautiful tulips
A row of red poppies

Make your garden burst with poppies – a guide on growing lovely, bright flowers

A complete guide to growing poppies in your own garden
A group of yellow daffodils

Bring a pop of yellow to your garden with this guide to growing daffodils

Your guide to successful growing daffodils in your garden
A cabbage with water droplets scattered across it

Gardening 101: How to grow your own cabbage, an incredibly versatile green

A guide to growing your own leafy green cabbage harvest
Purple morning glories in bloom

A guide to growing and caring for a garden filled with stunning morning glories

How to plant your own morning glories for bright, unique blooms
An assortment of frozen berries

Want to freeze fruits and vegetables to preserve freshness? Here’s how

Make sure not to waste any fruits or vegetables by following this guide to properly preserving and freezing them
Pink cyclamen in a terracotta pot

How to plant and care for the cyclamen, a petite perennial

The cyclamen is a beautiful, petite perennial. Here's how to plant and care for it
A row of rhubarb stems growing

Is it a fruit or a vegetable: Rhubarb, the deliciously tart perennial

Rhubarb is a delicious, herbaceous perennial, but is it a fruit or a vegetable? What we know
A young woman holding a handful of oyster mushrooms

What’s so special about oyster mushrooms? A guide to this edible fungi

Oyster mushrooms are delicious and edible. Here's your guide to this edible fungi
A ladybug on white fuzzy leaves

Is it ever a good idea to use insects as pest control? What we know

Insects can be used as pest control, but is it a good idea? Here's what we know
greenhouse in winter

Good, better, best: Portable greenhouses for your winter garden

A guide to the best portable greenhouses for your winter garden
Christmas cactus with purple flowers

How often does a cactus flower bloom? What you need to know

How often can you expect your cactus to bloom? We have answers
Red leaves on a tree branch

What is leaf mold and how can it benefit your garden?

A guide to what leaf mold compost is and how it can be beneficial in your garden
A field of lavender flowers

5 imaginative and refreshing ways to use your fresh-smelling lavender

There are so many ways to use the floral lavender from your garden. Here are 5 suggestions
Garlic bulbs and cloves

Your guide to growing garlic in winter for a delicious season-long harvest

How to grow garlic this winter so you have delicious dishes all season long
Green grass with light snow cover

How to prepare your garden for winter in just a few days

Prepare your garden for winter in just a few days by following this guide
A close up of several ears of corn

Is corn a vegetable or a fruit? Here’s what we know

Is corn a fruit or a vegetable? Here's what we know
White pipe with plants growing from holes in the side

6 crops that will thrive in your winter hydroponic garden

These are the best crops for you to grow in your hydroponic garden this winter
A small basket full of cremini mushrooms

What are cremini mushrooms and why are they so beloved? We’ve got your answers

Here's everything you've wanted to know about cremini mushrooms, as well as a guide on how to grow them
Calathea leaves on a pink background

6 gorgeous calathea varieties that would make a great addition to any home

Any of these beautiful calathea varieties would be great additions to your home
Row of cacti and succulent plants in pots

3 Los Angeles-based ceramic artists to buy stylish planters from

These 3 Los Angeles based artists make unique plant pots that will bring value to any indoor garden
Avocados growing on a tree

Are avocados fruits or vegetables? We have your answers

Are avocados fruits or vegetables? Here's what we know
Prickly pear by water, with ripe fruit

How to harvest delicious, striking prickly pears for the juiciest yield

Prickly pears are delicious, but can be difficult to harvest. Here's how to harvest for the best results.
A person holding a lion's mane mushroom

7 types of mushrooms you can easily grow at home and their uses

Are you thinking about starting to grow mushrooms at home? Here are a few types for you to consider, as well as what they're good for
Close up of a fuchsia plant with red and purple flowers

How to propagate the perfect pink fuchsia plant from a cutting

Share your beautiful fuschia plants with friends and family by propagating using these tips
shady lawn with shrub border

Moss vs grass lawn: The best option to save on time and money

Is moss or grass better for your lawn? Here's what we know
Hands holding compost

How to turn your compost to keep the soil aerated and nutrient-rich

Turning your compost pile for the best results may seem intimidated. Here's what you need to know.
Ripe tomatoes on a vine

Is tomato a fruit or a vegetable? Let’s find out

Are tomatoes fruits or vegetables? Here's what we know
Close up of mushrooms growing

How hard is it to grow mushrooms at home? Here’s what we know

Everything you've ever wanted to know about growing mushrooms
Close up of dark and light green dracaena leaves

Can you grow dracaena from cuttings? Here’s what we know

If you've been gifted a dracaena cutting or need to prune your own, here's what we know about propagating dracaena
an assortment of colorful pumpkins

Are pumpkins a fruit or a vegetable? Here’s what we know

Are pumpkins fruits or vegetables? Here's what we know