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Hands scooping soil out of a flower pot

Knock out bugs, diseases, and more – Top tips for sterilizing potting soil

You may need to sterilize your potting soil to remove bugs, diseases, and more. Here are top ways to do it.
Pomegranate tree with ripening fruit

This is the best fertilizer for your pomegranate trees

Pomegranate trees need special care — these are the best types of fertilizers.
Cupped hands holding potatoes

How to start a vertical potato garden with only 5 square feet

You don't need a lot of space to start a vertical garden, and we can prove it.
Grass in a suburban yard

Common zoysia problems and how to solve them and transform your lawn

These are the most common problems you'll have with zoysia grass and how to solve them.
White turnips

Plant turnips this summer and harvest in fall for your delicious soups

Turnips can make yummy fall soups. Learn how to plant and harvest turnips for your favorite meals.
A person holding a basket full of assorted vegetables

Plant these veggies now to fill your plate with healthy choices this summer

Start your spring garden now and fill your plate with healthy foods this summer. Here's a list.
Trailing fuchsia in a hanging flower pot

Fuchsia adds a striking pop of color to any vertical garden: Your growing guide

We love the vivid look of fuchsia on a trellis. This is everything you need to know.
A wildflower garden full of colorful flowers

Gorgeous ways to get the natural garden of your dreams

These ideas are perfect for a natural garden in your yard.
A sage plant with purple flowers

A beginner’s guide to planting salvia, an easy-care, aromatic delight

Salvia is a fragrant addition to any garden. This is what you need to know.
A small pot with a tiny house plant and succulents

Add whimsy and magic to your yard with these lovely fairy garden ideas

A fairy garden is a lovely addition to any outdoor space. Try out these ideas for inspiration.
An overhead view of centipede grass

7 Important things to know about centipede grass for a successful lawn

This is the advice you need for healthy, thriving centipede grass.
A cluster of black elderberries on red stems

How to plant elderberry in 6 simple steps

Follow this guide to successfully plant elderberry.
A lawn of tall fescue grass

Tall fescue is great if you want a low-maintenance lawn – What you should know

Our care guide for tall fescue grass is the resource you need.
Aphids on the petals of a daisy

Get rid of aphids naturally with these phenomenal solutions

Looking for a natural solution to aphids? Look no further.
A row of clean spring onions

Spring onion is the perfect option for gardeners with too little space

If your garden is small, spring onions are a space-efficient option. Here's the care guide you need.
Tulips from the Smithsonian garden

What to plant with tulips: 9 gorgeous flowers your garden needs

These 9 perennials and annuals are fantastic companion plants for tulips.
Two large brown slugs eating a plant

10 totally effective ways to get rid of your garden slugs

Try these tips to get rid of the slugs in your garden.
Crabapple tree in bloom

Crabapple trees offer 4 seasons of beauty – how to care for them

This is your care guide for a healthy, gorgeous crabapple tree.
Several raw parsnips on a wooden plate

How to plant parsnips now for tasty stews and soups this fall

Growing parsnip plants will mean big flavor this fall.
Three brown bulbs with hyacinths

5 effective tips you need to know for a thriving hyacinth flower

Follow this hyacinth care guide for a gorgeous bloom.
Ripe blackberries on the bush

Curious how you can grow your own blackberries? Here’s our complete guide

How to grow your own blackberries so you have a tasty harvest for your next pie
Ginger root on a table

Add a kick to your cooking: How to plant and grow your own ginger

SEO meta: How to plant and grow your own ginger for that extra kick in your recipes
Yellow boots, metal garden tools, green gloves, and a metal watering can in a flower bed next to a wooden garden path

Follow this guide to make sure your garden is prepared for spring

What you should be doing to make sure your garden is prepared for the spring
Metal gardening tools, gardening gloves, and several colorful flowers arranged on a patch of soil

4 essential gardening tasks you should make sure to do this spring

The 4 essential gardening tasks you should make sure to do this spring
A close up of a person's cupped hand, full of coffee grounds with a small plant growing in it

Make sure your garden is clean and ready to go by following this guide

Follow this guide to make sure your garden is prepped and clean for spring
Raised garden beds with vegetable plants growing in them

How to build a raised garden bed to keep those critters away

How to build a raised garden bed, a great way to keep your plants safe
Black-eyed peas and navy beans scattered across a table

Want to grow your own black-eyed peas? Our guide on how to get started

Grow your own black-eyed peas by following our complete guide
Rows of large collard plants

Collard greens are popular in many southern dishes – how to grow your own

Everything you need to know about growing your own collard greens
A hand dropping fertilizer around a seedling

The 4 best fertilizers you should be using to keep your vegetables happy

The best fertilizers to use in your vegetable garden
A green soybean pod with leaves sitting on top of a pile of brown soybeans

Everything you need to know about growing and harvesting your own soybeans

A complete guide to growing and harvesting your own soybeans
A person putting mulch around a plant with yellow flowers

Want to know what the best mulch is for your vegetable garden? What we know

A guide to the best mulch to use in your vegetable garden
Red, green, and yellow bell peppers on a table

Impatient for warmer weather? How to start pepper seeds indoors now

A guide on how to start pepper seeds indoors and why you should
A cluster of tall, colorful wildflowers

How to grow wildflowers, a beneficial, beautiful addition to any garden

Plant your own wildflower garden by following this guide
Pink tulips against a blue sky

Tulips are the colorful star of any garden – how to grow your own

A complete guide to growing your own beautiful tulips
A row of red poppies

Make your garden burst with poppies – a guide on growing lovely, bright flowers

A complete guide to growing poppies in your own garden