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trees global warming oak tree summer

The 5 best trees to help offset global warming

Want to help fight global warming? These trees will help
Man pruning a tree with clippers

The best tree pruners you should make room for in your toolshed

There are a lot of varieties of tree pruners. These are the ones we think you should start clearing some toolshed space for.
A living wall on a wall with a frame

How to make a living wall with succulents

Do you love the look of a living wall filled with succulents?
shady lawn with shrub border

What you need to know about plug aerating

Plug aerating your lawn can be an important step in keeping it healthy. Here's everything you need to know about the system.
A bush of bright pink azaleas

Good better best: The best fertilizer for your azaleas

Here's everything you need to know about fertilizing your azaleas
close up of a fallen leaf on frosty grass

Start transitioning your vegetable garden for fall now – here’s how

With summer coming to a close, it's time to start transitioning your vegetable garden for the fall. Here's how to get started
Young seedling in gentle rain

Everything you need to know about planting a tree in wet soil

Here's what you need to know about planting trees in wet soil so they thrive
Colorful array of flowers on a vertical garden

The 8 best plants for indoor vertical gardens

These amazing indoor plants will look great climbing your walls
A hand reaching up to pick a ripe red apple

How to prune your overgrown apple tree

Make sure your apple trees are ready for the harvest with our great pruner's guide
Person watering a plant using a white jug

How to make plant food that’s better than store-bought

Feed your plants well with our simple homemade plant food recipe
Gardener pulling weed

Our 10 favorite garden maintenance tips for National Weed Your Garden Day

These tips will help you keep your garden in top shape without all the hassle
Close up of pink and white magnolia flowers

6 flowering trees everyone seems to love

These flowering trees are showstoppers -- here are our favorites
Rhododendrons growing over a metal fence

Metal vs plastic: Which garden fence is right for you?

Here's how to choose the best fence for you and your garden
Stems with clusters of blueberries ripening

How to grow organic blueberries in your garden this summer

There's nothing like fresh-picked blueberries -- we show you how to grow your own in your backyard
Small parlor palm on table, in a white pot.

Wo love these 5 small indoor palm trees for a year-round pop of color

These indoor palm plants are easy to grow, care for, and love
dwarf blue spruce in a garden

The 5 best patio trees to adorn your outdoor space

These patio trees will add a great accent to any size space
types orange flowers blooms parodia haselbergii

These 6 orange flowers will make your garden pop

Orange flower sure make an eye-catching statement -- these are our favorites
Small green compost bin indoors

How to build the perfect apartment composting system

Learn how composting can work for you in your apartment -- you and the planet will be very happy
Several avocados on a branch

Good, better, best: Fertilizers to nourish your avocado trees

Avocado trees need special care -- and we have just the thing for you
A small wicker basket on a table containing several gardening tools with green and yellow handles and floral gardening gloves

You can clean your garden tools with vinegar — here’s how

Vinegar is a great tool for all kinds of cleaning endeavors -- including your everyday garden tools
A person mowing the lawn with a black push mower

How to change the oil in your lawn mower in 6 simple steps

Keep your lawn mower running smoothly with this handy how-to guide
A tree with orange and yellow fruit

8 easy-to-grow fruits you can plant today

If you've always dreamed of growing an orchard or just want the chance to pick a peach from your backyard, we've got you covered
An avocado tree with many avocados

What nutrients do avocado trees need?

Avocado trees can be picky -- make sure you give them these nutrients for optimal growing
A metal bucket labeled compost, laying on its side against a blue background. Food scraps spill out of it.

Take these 3 steps to start kitchen composting today

Kitchen composting isn't tough -- we break down the basics so you can get started
A cluster of juniper branches with bright blue berries

Your go-to guide for growing juniper trees

You want to grow juniper trees but worry they might need more care than you can give. Is that true?
drying hydrangeas sedum flowers dried white and red

Dry these 5 flowers for beautiful displays no matter the season

Drying flowers will ensure they last for years to come. Which ones in your garden could you preserve?
A person holding a potted plant

Moving cross country? Here’s how to take your outdoor plants with you

When packing for the big move, don't leave anything behind. This is how to take your plants with you.
5 different succulents planted in clay mugs

How much sunlight should your succulents have?

Do succulents need full sun, or can they thrive in the shade? Here's what you need to know
A sunny orchard of citrus trees with yellowish citrus fruits

These 7 citrus trees varieties are a great addition to your garden

Plant these beautiful citrus trees for a beautiful yard -- and fresh fruit
A person spraying a pest control solution on some roses

Do plant-based insecticides actually work? Here’s what we’ve found

Flower-made insecticides are out there, but do they work?
White and pink silk roses with dark green leaves

How to clean your silk flower arrangements

Silk flowers are beautiful but require special care -- here's how to clean them gently and safely
Raised garden beds with wooden walls, surrounded by bug nets

The best pest control methods for beginner gardeners

Pest control doesn't have to be complicated -- these solutions are great for new gardeners
Small palm tree with fan shaped leaves in a gray pot on a window sill.

Which types of palms will thrive in your home?

These types of palm trees will beautify every room of your house
A stack of cardboard boxes with two potted plants on top, in front of a white wall with a white door in it

How to move your indoor plants to a new home without killing them

Ensure your plants arrive safely when you move by following this guide
Pests stuck on glue strips

How to make your own sticky bug traps

Make your own bug traps with this helpful and easy guide