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7 gift basket must-haves for the gardener in your life

When it comes to garden gift basket ideas, there are so many to choose from, which can make putting a gift together a tough task. Don’t worry, whether you’ve got weeks to plan or you’re down to the wire, we’ve put together a few different lists of items you can pick and choose from when deciding what to put in a gardening gift basket for your loved one!

A harvest basket full of vegetables

A gardener’s harvest basket

What’s better than a gift basket where the basket is part of the fun? Probably nothing. This gardener’s harvest basket from Uncommon Goods can serve as not only the basket for your other items, but something useful for them to use once their crops have fully grown! It’s made from a mix of pine wood and hardwood and is held together with wire. The wood is treated and can hold up in outdoor conditions as well as be washed without worry of falling apart. The basket is 19 inches by 11 inches, so you’ll have plenty of space to fill it with other garden-themed items!

Plant-themed indoor/outdoor pillows

For a unique, slightly larger gift basket, the gardener in your life will love plant-themed home decor like these pillows from Resort Home and Spa Decor! They’re able to be used both indoors and outdoors, sitting in their favorite recliner or on the patio couch. The combination of stripes and leaves will give your space a new pop of design. Each of these four pillows is 20 inches by 12 inches, filled with soft poly fiber, and are fade, stain, and UV resistant.

The Click & Grow smart garden

Click & Grow’s smart garden is a great purchase for any indoor gardener looking for a new way to grow their favorite herbs. Click & Grow compares the garden to “a capsule coffee machine” except you use their plant pods instead of coffee cups! Their pods have the seeds and nutrients needed for the plants to grow, allowing the gardener in your life to enjoy indoor-grown herbs for as long as they want.

Click & Grow has more than 50 plants to choose from, but the smart garden will also work with your favorite seeds! This smart garden comes with a set of three basil pods to help you get the hang of it.

Decorative dragonfly garden stones

These garden stones from Wind and Weather are a perfect gift for any whimsical gardener. They bring a unique touch to a garden as opposed to the simple round stones, and you can even adjust the shape of the dragonfly depending on where you place the 12 individual stones. The cast stone material is weather durable, so you can be sure your gift will hold up in the rain, though it may be best to overwinter them indoors or in a shed.

Close up of caladium leaves

Elephant ear and caladium bulbs

Also from Wind and Weather, this 12-bulb collection includes three elephant ear bulbs and nine caladium bulbs to brighten up your garden with shades of pink and green. These plants love partially shaded areas and can even be grown in containers, making them a lovely addition to a garden gift basket for someone who can only grow indoors. Make sure the elephant ear bulbs have plenty of space to grow when you plant them, though, as they can get up to five feet tall.

Shiitake mushroom growing kit

If the gardener in your life loves mushrooms, you can’t go wrong with giving them the chance to grow their own. Uncommon Goods sells a shiitake mushroom growing log that’s made from sweet gum or oak and comes with organic shiitake spore plugs. The listing for the logs also has a set of care instructions that can be printed out and included in your basket so  the recipient knows what to do right away! Depending on how well the log is cared for, it will be ready for fruiting within seven to 12 months.

Herb packets and plant markers

The Garden Republic sells a selection of herb seed packets and plant markers that any home gardener (or tea lover) is sure to enjoy. The herbs in the kit include chamomile, lavender, mint, lemon balm, dandelion, cinnamon basil, catnip, fennel, marjoram, and echinacea. The bamboo plant markers will help keep track of which seeds are planted where so that the catnip won’t get mixed up with mint. These seeds can be grown outdoors or indoors (or started indoors then moved outdoors) and will do wonderfully in a garden box or container. Garden Republic’s seeds are tested to achieve at least a 90 percent germination rate, so you can be sure the seeds you purchase are of good quality.

Ultimately, the garden gift basket ideas you select should be unique to the gardener you’re celebrating. Some gardeners may not be interested in container-grown herbs while others love growing plants from bulbs and decorating their garden with whimsical stones. What makes a garden gift basket so special is how perfect it is for the person receiving it, so have fun and give them a gift from your heart.

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