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Our favorite lights for home safety and security

Exterior floodlights are one of the most important security features that an homeowner can invest in. Bright LEDs cast wide arcs of light across your yard, scaring away any intruders or animals that dare to come onto your property. However, there are a number of floodlights that, frankly, look terrible. Whether they are built too mechanical or look like they belong outside a factory, there are few that match the visuals to the functionality.

Thankfully, some security light manufacturers understand that homeowners want security that looks good. Here are what we consider to be the best outdoor LED floodlight fixtures for when you want to combine safety and style.

Big beautiful house with flood lights
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For security and deterrence: Motion-activated lights

Motion-activated security lights are a perfect option for those who want to keep an eye on their backyard or front lawn whenever there’s movement during the night. These lights are typically powered by standard, 120-volt currents, and are usually installed next to your garage or under the eaves facing your backyard.

We suggest installing motion-sensing floodlights that mount to the surface of exterior siding or walls. Try to find ones that contain two- or three-bulb housing units that only turn on when they detect movement. However, keep in mind that because these are very bright, you might need to consider how close you are to your neighbors โ€” they might mind a raccoon activating a bright light in the wee hours of the morning!

For mood lighting that protects: LED floodlights

You can combine security and safety with technology that allows you to make your backyard a warm paradise by choosing an LED floodlight that can be switched on at night as intruder deterrence, but can also be adjusted to a lower light mode if you want things to be a little more chill.

Most LED floodlights come with customizable range options, which allows you to determine how close to the light movement has to be before they turn on. LED lights also never burn out and are secured in waterproof casings, making them the ultimate “set it and forget it” security solution.

For video surveillance: Camera floodlights

Lights with video cameras are becoming more and more popular; they allow for the standard protection of light at night while also recording anyone or anything trying to get near your home. For this reason, many homeowners have opted for lights with built-in cameras that they can access any time, anywhere. As a bonus, most camera floodlights are inconspicuous enough to fit in well with any decor.

When considering your home’s safety, it’s important to think about all the ways you can detect and impede intruders before they even have the chance to access your home or garden. Lights that provide enough illumination to draw attention โ€“ without waking the neighbors โ€“ are the ideal security solution for those who want that extra bit of protection every night. Using this guide, select the right lights for your home and yard given what you know you need to feel secure, and rest easy every night knowing you’re protected.

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