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7 landscaping lighting tips and tricks you’re going to love

After this last year of being cooped up at home, we all want to enjoy ourself outside, especially if outside involves a beautiful space where you can host gatherings. After all, spending time with friends and family after work can be good for one’s mental health. Of course, you need good lighting for it to truly be enjoyable.

However, suppose you’ve got any kind of outdoor space. Whether that’s a balcony, backyard, porch, or garden, you can’t just throw up any old light and call it good. You’ve got to consider both functionality and aesthetics. You also need to think about longevity. How long are your outdoor lights going to last? How interesting can you make the lighting setup?

In the following article, we’ll discuss landscape lighting design tips you can use to completely reimagine your property’s landscaping.

Subtle outdoor lighting setup

Less is more

When it comes to landscape lighting tips and tricks, one of the best is to keep things simple. There’s no need to go overboard. The most expensive and the most intricate don’t always equate to “best.” In fact, not all lights are suitable for all kinds of properties or locations. Remember that you’re outside for a reason. It’s about being in nature, right? At least, to a degree.

Therefore, you want lights that won’t overshadow the scenery. Think subtlety. You want lights that will accentuate, not dominate.

Blend in with the background

In keeping with the idea of being subtle with your lighting setups, consider blending them in with your building’s architecture or the plants’ arrangement on your property. You can easily camouflage your lights by hiding them inside other decorative items.

Break out new light bulbs

When you purchase a new lighting setup, don’t necessarily go with the bulbs that are included. Instead, buy some that are energy-efficient. Doing so can allow you to reduce your energy bill substantially. That’s especially true if you use your outdoor spaces in the evening regularly or are known for hosting frequent after-dinner get togethers.

Some people may be concerned they won’t be able to find energy-efficient bulbs with the same class or elegance as the bulbs that came with their new lighting setups. However, that’s not true in today’s market. Energy-efficient bulbs for outdoor lighting have come a long way. You shouldn’t have a problem swapping traditional incandescent bulbs out for energy-efficient ones.

Can your new lights handle a storm?

Many people make the mistake of purchasing lights that aren’t actually rated for outdoor use. Even if you intend to place them inside a covered balcony or shaded patio, strong winds can often blow rain right onto them. You’ll want to make sure you purchase something that can handle the moisture.

Durability, style, and being able to withstand the elements are things you should look for when buying outdoor lighting.

Use lighting colors that are warm and inviting

Another consideration when choosing your landscape lighting is the lighting temperature. To prevent your lights from overpowering the space and to create an inviting atmosphere, use warm, matte lights. Try lights in the 2100K range, which is equivalent to candlelight. Your family and guests will be able to enjoy an evening where the vibe is romantic, warm, and intimate.

Let your imagination run wild

Don’t get preoccupied with one specific style. Play with different ideas and concepts and be willing to try new things when it comes to your landscape lighting. Experiment and have fun! Also, remember that while your lighting is a vital part of creating an evening’s overall outdoor experience, it’s not the only component you should think about.

Your lighting fixtures can be just as important. In the same way that you consider the design and features of your outdoor lights, also consider the type and design of their fixtures.

String of lights over path

Wrapping up

It’s easy to turn your outdoor space into a magical evening experience if you plan it just right. Landscape lighting is one of your best tools to create the right atmosphere in your walkway, garden, or patio. Whether you’re aiming for something light-hearted and inviting or moody and romantic, it’s lighting that often does the trick.

Remember that making a bold statement is certainly something you could do, but subtle touches usually work best. Blending the lighting in with your house and the plants on your property is considered a best practice when it comes to good landscape lighting design.

Finally, there are all kinds of landscape lighting setups out there! Go explore what the market has to offer, have fun, and then enjoy the evenings you’ve had a hand in carefully crafting.

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