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This National Stay Out of the Sun Day, invest in these 5 awnings for your patio

Being outside enjoying the warm sunshine is an incredible feeling. The positive benefits of spending time in the sun, including reduced anxiety and higher Vitamin D levels, are numerous. However, spending too much time in the sun can cause problems, such as increasing the risk of skin cancer. A balanced approach is necessary, which means knowing when it is best to hide under the shade of an awning.

UV-resistant awnings are very important for defending yourself from the blazing sun. For this year’s National Stay Out of the Sun Day, outdoor lovers are taking a look at the latest and greatest awnings to help block the negative effects of too much sunlight. Here are five of our favorites.

Best Choice UV-resistant awning

This awning has a light, but strong aluminum frame that resists rust and stays in place during poor weather, including rain storms or light winds. More importantly, the awning is made with a UV- and water-resistant polyester that has a PU coating for increased longevity, meaning more bang for your buck. This awning can also be placed anywhere — including stucco, vinyl, or wood — with the included mounting hardware.

One reviewer said they were “very pleased with the final product” and another said that “two chairs and a side table fit perfectly under it.”

ADVANING motorized awning

This awning comes pre-assembled and ready for installation, saving time when it arrives so you can get in the shade sooner. The acrylic canvas features UV protection and breathable weave so heat dissipates and the shaded area is cooler. The steel frame and aluminum roller mean the awning will hold together in inclement weather and the stainless-steel won’t rust if you live in an especially rainy area. If you’re feeling really lazy, this awning comes with an electric option to make extension and retraction very simple.

Reviewers said “installation was pretty easy [and] … electric option is the way to go.”

AECOJOY retractable awning

This elegant awning is perfect for personal use but can also be used by businesses — such as cafes and restaurants — that have balconies, courtyards, and patios. The retractable awning (no electric option this time) is made of 280G polyester and PU-coating fabric, making it water resistant with a 50 UV+ sun protection. While this awning does require self-assembly, the rust-resistant aluminum frame means you will be enjoying it for years to come.

One reviewer said she saved $2,000 with this awning and “it is now installed and I am very happy.”

TANG pergola canopy cover

The most expensive option on the list — but well worth the money — this awning is a unique wave shade that protects against 90% of UV rays. However, the breathable fabric does allow rain through, so this may not be the awning for you if you want to sit outside and dine or read during a rain shower. The pulley design makes it simple to extend and retract the awning when shade is not desired or extreme weather approaches.

A reviewer said they are “10/10 happy with this sunshade” while another said “we just installed it a few days ago and, so far, we absolutely LOVE this shade.”

Outsunny retractable awning

Last, but not least, this awning has a polyester fabric with a water-resistant coating and, like the others, blocks UV rays. With an extra long hand crank to quickly extend and retract the awning, it is easily adjustable to meet any sun or shade needs. The awning can be attached to many surfaces, including a cement wall or brickwork.

Reviewers said it was an easy installation, with one reviewer saying they “installed it, by myself, in about four hours.”

Final thoughts

While spending time in the sun can have major health benefits, too much of a good thing can have long-term negative effects. If you’re going outside, try to arrange it so you’re exposed to the sun only during mid-morning or late afternoon. Other times of the day, when the sun is strongest, put one of these awnings to good use so you can enjoy your patio in good health!

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