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Pest Control

Monarch butterfly near purple aster flowers

The pesticides market is now worth $11 billion; that’s a huge problem

The pesticides market is nearly worth $11 billion. Here's why that's a problem.
Hoverfly pollinating purple flower

Ugly pollinators deserve recognition, too

Pollinators like beetles may not be as beautiful as butterflies, but they still have an important role in our ecosystem.
A close-up shot of a marigold bloom

How to keep pests out of your herb garden

Worried about pests infiltrating your herb garden? Use these tips to keep them away!
A person spraying a pest control solution on some roses

Do plant-based insecticides actually work? Here’s what we’ve found

Flower-made insecticides are out there, but do they work?
Raised garden beds with wooden walls, surrounded by bug nets

The best pest control methods for beginner gardeners

Pest control doesn't have to be complicated -- these solutions are great for new gardeners
Pests stuck on glue strips

How to make your own sticky bug traps

Make your own bug traps with this helpful and easy guide
A chrysanthemum plant with several round, reddish-pink flowers

How to keep pests away from your chrysanthemums

Flowering plants can be delicate -- here's how to keep pests away without damaging the blooms
Thrip on a plant leaf

How to get rid of thrips the natural way

Thrips can do damage to your houseplants if you're not careful. Here's how to eradicate them without harming your plants.
Various colorful flowers in a garden with a low wooden wall border

3 organic bug sprays to keep pests away naturally

When gardening, you want to keep the pests away without harming your plants. We list three effective sprays that are natural.
Small basil plant growing in a coffee mug

What’s chewing holes in your basil and how to eradicate them

Homegrown basil is the freshest of all, but pests might be getting into it, We show you what you can do to keep your basil safe.
Cutworm on a leaf

Cutworms taking over your garden? Eradicate them with these 4 tips

You really love your garden, cutworms are invading it, We list four critical things to know in order to get rid of them.
woman holding collection of plants

These 5 plants help keep pests out of your garden naturally

Skip the pest control chemicals and give these plants a try instead.
slug drinking from a beer trap

The best ways to control slugs and snails organically

Try these methods to help you get rid of uninvited guests in your garden without causing harm to your family, pets, or plants. 
Exterior of greenhouse on concrete patio

Greenhouse pest control: The basics

Having a greenhouse is great, but pesky pests will invade it. Our guide will help you maintain a clean greenhouse and prevent infestations.
Spoon holding chili peppers lies on a table

These organic pest-control methods are proven winners

Dealing with pests is a big issue inside of homes, around gardens, and in other structures. We list organic and effective pest-control methods.
Spray bottle being used on garden plants

Great ideas for organic pest control anyone can use

Creating organic pest-control methods isn't hard. Our guide lists everyday items plus plants that help deter pests naturally.