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man cutting tree branch with a chainsaw

Worried about safely trimming large tree branches? Here are some tips

Here are some tips for trimming that large tree branch you're worried about
Brown and gray blankets over shrubs and trees in snow

Is your garden safe from pests during the winter? We found out for you

Here's what you need to know about the pests that might frequent your garden this season and how to get rid of them
best outdoor fire pits bowl

Good, better, best: The best warm, stylish outdoor fire pits for your patio

We've gathered up the best outdoor fire pits for your patio, to keep you warm through the season
Liquid fertilizer being poured into a watering can

The 4 best fertilizers for all your indoor plant needs that we’ve seen yet

Here are the best fertilizers we've found for your indoor plant collection
greenhouse in winter

Take these steps to winterize your greenhouse correctly

Make sure your crops grow through the winter by taking these steps to correctly winterize your greenhouse
street view of a well landscaped home

How to design an eco-conscious, drought-proof lawn that isn’t an eye-sore

If you live in an area prone to drought, here's how to design a lawn that's drought-proof
illuminated yard light at night

How to install solar lights to save on electricity and protect the planet

Save electricity and take care of the planet by installing solar lights using these tips
3 little brown mushrooms in grass

Is your lawn overrun with mushrooms? Here’s how to get rid of them

Is your lawn overrun with mushrooms? Use these tips to get rid of them
flowering herbs in a garden

8 unusual and delicious herbs you can grow outdoors

If you're tired of growing the standard herbs, here are some unique herbs you can add to your garden
Several potted plants arranged on a table with gardening tools

How to choose the right drought-hardy flowers for your climate

A guide to choosing the right drought-hardy flowers
potted avocado seedling

How to grow and care for a thriving avocado plant

Growing an avocado plant doesn't have to be difficult. Follow this guide to help yours thrive.
A group of purple coneflowers

Here’s how to create your own pollinator garden

Pollination gardens are a great way to improve your landscape's ecosystem. Here are some tips for building your own.
closeup of glass gem corn on the cob

How to grow and harvest glass gem corn

Use this guide to grow and harvest your own glass gem corn
garden stone fruits woman holding peaches 1024x1024

What are stone fruits and should you add them to your garden?

A guide to stone fruit and adding them to your garden

The best indoor trees to add interest to your home decor

Considering an indoor tree? Here's how to pick the best one for your home
dahlias blooming in autumn

If you want a garden that blooms all year-round, plant these flowers

Plant these flowers for a garden with year-round blooms
Manicured Bermuda lawn

How to choose the best grass seed for your lawn

Pick the right seed for your yard by following this guide
A sunny orchard of citrus trees with yellowish citrus fruits

Can you compost lemons? This is what we know

Here's everything we know about whether or not you can compost lemons
A shady hydrangea garden

These hydrangea varieties will add color and interest to any garden

Hydrangeas are beautiful and color additions to any garden. Consider adding any of these varieties to yours
Pitcher plant in a garden

Add these unique carnivorous plants to your garden

Add these carnivorous plants to your garden for some fun, interesting variety
Dark soil with small red worms

What not to compost and why

To keep your compost pile healthy, don't compost these items
Border garden planted with drought-tolerant flowers

Drought-tolerant flowers that will survive any climate

These drought-tolerant flowers will make sure you have blooms in your garden, no matter the weather
pink prickly pear

Focus on color: the best pink plants to add to your garden

Add pink to your garden with these beautiful plants
A row of colorful houseplants in a sunny window

Gardening 101: What you need to know about fertilizing indoor plants

Indoor plants may be babied with perfect lighting and watering conditions, but they also need fertilizing.
man and woman pruning an apple tree

What you need to know about how and when to prune apple trees

Apple trees need to be pruned and cared for. Here's how often you should be doing it
a white house with a manicured landscape

Flowering versus leafy trees: Which is right for your yard and garden?

Does your yard need a tree? Here's how to decide between flowering or leafy trees

10 creative ways to start a wall-hanging herb garden in your kitchen

Wall-hanging herb gardens keep your counters free so you can cook like crazy. Here are 10 wall-hanging gardens you'll love
woman watering herb plants on a kitchen counter

How to grow produce from kitchen scraps (seriously!)

Growing produce from kitchen scraps might just be your new favorite gardening activity
Best October vegetables

How to keep produce fresh for weeks without taking up valuable fridge space

Preserve your produce for weeks with this handy guide
lemons and crystalized citric acid on a cutting board

What fruits have citric acid?

Citric acid is a hidden component of many fruits -- but it's more important than you think
two story home with two car garage and manicured landscape

6 small, affordable updates to enhance your front yard this summer

These simple updates will make a world of difference when it comes to your lawn
hands holding a tree sapling

6 ways you and your family can celebrate Arbor Day

Arbor Day means a great deal to many gardeners. Here's how you and your family can give it its due.
Man in blue and white shirt mowing his lawn with a small green push mower.

What you should look for in a compact lawn mower

Not all lawn mowers are created equal. Here's how to make sure you get it right the first time
best compost starters gardners supply starter

Good, better, best: The right compost starter for your home

These are our favorite compost starters -- and they'll be yours, too
white chalet with snowy landscape and frosted trees

Make sure your lawn survives the winter with this guide

These winter lawn care tips will ensure your grass is green come spring