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Flower garden full of annual flowers

Which flowers can you cross-pollinate for new colors?

Do you have flowers in your garden that you could cross-pollinate?
A black plastic compost tumbler in a garden

Will your compost smell? This is how to tell

Is your compost pile going to smell? Here's what to know
cherry tomatoes

When to harvest cherry tomatoes at peak ripeness for maximum flavor

Get the most flavor from your tomatoes with these harvesting tips
A shady hydrangea garden

Hydrangea plants can be picky — here’s how to treat each type

Different hydrangeas have different needs -- here's how to care for yours
an assortment of colorful pumpkins

Are pumpkins a good idea for your garden? What you need to know

Should you start growing pumpkins? Consider this before you plant
houseplants grouped in a windowsill

Create your perfect home gardenscape with these five houseplant growing tips

Start a beautiful indoor garden with these easy tips
garden tools hanging on a wall

These are the only 5 items you need to start an amazing garden

Start an amazing garden with only these great tools
neat rows of vegetables in a garden

Plotting a seasonal garden can be a tough task — make it easy with this guide

Take on the challenge of plotting a seasonal garden with this guide
View of a vegetable garden

Gardening for the environment: How to minimize your footprint for maximum results

Take care of the planet with your garden and these ideas
Flower garden on a sloped landscape

6 gorgeous plants that thrive in dry soil

These great plants love dry soil -- and could be perfect for you
strawberries growing in a hanging basket

7 hanging vegetable garden ideas you’ll want to try immediately

These 7 hanging garden ideas will be an instant hit
hands beside a seedling

Grow a greener garden with these eco-friendly tips

Grow a beautiful eco-friendly garden with these inspirations
compost bin in use

Composting: Gardening game changer or stinky myth?

Does compost really work, or is it just a bunch of hype?
chair on lawn with perennial border

Planning a four-season garden? Here’s what to consider

Can you put together a four-season garden? Here's how to do it
crocus flowers blooming in snow

What can you grow in cold weather while waiting for spring?

Cold weather and plants can sometimes get along -- here are the plants that thrive in chilly climates
allergy free plant guide woman smelling flower arrangement

Don’t gift these 5 plants to anyone who has allergies

Gift a beautiful plant and respect someone's allergies with these plants
salad with nasturtium and pansy flowers

5 gorgeous edible flowers you can grow in the kitchen right now

Edible flowers can be an amazing addition to any kitchen -- here's what to know before you plant
Wall planters with lettuce

Start your own hanging vegetable garden with these 7 simple ideas

Short on ground space? These hanging vegetable garden ideas can save space and time when planting.
pineapple plant with unripe fruit

The pineapple: What it is, where it’s from, and how to prepare it

Pineapples can be tough to prepare. Here's what to know when picking and purchasing the fruit
Clean carrots on a wooden cutting board

How to harvest carrot seeds now to plant in the spring

Growing carrots from seeds you save yourself can be rewarding. Here's how to save seeds for spring!
Flower garden on a sloped landscape

Dry soil? These 7 plants will thrive in your arid garden

Arid soil doesn't mean death for your plants. These will grow great even in dry soil.
red and green tomatoes on vine

What kind of sunlight do you need to grow great tomatoes?

While most plants need sun, tomatoes can be fickle without the right light. Here's how to make sure they grow well.