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Raised garden beds

Why do gardeners use raised beds? Here are reasons why you should grow crops and flowers in raised gardens

Instead of growing your plants in the ground or in small containers, try a raised bed as a practical alternative.
A gardener fertilizing a young plant

What does NPK mean when it comes to fertilizing plants?

You'll often hear about NPK ratios for plant food. Here's what the numbers mean and how to pick the right plant fertilizer.
Vanilla flowers

Growing your own vanilla plant doesn’t need to be difficult: Here’s what you need to know

Here's everything you need to know about planting, caring for, and harvesting vanilla at home.
A tall privacy hedge beside a garden path with two smaller round hedges

What you need to know about growing hedges for privacy

Privacy is important. Here's how to grow hedges to protect yours.
Four cacao pods hanging from a tree

Growing cocoa plants in the U.S. is difficult (but not impossible): What we know

Are you interested in growing a cacao tree for delicious homemade chocolate? Here's what you need to know
A succulent planted in a silver mug next to a pile of coffee grounds and coffee beans with a spoon on top

3 incredible reasons why you should be using coffee grounds in your garden

Find out how coffee grounds benefit your garden and why you should start using them in your soil.
A garden of flowers and trees

Tired of pesky weeds ruining your garden? Plant living mulch instead!

Weeding by hand can be exhausting. Why not grow living mulch instead?
Young plants growing under a row cover

A complete guide to winter gardening with row covers

Gardening with row covers is a great way to extend your gardening season during the wintertime. Here's how to use them.
Spider plant on a table

Make sure your spider plant thrives – starting with the soil

Not sure where to start when it comes to making a soil blend for a spider plant? Here's what you need to know.
Fiddle-leaf fig beside stairs

Fiddle-leaf fig care in winter: What to do about those brown spots?

Fiddle-leaf fig trees are beautiful — and a little high-maintenance. For several possible reasons, their leaves can develop brown spots. Here's how to treat them.
Squirrel eating a peach from a tree

What you need to know about electric garden fences

Electric garden fences can help keep vermin out, but there's a lot you may not know about them. Here are the details.
Palm tree on a beach

What you need to know about palm tree care and maintenance

If you want to add tropical vibes to your landscape, here's everything you need to know about caring for palm trees.
Cupped hands holding soil and little seedling

How to test your new home’s soil to ensure outdoor plants will thrive

Soil testing is important before you start planting and doubly so when you've just moved. Here's how to do it
Thrip on a plant leaf

How to get rid of thrips on houseplants

Houseplants or outdoor gardens can become infested with thrips. Here are some natural ways to get rid of them without using harmful insecticides.
A rose bush full of red roses

How to properly prune your rose bushes to keep them looking lush and beautiful

Roses make excellent additions to any garden Here's how to prune your rose bushes to keep them looking lush and beautiful.
gloved hands planting a tomato plant

What you need to know about using blood meal for plants

Interested in using blood meal for plants in your garden but don't know where to start? We have you covered here.
Person tending seedlings in soil

Want to know what organic matter does in gardening soil? Here’s the scoop

Get to understand what organic matter does in soil by reading all the details here.
Gardener pulling weed

Weeding 101: How to weed your garden naturally – no chemicals or herbicides

Learn how to weed your garden naturally. Get down and dirty and eliminate weeds with your hands and garden tools.

How to get a beautiful, lush green lawn that will make your neighbors green with envy

From watering to fertilizing to mowing, here are some easy tips and tricks to help you get the lush, dark green lawn you've always wanted.
Amaryllis flower close-up

Tips for keeping your amaryllis thriving all year indoors

Amaryllis plants can live all year. Here's how to make sure they keep flourishing.
Pruning a plant

Pruning 101: 5 pruning blunders to avoid this spring

When you're pruning your plants this spring, be sure to avoid these blunders.
Plants on a patio

Moving your indoor plants outdoors for the summer? What you need to know

A complete guide to moving your indoor plants outside for the summer.
Person pruning lilacs

As spring turns to summer, add these plants to your pruning list

Check out this list of the plants you need to prune come late spring, to keep your garden in tiptop shape.
Cut ginger on a table

Want to grow ginger hydroponically? Here’s how

Growing ginger hydroponically offers more advantages than the standard way of cultivation. Our step-by-step guide shows you how to do it.
Hands scooping soil out of a flower pot

Knock out bugs, diseases, and more – Top tips for sterilizing potting soil

You may need to sterilize your potting soil to remove bugs, diseases, and more. Here are top ways to do it.
Holding carrots

Importance of crop rotation: The top 5 benefits of rotating your crops

If you grow crops, it's important to practice crop rotation. Learn why here.
Pomegranate tree with ripening fruit

This is the best fertilizer for your pomegranate trees

Pomegranate trees need special care — these are the best types of fertilizers.
Materials for a spring garden

Our best tips and the dumbest mistakes to avoid when planning your spring garden

A guide on what to do and what not to do when planning your spring garden
Sprigs of harvested lavender

Keep your lavender smelling sweet and floral by pruning it this spring

How to prune your lavender this spring to keep it fragrant and floral
Yellow boots, metal garden tools, green gloves, and a metal watering can in a flower bed next to a wooden garden path

Follow this guide to make sure your garden is prepared for spring

What you should be doing to make sure your garden is prepared for the spring
Metal gardening tools, gardening gloves, and several colorful flowers arranged on a patch of soil

4 essential gardening tasks you should make sure to do this spring

The 4 essential gardening tasks you should make sure to do this spring
A close up of a person's cupped hand, full of coffee grounds with a small plant growing in it

Make sure your garden is clean and ready to go by following this guide

Follow this guide to make sure your garden is prepped and clean for spring
Raised garden beds with vegetable plants growing in them

How to build a raised garden bed to keep those critters away

How to build a raised garden bed, a great way to keep your plants safe
A hand dropping fertilizer around a seedling

The 4 best fertilizers you should be using to keep your vegetables happy

The best fertilizers to use in your vegetable garden
A pile of garden tools

3 easy gardening projects you can take care of over Presidents’ Day weekend

3 gardening projects you should take the time to do over Presidents' Day Weekend