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View of a vegetable garden

How to turn down your garden and prepare it for winter

Turning down your garden before winter is always a good idea. Here's how to get started.
An adult's hands cupped around a child's cupped hands. In the child's hands in a plant

Gardening 101: Sustainable practices for your garden this fall

If you want to introduce more sustainable practices into your garden, here are some ideas to start with.
Pothos plant in a vase of water with roots

Watch out for these signs of root rot in your plants

Make sure your plants are healthy by watching out for these signs of root rot
A person clipping the top part of a basil plant

What you need to know before you pinch and tip in your garden

Here's everything you need to know about pinching and tipping in your garden
Gloved hand deadheading a lily

What you need to know about deadheading in your garden

Here's everything you need to know about deadheading in your garden
Gardener adding soil to potted plants

Optimal soil for gardening relies on environment, nutrition, and care

Determined by region, water retention, structure, and chemical composition, quality soil encourages plant growth, ecosystem health, and better crop yields.
Creeping charlie leaves

How to make sure creeping charlie doesn’t overrun your garden

Creeping charlie has a way of overrunning gardens. Here's what to do to make sure that doesn't happen to you
Hands scooping soil out of a flower pot

How to create custom soil mixes (and why you should)

Make sure your plants are getting the exact right amount of nutrients by making your own soil mixes
A small wicker basket on a table containing several gardening tools with green and yellow handles and floral gardening gloves

The best gadgets that will help you care for your garden

If you want help caring for your garden, check out these cool gadgets
Young bean plants sprouting

Why and when you should plant a cover crop in your garden this fall

Let us help you figure out what you need to know about planting a cover crop this fall
Pile of bell peppers

Common plant diseases to watch out for in your pepper plants

Make sure your pepper plant stays safe by looking out for these common diseases
Person adding vegetable scraps to a compost container

Composting made easy: pickup services help divert food waste from landfills

Compost pickup services help users take personal responsibility and divert waste from landfills, but more infrastructure remains necessary for meaningful change
Pulling dandelion weed

You may find these types of edible weeds in your garden

Wondering if you have edible weeds in your garden? Watch out for these varieties
A field of crimson clover

The best plants to include when planting a cover crop this season

These are the best plants to plant as a cover crop this season
Growing sprigs of mint leaves

5 herbs to grow that keep pests away

Do you have pests in your garden that you want to deter without the help of chemicals? Here are five herbs that can help!
A sago palm in a white pot

Your complete sago palm maintenance guide

The sago palm is a great houseplant for any beginner. Here's everything you need to know about how to take care of yours!
Man pruning a tree with clippers

The best tree pruners you should make room for in your toolshed

There are a lot of varieties of tree pruners. These are the ones we think you should start clearing some toolshed space for.
A bush of bright pink azaleas

Good better best: The best fertilizer for your azaleas

Here's everything you need to know about fertilizing your azaleas
A row of colorful houseplants in a sunny window

Gardening 101: What you need to know about fertilizing indoor plants

Indoor plants may be babied with perfect lighting and watering conditions, but they also need fertilizing.
A collection of summer gardening tools

Why a hori hori will be your best summer gardening buy

Have you ever heard of a hori hori knife? If so, you know how useful they are. If not, you'll want to know all about them.
Person watering a plant using a white jug

How to make plant food that’s better than store-bought

Feed your plants well with our simple homemade plant food recipe
Gardener pulling weed

Our 10 favorite garden maintenance tips for National Weed Your Garden Day

These tips will help you keep your garden in top shape without all the hassle
Rhododendrons growing over a metal fence

Metal vs plastic: Which garden fence is right for you?

Here's how to choose the best fence for you and your garden
Several avocados on a branch

Good, better, best: Fertilizers to nourish your avocado trees

Avocado trees need special care -- and we have just the thing for you
A small wicker basket on a table containing several gardening tools with green and yellow handles and floral gardening gloves

You can clean your garden tools with vinegar — here’s how

Vinegar is a great tool for all kinds of cleaning endeavors -- including your everyday garden tools
An avocado tree with many avocados

What nutrients do avocado trees need?

Avocado trees can be picky -- make sure you give them these nutrients for optimal growing
A person holding a potted plant

Moving cross country? Here’s how to take your outdoor plants with you

When packing for the big move, don't leave anything behind. This is how to take your plants with you.
5 different succulents planted in clay mugs

How much sunlight should your succulents have?

Do succulents need full sun, or can they thrive in the shade? Here's what you need to know
Soil with small green sprout and little signs labeling the nutrients in the soil

Micronutrients: What are they and why your plants need them

Micronutrients for plants defined in this simple guide
soil care nutrient depletion eddie kopp kpzwi56rbky unsplash

Worried about soil depletion? How to make sure your garden’s soil is nutrient rich year-round

Ensure your soil stays healthy -- here's how to tell when it's time to take action.
A small round cactus in a brown pot

New cactus? Follow these 5 tips to keep it healthy

So you got a new cactus -- now here's how to help it thrive
new year gardening tips kelly sikkema iu3mkdoqxdm unsplash

It’s not too late: New year gardening ideas you can implement now

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting off, make these resolutions a habit month after month.
Close up of perennial ryegrass

Grass turning brown or pink? This might be the root of the problem

If your grass is changing color, that could be a sign of a deeper problem. Here's what to consider.
Young seedling in gentle rain

Do your plants need vitamins? Here’s what you need to know

Plants, like people, may need some vitamins. Here's how to know what nutrients your plants need to grow well.
Large pruning shears cutting a tree branch

Trimming vs pruning: What to choose based on your plants

When managing foliage, it's important to take good care of your plants. Here's how to know whether to trim or prune