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Nutrition & Care

Garden shovel with dirt

Add trace minerals to your soil for maximum plant health and growth

Trace minerals are nutrients that plants need to thrive. You can learn about them here and if your plant is getting enough.
Vase of flowering begonias

How to help your begonias bloom

The begonias' variegated foliage makes them a unique, coveted plant. Our tips will help make this beautiful plant bloom.
Clean carrots on a wooden cutting board

How to harvest carrot seeds now to plant in the spring

Growing carrots from seeds you save yourself can be rewarding. Here's how to save seeds for spring!
Soil with small green sprout and little signs labeling the nutrients in the soil

The nutrients plants need and the best ways to feed them

Plants, like people, need nutrients to survive and thrive. We list the nutrients needed and how to get them to your plants.
Garden shovel with dirt

Get your garden right the first time — here’s how

Starting a garden can be daunting. We offer a step-by-step guide and list the products to get it right the first time.
red and green tomatoes on vine

What kind of sunlight do you need to grow great tomatoes?

While most plants need sun, tomatoes can be fickle without the right light. Here's how to make sure they grow well.
A water garden greenhouse

The perfect greenhouse environment: Temperature and humidity basics

Sustaining a consistent greenhouse environment is a learning experience for even the most professional gardener. Our guide shows you how.
Small plant being watered

6 incredible gardening tips you need to know right now

Organic gardening is something that seems more complicated than it is. We list easy and effective tips to help you get started.
Propogating garlic

Can you propagate garlic at home?

Once you learn how to grow your own garlic you may never buy it from the supermarket again! We give you the information you need to be successful.
how to plant shrubs for a gorgeous new gardenscape garden with

How to plant shrubs for a gorgeous new gardenscape

Whether you’re looking for something small and cute, or big and bold, here are some general tips for making sure your shrubs are happy and healthy!
benefits of gardening

The environmental benefits of gardening

Wondering how gardens help the environment? Here are some of the benefits. 
Person holding produce in a bowl over vegetable garden

Gardening 101: Different types of fertilizers

Knowing different fertilizer types and their uses will make you a more savvy and effective gardener.
Exterior of greenhouse on concrete patio

Greenhouse pest control: The basics

Having a greenhouse is great, but pesky pests will invade it. Our guide will help you maintain a clean greenhouse and prevent infestations.