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cherry tomatoes

Start growing cherry tomatoes today with these 5 tips

Growing cherry tomatoes doesn't have to be a hassle, and these beginner tips make it easy!
A bouquet of multiple flowers

Fresh-cut flowers: How to make them last

You want your beautiful, fresh-cut flowers to last, and we have all the tips on how to make that happen.
Red, white, and yellow snapdragon flowers

Allergies keeping you out of the garden? Try these 30 allergy-friendly plants

Your allergies don't have to prevent you from growing beautiful blooms. These plants are hypoallergenic and will look beautiful in your yard.
Weigela shrub with pink flowers

Spruce up your front yard with these shrub inspirations

When planting and caring for shrubs, you may have a ton of questions. We have the answers to all your shrub-centric questions.
indoor plants in a living room

Cultivate your indoor garden with these 5 fast-growing plants

You'd love to start an indoor garden that suits your home. We list five fast-growing plants that provide vibrant colors to your space.
Garden shovel with dirt

Get your garden right the first time — here’s how

Starting a garden can be daunting. We offer a step-by-step guide and list the products to get it right the first time.
Aster flowers

The garden plants to avoid if you have allergies

If you're allergic to outdoor plants, it's likely you'll be allergic to some garden plants as well. That means being careful of ones you grow indoors.
Buffalo grass with dew

Buffalo grass: What is it and how to know if it’s right for you

Buffalo grass is one of many grass varieties, but it is certainly a popular one. We give the basics about growing and caring for it.