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wrapping christmas gift

2021 gift guide: The cutest plant accessories for your plant-loving friends

A gift guide of the cutest plant accessories to buy your plant-loving friends and family
person giving gift

2021 gift guide: Gifts for the gardener who has everything

A gift guide for the gardener who has almost everything
Grow lights in a greenhouse

Good, better, best: Grow lights to keep an indoor garden flourishing

Here are our recommendations for indoor grow lights
Calathea leaves on a pink background

6 gorgeous calathea varieties that would make a great addition to any home

Any of these beautiful calathea varieties would be great additions to your home
Row of cacti and succulent plants in pots

3 Los Angeles-based ceramic artists to buy stylish planters from

These 3 Los Angeles based artists make unique plant pots that will bring value to any indoor garden
Pilea plant

4 important lessons we learned from Crazy Plant Guy’s YouTube channel

The Crazy Plant Guy's YouTube channel is full of great advice. Here's what we've learned

For the best results, here’s where to plant your ferns outdoors

For the best results, here's where you should be planting your ferns outdoors
Various plants on different stands

These 9 plant stands display plants and elevate your decor

Looking for a plant stand to decorate with? We've got you covered
garden tool kits

Good, better, best: The garden tool kits you should be buying

We've put together a list to help you choose between some of the best garden tool sets out there
Phone with plants

4 new features in iOS 15 you can use to boost your gardening routine

The news iOS update comes with a bunch of new features. Here's how they can help your garden.
Wildlife pond with cat tails

What to consider before building a wildlife pond

Wildlife ponds are beautiful additions to any garden. Here's how to build one and the best plants to plant alongside.
Weather app

iOS 15’s updated Weather app can help you in your garden. Here’s how

The new iOS update comes with a big improvement in the weather app. Here's how that can help your garden.
A person reaching for a head of lettuce

3 high-tech indoor gardens that put yours to shame

High-tech indoor garden systems make growing that much easier. Here are some examples
Lifesaver cactus

Plant of the week: Lifesaver plant

This week's featured plant is the lifesaver plant, a cactus with star-shaped flowers
Alocasia leaves

5 lessons we learned from Instagram user @houseplantjournal

Instagram user @houseplantjournal is eager to share his knowledge about plants! Here are a few lessons we learned
Plants in basket

3 lessons we can learn from YouTuber Planterina

Youtuber Planterina is eager to teach us what she knows about plants. Here are three lessons we've learned
polka dot begonia is gray pot

Plant of the week: Polka dot begonia

This week's featured plant is the polka dot begonia, a plant known for the dramatic pattern on its leaves
Terrarium project

Our favorite inspirational terrarium coffee table projects

A terrarium coffee table is a beautiful way to incorporate more green into your home. Here's how to build one yourself
Spider plant with spiderettes

7 beautiful houseplants with the longest lifespans

Want to invest your time in a plant that'll be around for a long time? Consider buying these plants
snapdragon flower

Plant of the week: Snapdragon

This week's featured plant is the snapdragon, which has flowers that resemble a dragon's mouth
A dried floral arrangement in a pink vase

How to grow your own everlasting flowers

Everlasting flowers are beautiful and unique. Here's how to integrate them into your garden!
Several houseplants including a money tree and a cactus on a window sill

Plant of the week: Chinese money tree

This week's featured plant is the Chinese money tree, also known as a coin plant or a UFO plant
Three houseplants in unique plant pots

3 artists to buy unique and beautiful planters from

These 3 artists make beautiful, unique plant pots that would be a great addition in any home!
Aloe vera plant close-up

7 beautiful and easy-care aloe plants to grow in your garden

Here are 7 varieties of aloe plants that are beautiful and easy to care for
swiss chard plants

How to grow Swiss chard in your kitchen

Start growing swiss chard in your kitchen today using these tips
colorful swiss chard

5 Swiss chard growing tips to yield a delicious harvest

Use these tips to make sure you grow delicious swiss chard
Flowers surrounding wooden bench

Color theory & gardening: landscape design can contribute more than aesthetic value

Color theory is important to consider when designing gardens. Color contributes to the aesthetic value and can also attract important pollinators.
self watering planter with trellis pexels zen chung 5529581

This self-watering planter is the best low-maintenence garden buy this summer

Self-watering planters are amazing, and we've found the best for your garden
best gardening seats wheeled kneeling pexels zen chung 5529950

8 gardening seats that make gardening fun again

These gardening seats might even make you dread weeding a little less
Pothos plant

How to care for pothos plants that seem to be getting too much sun

Pothos plants love sun, but too much can be a bad thing. Here's how to fix it
Watering can in garden

Our ultimate guide to planting a low-maintenance garden

Flowers without fuss are totally attainable -- here's how
boxwood bush

Plant these low-maintenance shrubs for an instant garden spruce

Spruce up your garden with these low-maintenance shrubbery ideas
houseplants grouped in a windowsill

Create your perfect home gardenscape with these five houseplant growing tips

Start a beautiful indoor garden with these easy tips
Person holding tomatoes on plant

10 incredible vegetables to plant in the hot summer months

Plan a beautiful summer vegetable garden with these amazing veggies.
cherry tomatoes

Start growing cherry tomatoes today with these 5 tips

Growing cherry tomatoes doesn't have to be a hassle, and these beginner tips make it easy!