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Exotic Houseplants

Madagascar palm tree

Madagascar palm care guide: Everything you need to know about this lush succulent

Learn how to care for your Madagascar palm with this guide.
Purple orchid flowers with white stripes

Growing orchids in water for an exotic and beautiful display is easier than you might think – here’s what to do

Anthurium blooms

Everything you need to know about indoor anthurium care

Pink Euphorbia milii

For lush blooms, here’s how to grow a crown of thorns plant inside your home

An alocasia leaf

The 4 coolest potted plants you probably haven’t heard of

Repotting yucca

How to grow a yucca tree indoors for a tall, lush statement plant

Monsteras in planters

Stunning Monstera plants that you should add to your indoor plant collection

Person tending to orchids in wooden planter

How to pick the perfect orchid pots for healthy blooms

Lipstick plant

Plant of the week: Aeschynanthus ‘Rasta’ – aka the curly lipstick plant

Group of mini cacti

A mini cactus can be an adorable addition to any garden – here’s how to care for it

ZZ plant

Are your ZZ plant leaves turning yellow? Here’s how to fix it

A heart succulent with a red fabric background

Plant of the week: Hoya kerrii, the heart succulent

Lucky bamboo

Plant of the week: Dracaena sanderiana – tips for growing the lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo is a charming, easy-to-care-for plant. Here's how to grow your own.
A small jade plant in a white pot

Is your jade plant not blooming? Try this!

Longing to see your jade plant's beautiful flowers? Here's what you can do to help it along.
A Christmas cactus in full bloom

How to care for a Christmas cactus, the festive, tropical plant

How to care for everyone's favorite, festive Christmas cactus.
Thanksgiving cactus in bloom

The Thanksgiving cactus is a beautiful, low-maintenance holiday staple – Here’s your guide to caring for it

Add a festive houseplant to your collection this holiday season with the Thanksgiving cactus. And learn how to keep it healthy and happy.
woman caring for plants

Plant of the week: Darwin’s orchid, a beautiful flower with star-shaped blooms

This week's featured plant is Darwin's orchid, a beautiful flower with star-shaped blooms
Thanksgiving cactus in bloom

Thanksgiving vs. Christmas cactus: How they’re different

Everything you've ever wanted to know about the difference between the Thanksgiving cactus and the Christmas cactus.
Girl in cactus shop

A complete care guide for keeping your rare spiral cactus happy

Keep your spiral cactus happy by following this guide.
Branches of a zz plant

ZZ plant care: What you need to know about this super forgiving plant

ZZ plants are easy to care for and quick to forgive. This is how to care for them.
Blooming kalanchoe plants

Kalanchoe care indoors: How to keep your kalanchoe plant’s blooms full and colorful

Follow these easy-care tips to keep your kalanchoe's flowers at their biggest and brightest. Here's what you need to know about this lovely succulent.
Potted polka dot plant with pink and green leaves

Your complete guide to polka dot plant care – Everything you need to know about this colorful perennial

Polka dot plants are small, cheerful plants. Here's how to add them to your home or garden.
A potted peace lily displayed on a desk

How do you care for a peace lily indoors? It’s easier than you think

This is the ultimate guide for everything you need to know about peace lily plants, from basic care to propagation.
Purple orchids growing in a basket

How to keep orchids alive and growing in your home or office

Orchids are gorgeous flowers that can thrive in your home or office. We offer easy tips for giving this stunning flower the proper care.
Goldfish plant

Goldfish plant care: The tips and tricks you need to know

Have a goldfish plant? Here's everything you need to know about caring for it.
Bromeliads in bloom

3 things you should know about flowering bromeliads

Flowering bromeliad care depends on whether you want to encourage new bromeliads pups. Remember that each bromeliad only blooms once.
Yellow bromeliad flower

How often do bromeliads flower? How to help these blooms thrive

Can't wait to see your bromeliad flower? Here's how to know when it'll start putting out beautiful blooms.
Plumeria plants with white petals and yellow centers

How to grow fragrant and stunning plumeria plants indoors year-round

If you're wondering how to grow fragrant, lush plumeria flowers inside of your home, here are some tips and tricks.
A potted calathea makoyana on a blue background

Why calathea plants are perfect for your home office (and how to care for them)

Add a calathea plant to your home office for a relaxing atmosphere.
A cluster of peace lily plants in bloom

Worried about your peace lily’s leaves turning yellow? Here’s how to save it

Are your peace lily's leaves turning yellow? Here's what you need to do.
A large croton plant with red, yellow, and green leaves in a black pot against a wooden wall

The best autumn houseplants for adding color to your home

If you're looking to dress up your home this fall, add autumn color to your home with these lovely houseplants.
Potted green cordyline plants on ground

Cordyline care: How to make your cordyline plants thrive and bring the tropics indoors

Cordylines are native tropical plants, but with the proper care, they can thrive indoors. Here's how to bring their gorgeous, exotic colors into your home.
A few small aloe vera plants

Aloe vera seed pods: How to harvest them and grow your own plants

Aloe vera seed pods: How to harvest them and grow your own plants

Want to start an aloe vera plant from a seed? Here's where to find the pods or propagate your aloe plant's pups.
Lithops in a collection of pots

Lithops care: how to plant, water, and tend to your living stone plants

Lithops care: how to plant, water, and tend to your living stone plants

Lithops, unlike other houseplants, are very finicky when it comes to water. Here's why this picky succulent requires a particular watering schedule.
plant of the week rhaphidophora tetrasperma mini monstera trending tropical houseplant in pink chevron

Plant of the week: Mini monstera, a plant with striking leaves

Plant of the week: Mini monstera, a plant with striking leaves

This week's featured plant is the Rhaphidophora tetrasperma, also known as mini monstera, a plant with striking leaves.