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Head of green lettuce

Grow your lettuce from scraps with these great tips

Your lettuce scraps can be put to good use by growing more lettuce with propagation. We outline some easy ways to use this method.
Buffalo grass with dew

Is dark green grass healthy?

If your grass is turning dark green or a different color, should you be worried? Here's what to know to ensure your lawn's health.
Yellow boots, metal garden tools, green gloves, and a metal watering can in a flower bed next to a wooden garden path

4 great gifts for the gardener in your life

Not sure what to get the gardener in your life? Here are the 4 best gifts to consider!
Metal gardening tools, gardening gloves, and several colorful flowers arranged on a patch of soil

This is the single best gift to give any gardener

Looking for the best gift to get a gardener? Here is our recommendation.
Yellow boots, metal garden tools and watering can, and assorted potted flowers in front of a patch of dirt. A gloved hand scoops some of the dirt in a little shovel.

The 5 gifts to get new gardeners this holiday season

If someone you know has just taken up gardening, here are some ideas on what to get them!
Weigela shrub with pink flowers

Spruce up your front yard with these shrub inspirations

When planting and caring for shrubs, you may have a ton of questions. We have the answers to all your shrub-centric questions.
Several potted plants arranged on a table with gardening tools

These are the best gifts for a novice gardener

Shopping for a novice gardener? Here's what we recommend you get them!
Buffalo grass with dew

These are the best ornamental grasses for your lawn and garden

Dress up your outdoor space with some ornamental grasses. These are the ones we recommend.
A small wicker basket on a table containing several gardening tools with green and yellow handles and floral gardening gloves

Pro gardeners will love these 5 gifts

If you're looking for gifts for a pro gardener, here's what we recommend!
Colorful potted flowers and garden tools arranged against a wooden wall with peeling blue paint

8 gifts for the gardener who has it all

Does the gardener in your life seem to have everything they need already? Here are some gifts to surprise and delight them!
Colorful array of flowers on a vertical garden

Here’s how to choose the best plants for your vertical garden

A vertical garden is a beautiful way to add visual interest to your garden or yard. We list three plants that will look great on yours.
Soil with small green sprout and little signs labeling the nutrients in the soil

The nutrients plants need and the best ways to feed them

Plants, like people, need nutrients to survive and thrive. We list the nutrients needed and how to get them to your plants.
Shovel in pile of dirt compost

Can you compost year-round?

Is composting only good during certain seasons? We tell you what you need to know about composting successfully year-round!
Pansies and daisies on a plate

Edible flowers: What are they and how can you keep them fresh?

Can you eat flowers? Absolutely! We provide a list of edible flowers and recommend the most important information you need to know.
Purple and white foxgloves in a garden

Grow beautiful foxgloves at home with these 5 tips

Foxglove plants are beautiful when cultivated properly. We list the five most important things to do when tending them.
Tall and thin brown grass

Why your lawn is turning brown and how to fix it

Your lawn can start turning colors for several reasons, some of which are more serious than others. We list possible causes and solutions.
Pink, yellow, and white lantana blooms

7 gorgeous plants that grow in dry climates

No matter your climate zone or experience, there’s a perfect plant for you. We list seven seven lovely plants that grown in dry areas.
Shovel in pile of dirt compost

Composting 101: When to add it to your garden

You may be wondering about adding compost to your garden. We discuss the most important things about the basics of composting.
Ripe red cherry tomatoes on a vine

How to grow cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are one of the more popular varieties of the tomato family. We discuss some of the best ways to grow them.
Orange nasturtium flowers and cherry tomatoes on a blue plate with a blue and white checkered napkin on a blue table

Growing and keeping edible flowers

Edible flowers are a fantastic way to add color and fun to your meals. We list the kinds that are edible and how to care for them.
Purple and white foxgloves

How to grow Foxglove

Foxgloves can brighten any garden or house with their purple, pink, and cream flowers. We list simple guidelines for taking care of them.
Purple crocuses in the sunlight

Plant these flowers to have the earliest spring blooms

What flowers can you plant to get beautiful blooms as early as possible in the spring? These questions and more are answered for you.
Young plant sprouting in a garden

Propagating plants: What you should know

There are a few ways to get more plants for your garden. One way is to propagate plants. We have what you need to know about propagating.
Pattern of raspberries and one blackberry on pink background

How to propagate blackberries and raspberries

Having fresh blackberries and raspberries sounds like a dream come true. Follow our guidelines to propagate them, and it can be a reality.
A pile of brown potatoes up close

How to grow organic potatoes

You've been wondering about how to grow organic potatoes. Here is every single thing you need to know about growing and harvesting them.
Buffalo grass with dew

Buffalo grass: What is it and how to know if it’s right for you

Buffalo grass is one of many grass varieties, but it is certainly a popular one. We give the basics about growing and caring for it.
Small green compost bin indoors

The benefits of composting and why it’s worth the effort

Composting on our own can have many benefits, as well as pros and cons. Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding if it's is right for you.
Five small potted trees on a white background

How to grow trees in pots at home

Trees in pots can add an entirely new dimension to your garden or home. If this intrigues you, here we have the things you need to know.
Small plant being watered

6 incredible gardening tips you need to know right now

Organic gardening is something that seems more complicated than it is. We list easy and effective tips to help you get started.
Purple gladiolus in bloom

These flowers are traditional for Dia de los Muertos celebrations

Dia de los Muertos is a beautiful time of year, with flowers being a main decoration. We discuss growing the three most common flowers.
Person washing celery in a sink

Freezing and storing celery: Do you need to blanch it first?

Blanching your celery is quick, easy, and lengthens your celery’s lifespan to incredible proportions. Our handy guide shows you how.
drain a swimming pool

How to drain a swimming pool

Swimming pools are so much fun in the hot summer months, but the maintenance can be tricky if you aren’t a professional.
vertical garden plants on wall

The best plants for a vertical garden

There are actually many varieties of gardening suited to different living situations. One that has seen a dramatic increase in popularity is vertical gardening.
outdoor garden room fountain in

How to design a peaceful outdoor garden room

One thing that works great in any garden is creating an outdoor garden room.
Patch of pumpkins

Heading out to pick a pumpkin? Here’s what you should look for

Here’s a simple guide to help you get the perfect pumpkin!