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Person holding cabbage in garden

Starting from scratch: A novice’s guide to setting up your first garden today

A beginner's guide to starting your first garden from scratch. Find out the smartest steps here.
Petunia flowers

Complete guide to caring for your petunias, a bright and colorful garden addition

A guide to caring for petunias, a bright and colorful addition to your garden.
Tomatoes and basil

8 tasty companions for your tomatoes to help you get savory crops this summer

Plant these tasty companions in your garden next to your tomatoes to get the healthiest harvest.
Aloe vera houseplant

Growing your own healing aloe plant indoors? Here’s how to care for it

You can grow your own aloe plant indoors. Learn how to care for it here.
Holding carrots

Importance of crop rotation: The top 5 benefits of rotating your crops

If you grow crops, it's important to practice crop rotation. Learn why here.
Koi pond in the backyard

3 easy, low-maintenance Japanese garden ideas for a tranquil outdoor space

You can design a low-maintenance Japanese garden. Here are simple ideas to get you started on a tranquil space.
Bouquet of tulips

6 most gorgeous flowers to give for Mother’s Day this spring

Here's a list of the best flowers to give for Mother's Day this spring.
Evergold carex grass

6 incredible ornamental grass varieties that stay small

These ornamental grasses are low-growing varieties and relatively low maintenance.
Garden with trees

5 silly tree myths we’re debunking this Arbor Day

Do you believe these tree misconceptions? Here are 5 tree facts you should know.
Stink bug on a plant

Stink bugs are a garden menace – what you need to do to get them under control

Don't let your backyard get overrun by stink bugs. Follow these tips.
Close-up of a pink primrose

The ultimate care guide for primroses for vivid blooms all season long

Primroses can bloom for months. Here's how to make sure they thrive.
Leaf miner damage

Getting rid of leaf miners is all about timing – Here’s how to do it

Leaf miners are a pesky nuisance in your garden. Here's how to get rid of them.
Leeks on a cutting board

Your easy-care guide to planting leeks, a delicious addition to any meal

Leeks aren't that difficult to care for once you know the basics. Here's what you should know about the leek plant.
Daffodils in bloom

How to care for daffodils: Treat this stunning, happy flower right

Grow healthy, beautiful daffodils by following this advice.
Person watering orchids

The do’s and don’ts of feeding your orchids so you don’t kill them

This is when to feed your orchids (and everything else you need to know).
A small pothos in a white pot

This is how much water your pothos plant needs to thrive

Do you know how much to water your pothos plant? Follow this guide.
Marble queen pothos

Follow these 5 amazing tips to make your pothos grow even more lush faster

Make your pothos grow in quickly by following these 5 tips
Bleeding heart vine

The best, most attractive shade plants to incorporate into your zone 10 garden

The most attractive shade plants to incorporate into a zone 10 garden
Anthurium blooms

Wondering how to get an anthurium to bloom? Here’s our guide

Our guide to making sure your anthuriums gives you beautiful blooms
Aloe vera pots

Have more aloe plant than you know what to do with? How to propagate its pups

How to propagate your aloe plant's pups to spread the aloe plant love
White amaryllis

Focus on color: Prepare your garden for Easter with these white plants

This month, we're highlighting white plants to add to your garden
Slug in grass

How to get rid of the slugs in your garden and actually keep them out

How to get rid of the slugs in your garden and keep them out
Gardening gloves

The 3 best gardening gloves to protect your hands from prickly plants and pests

Looking for a good pair of gardening gloves? Try one of our recommendations
Polka dot begonia

4 lessons about indoor plants we learned from Betsy Begonia’s YouTube channel

4 lessons about indoor plants we learned from Betsy Begonia's YouTube channel
Monstera variegata

Here’s how to find and purchase the rare plant of your dreams

Have a rare plant you've been dreaming about getting? Here's how to find it

Do you live in climate zone 11? Everything you need to know

A guide to the plants you can grow if you live in climate zone 11
Person cutting roses in garden

3 different methods you can use to propagate roses from stem cuttings

3 methods you can use to propagate roses from stem cuttings
Freshly picked veggies and fruits

4 edible gardening lessons we learned from Instagram user @urbanveggiepatch

4 edible gardening lessons we learned from Instagram user @urbanveggiepatch
Beautiful rock garden

How to build a rock garden that will make your neighbors jealous

How to build a rock garden that will make all your neighbors jealous
Purple and blue pansies outdoors

Instagram user @greenladymeg taught us these critical 4 horticulture lessons

4 gardening lessons we learned from Instagram user @greenladymeg
A group of small tomatoes in gardener's hands

YouTube’s One Yard Revolution: 3 frugal gardening lessons we learned

3 sustainable gardening lessons we learned from YouTube channel One Yard Revolution
Grass in a suburban yard

4 types of lawn grasses and how to choose the best one for your yard

Not sure which grass is right for you? Read our handy guide

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about cardamom and how it’s used

Everything you've wanted to know about cardamom, its benefits, and how it can be used
Wildflower garden

Change up your garden: The 2022 gardening trends that will liven up your space

Start planning your gardening projects now with these 2022 trends
Vegetables in a box

2022 is the best time to start your own vegetable garden: Here’s why

Here's why you should be starting your own veggie garden in 2022