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Tomatillo plant

Do you live in climate zone 10? Here’s our guide to choosing the perfect climate zone 10 plants

Here's everything you need to know about choosing and growing plants if you live in warm climate zone 10.
Shoe planter

5 garden upcycling ideas: Creative ways to reuse household items for plant accessories

Buying plant accessories can be expensive, but you can make quite a few pieces by recycling home items you already have.
Sprigs of Christmas herbs next to holly and twine

The best Christmas herbs to grow to infuse the Yuletide spirit into your home

The best and easiest-to-grow holiday herbs for infusing your home with yuletide cheer and stepping up your recipes.
Christmas poinsettia

Add holiday cheer to your home with these colorful houseplants

If you're tired of dying Christmas trees, these vibrant plants will bring festive holiday cheer into your home all season long.
Red amaryllis with a white center

Your guide to festive holiday flower bulbs this Christmas

If you're thinking about picking up a holiday flower bulb for Christmas, here are some helpful care tips.

Focus on color: Red plants that will bring a festive vibe to any home or garden

This month's focus on color is all about the best, most festive red plants to add to your garden, indoors or outdoors.
Person pruning a tree

How to properly prune your trees in winter for healthy growth year-round

Properly prune your trees and shrubs this winter by following this guide.
Dracaena warneckii

9 beautiful dracaena plants to add to your houseplant collection

If you're looking for a fuss-free houseplant, these nine dracaena plants would make beautiful additions to any home.
Kentucky bluegrass landscape

Keep your yard happy all year with these 5 grasses that grow in the winter

Here are five types of grasses that grow in the winter so your yard can be happy throughout the year.
Alocasia frydek

Add style to your space with these trendy alocasia indoor plants

If you're looking to add a trendy alocasia to your houseplant collection, try these stunning varieties.
Sliced sweet potatoes

How to grow sweet potatoes: 6 effective tips to grow these delicious tubers

Get a bountiful harvest of sweet potatoes by following these easy steps.
Hand holding ponytail palm in pot

Ponytail palm care: Your complete guide for this popular houseplant

If you're wondering how to maintain a ponytail palm, check out this guide on how to grow this easy-care houseplant.
A happy gardener with gloves

3 simple ways plants can (and should) be incorporated into a slow living routine

Here's everything you need to know about the slow living moment and how gardening can fit into a slow living routine.
Pumpkin on a stick fruit close up

How to make your home spooky with pumpkin on a stick plants

If you're wondering how to grow a pumpkin on a stick plant for a unique autumn houseplant, here's a complete guide.
Young aloe vera in a pot

9 fast-growing houseplants perfect for your home office

Office plants should be low maintenance and beautiful. Here are our top picks to keep your work view fresh and calming.
Purple onion

Growing onions in containers is easier than you think – here’s how to do it

Think you need a big outdoor garden to grow delicious onions? Think again! Here's our guide to growing onions in pots with tasty results.
Growing chives

5 companion plants to keep your chive plants company

When planning out your indoor or outdoor garden, consider these 5 companion plants to grow alongside your chives to help them thrive.
Fiddle-leaf fig

How to get rid of fungus gnats: 5 ways to eliminate your gnat problem

Fungus gnats can be persistent with your indoor plants. Read this guide to find out how to get rid of them and keep them from coming back.
Dill herb

From harvest to the table: Here’s how to grow delicious dill

Here's a complete guide to growing dill, a delicious, tangy herb.
Fresh bunch of cilantro

How to grow the super-divisive cilantro plant to brighten up your meals

Here's everything you need to know about how to plant, grow, and harvest cilantro for fresh herbs all season long.
African lily flower

These are the best zone 8 plants for your warm, bright climate

Zone 8 plants can include a wide range of greenery. Learn about the best flowers, fruits, and vegetables for zone 8.
Propagate succulent

How to propagate succulents: Simple ways to multiply these easy-care plants

Here are tips on how to propagate succulents to add to your collection and share with fellow plant enthusiasts.
Dracaena marginata

Follow these easy dracaena care tips to keep your plant thriving

How do you pick the right dracaena for you and properly maintain it? Read here for our top dracaena care tips. 
Ear of corn

Can you grow corn indoors? The answer might surprise you

Corn is a big plant that produces big flavor—but can you grow it indoors? Here are the details you need to know.
A hand reaching up to pick a ripe red apple

Do you live in climate zone 6? How to tell if your plants will last

Here's what you need to know about growing plants if you live in climate zone 6.
Purple clematis

Caring for clematis, a beautiful climbing vine for your summer vertical garden

Clematis is a beautiful climbing vine that's a hardy addition to your vertical garden. Learn how to care for it.
Bagworm on a branch

Bagworms can kill your trees – What to know to get rid of them

Save your trees and bushes from bagworms by following this advice.
Person tending seedlings in soil

Want to know what organic matter does in gardening soil? Here’s the scoop

Get to understand what organic matter does in soil by reading all the details here.
Basil plant

Add flavor to your cooking: How to grow delicious basil

Basil is a much-loved herb for a reason. Here's how to grow it properly.
Potted herbs on a windowsill

Add spice and flavor to your meals — Start an indoor herb garden

All you need to know about growing your own indoor herb garden. Do this and you'll add spice and flavor to your meals.
Plants on a patio

Moving your indoor plants outdoors for the summer? What you need to know

A complete guide to moving your indoor plants outside for the summer.
Person pruning lilacs

As spring turns to summer, add these plants to your pruning list

Check out this list of the plants you need to prune come late spring, to keep your garden in tiptop shape.
Purple flowers in container in front of house

7 simple steps to starting your own beautiful container garden this spring

Follow this simple guide and you'll have your own DIY container garden in no time.

Whiteflies can suck sap from your plants – How to get rid of this nuisance

Don't let your plants suffer from the damage that whiteflies can cause. Follow these tips.
Person holding cabbage in garden

Starting from scratch: A novice’s guide to setting up your first garden today

A beginner's guide to starting your first garden from scratch. Find out the smartest steps here.