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A hand reaching up to pick a ripe red apple

Do you live in climate zone 8? How to tell if your plants will last

What you need to know about growing plants if you live in Climate Zone 8
Brick fireplace

What you need to consider before installing a built-in outdoor fireplace

We've gathered up some built-in outdoor fireplace ideas
Cabbage crop with mulch

4 lessons we learned from Instagram user @urbanfarmstead

Instagram user @urbanfarmstead has a lot to teach us about gardening. Here are some lessons we've learned from them.
Marble queen pothos

These 6 fast-growing plants are perfect for impatient gardeners

These fast-growing plants are great for impatient gardeners
Plant in teacup

Liven up your plant collection with these DIY plant holders

If you're looking for some unique plant holders, here are some fun DIY project ideas
Outdoor sink

How to choose the best outdoor sink for your entertaining area

Tips to help you choose the best outdoor sink for you
Dried corn stalks

4 dried corn stalk decoration ideas for fall

Here are four great ideas for how to use dried corn stalk in your fall decorations
Cat in grass

Make your cat’s day by growing these 4 feline-friendly plants

Make your cats extra happy by growing these feline-friendly plants
Aeonium succulents

Focus on color: the spookiest black plants to add to your collection

Fun, black-colored plants to add spookiness to your garden
Weather app

iOS 15’s updated Weather app can help you in your garden. Here’s how

The new iOS update comes with a big improvement in the weather app. Here's how that can help your garden.
A person reaching for a head of lettuce

3 high-tech indoor gardens that put yours to shame

High-tech indoor garden systems make growing that much easier. Here are some examples
Basil plant

How to easily propagate store-bought herbs

Turning storebought herbs into plants is surprisingly easy. Here's how
Hydroponic kit

Good, Better, Best: Indoor hydroponic systems

We've gathered up some of the best indoor hydroponic systems for you to choose from
Alocasia leaves

5 lessons we learned from Instagram user @houseplantjournal

Instagram user @houseplantjournal is eager to share his knowledge about plants! Here are a few lessons we learned
Plants in basket

3 lessons we can learn from YouTuber Planterina

Youtuber Planterina is eager to teach us what she knows about plants. Here are three lessons we've learned
Garlic at the market

Grow garlic indoors with these easy tips

Here are easy tips and tricks for growing garlic indoors
Terrarium project

Our favorite inspirational terrarium coffee table projects

A terrarium coffee table is a beautiful way to incorporate more green into your home. Here's how to build one yourself
Spider plant with spiderettes

7 beautiful houseplants with the longest lifespans

Want to invest your time in a plant that'll be around for a long time? Consider buying these plants
Forest of spindle palm plant

How to take care of a spindle palm tree

If you have a spindle palm tree or are thinking about getting one, here's how to take care of it
Indoor plant collection

Make your home feel like a jungle with these indoor plants

Want to feel like you're living in a jungle? Incorporate these plants into your collection
Mini herb garden

Good, better, best: The best herb growing kits to buy online

These are the best herb growing kits you can grow online
Room with a cat and plants

The best online shops for exotic houseplants

Check out these online shops if you want to buy exotic houseplants
Medium sized Boston fern in a pot on a balcony

These high-maintenance plants are worth the extra care they require

Not all plants are easy to take care of, but these high-maintenance plants are worth the effort
Orange tomatoes on a vine

How to grow tomatoes indoors during the fall

Here are easy tips and tricks for growing tomatoes indoors
Overflowing rain barrel in a garden

Do these quick projects over Labor Day to help fight climate change

Here are some quick projects for you to do over the long weekend to fight climate change
Philodendron heartleaf

7 philodendron plants for every collection

Philodendrons are easy, accessible, and beautiful indoor plants. Here are 7 beautiful varieties to check out.
Hydroponically grown vegetables

Start your indoor garden today with any of these kits!

Start your indoor garden today with any of these kits!
Aloe vera plant close-up

7 beautiful and easy-care aloe plants to grow in your garden

Here are 7 varieties of aloe plants that are beautiful and easy to care for
Child taking picture of garden

The 6 best TikTok accounts for gardening inspiration

Next time you're scrolling through TikTok, check out these users for gardening inspiration
Corkscrew albuca

6 unique (and cute!) succulents you probably haven’t heard of

Want to fill your succulent garden with varieties your friends haven't heard of? We've rounded up six unique (and cute) succulents
Person cutting basil

What you need to know about pruning herbs

Here's everything you need to know about pruning your herbs to keep them healthy
Marjoram on table

What you need to know about growing marjoram indoors

Marjoram is an aromatic, multitasking herb. Here's how to grow it indoors.
Dwarf umbrella plant

The best tropical houseplants to help bring summertime indoors

Looking to make your home feel like a tropical vacation? Try these houseplants!
Woman kneeling cutting lavender with small clippers

The best plants to help relieve stress and anxiety

Feeling a lot of stress and anxiety lately? These plants might help!
Person holding African mask plant

What you need to know about African mask plant care

Always wanted to grow an African mask plant but don't know how to care for it? Here's everything we know