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Calathea leaves on a pink background

6 gorgeous calathea varieties that would make a great addition to any home

Any of these beautiful calathea varieties would be great additions to your home
plant in a window

The 6 best window shelves for displaying happy houseplants

If you want to display your plants while also giving them all the light they need, buy one of these window shelves
Row of cacti and succulent plants in pots

3 Los Angeles-based ceramic artists to buy stylish planters from

These 3 Los Angeles based artists make unique plant pots that will bring value to any indoor garden
Flower garden with statue

How to find the best easy-to-grow flower seeds for your garden

Here's how to find the best easy-to-grow flower seeds to fill your garden with beautiful blooms
chopped veggies

What to do with root vegetables from your garden’s harvest

Here's what to do with all the root vegetables you're harvesting this fall
cherries on a wooden rail

Do you live in climate zone 5? How to tell if your plants will last

What you need to know about growing plants if you live in climate zone 5
plants with shopping carts

What you need to know about buying plants from big box stores

Not sure if you should buy your plants from big box stores? Here's what you need to know
Close up of a fuchsia plant with red and purple flowers

How to propagate the perfect pink fuchsia plant from a cutting

Share your beautiful fuschia plants with friends and family by propagating using these tips
Pilea plant

4 important lessons we learned from Crazy Plant Guy’s YouTube channel

The Crazy Plant Guy's YouTube channel is full of great advice. Here's what we've learned
grow lights in a room

Looking for your next DIY project? Try a grow light system

Building your own grow light system will be both satisfying and beneficial to your plants. Here's how to get started

For the best results, here’s where to plant your ferns outdoors

For the best results, here's where you should be planting your ferns outdoors
blue robot

Are robots the next trend in gardening? Here’s what we know

Are robots taking over our gardens? Here's everything we know
Various plants on different stands

These 9 plant stands display plants and elevate your decor

Looking for a plant stand to decorate with? We've got you covered
Wick hydroponics

The 6 best flowers to add blooms to your hydroponic garden

Looking to add beautiful blooms to your hydroponic garden? These are the 6 best flowers for you to grow
Gourd assortment

So many gourds, so little time! Here are 4 creative ways to use them this fall

Have too many gourds and don't know what to do with them? Here are some creative suggestions
Close up of dark and light green dracaena leaves

Can you grow dracaena from cuttings? Here’s what we know

If you've been gifted a dracaena cutting or need to prune your own, here's what we know about propagating dracaena
Harvest pumpkins

4 creative ways to use pumpkins once Halloween celebrations are over

Just because Halloween is over, doesn't mean you have to put the pumpkins away. Here are 4 creative uses for them this fall
persimmons on a tree

What to do with the fruit your garden is giving you this month

Here's what to do with all the cabbage you're harvesting this fall
Neem oil

How neem oil can help you control houseplant pests

Here's how you can control your houseplant pests with neem oil
A hand placing seeds in a row in the soil

4 of the best online sources for seeds and seedlings

If you want to buy seeds and seedlings, but don't know where to start, we've put together a guide for you.
raised garden bed

When and how you should factor climate zones into an upcoming move

How to factor climate zones into any relocation decisions
Japanese maple tree

Do you live in climate zone 7? How to tell if your plants will last

What you need to know about growing plants if you live in climate zone 7
Pumpkin insides

The 3 best ways to use the pumpkin guts after carving

Have leftover pumpkin guts after carving? Here are the best ways to use them up
solar panels

Interested in using solar power in your garden? What you need to know

What to know about using solar power in your garden
Plant hardiness map

4 tools to help you understand your climate zone

If you want to learn more about your climate zones, here are some tools you can use
Person monitoring their greenhouse on an app

Smart home devices that do your gardening while you’re on vacation

We've put together a guide to smart home devices that will help you with your gardening!
Medium-size pumpkin growing on a vine

Gardening 101: How to grow and care for pumpkins

Everything you need to know about growing your own pumpkins
Child stands before chicken coop with his dog

Homesteaders embrace self-sufficiency for the health of the environment

Homesteaders promote sustainability and self-sufficient living as the means to take control of personal health and personal responsibility to the environment
piled up veggies

Can’t use up all the produce from your harvest? Here are some ideas

We've put together some ideas for what you can do with all the extra produce you harvest this fall.
Tiny pumpkins

6 eco-friendly halloween decorations straight from your garden

Looking to be eco-friendly with your fall decorations? Here are six ideas that come straight from your garden
Herbs rooted in water

The 7 best plants to grow in a hydroponic garden

These are some of the best plants to grow in your hydroponic garden
A hand reaching up to pick a ripe red apple

Do you live in climate zone 8? How to tell if your plants will last

What you need to know about growing plants if you live in Climate Zone 8
Watermelon jack-o-lantern on a beach

7 fruits and vegetables you can carve that aren’t pumpkins

Carve these fruits and vegetables instead of pumpkins for unique fall decor
Cabbage crop with mulch

4 lessons we learned from Instagram user @urbanfarmstead

Instagram user @urbanfarmstead has a lot to teach us about gardening. Here are some lessons we've learned from them.
carrot harvest

What to do with all the carrots from your fall harvest

Here's what to do with all the carrots you're harvesting this fall