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plastic dumps

How to eliminate plastic bags from your gardening routines

Plastic does nothing good for the environment, but gardening is chock full of it. Here's how to use less plastic.
garden hoses

Good, better, best: The garden hoses your backyard needs

Garden hoses are critical for all gardeners, and these are our best picks
neglected garden

The best way to quickly spruce up a neglected garden

Is your garden in bad shape? We've got some tips to liven it up in no time
what to plant in summer marya volk 4ryvizjprl0 unsplash

Gardening 101: The summer planting guide every new gardener needs

Our summer planting guide for new and experienced gardeners
soil conditioners

How to use soil conditioner to cultivate beautiful plants and rich soil

Soil conditioner may be the secret for your best gardening year ever. Here's how to use it
butterfly on butterfly bush

How to propagate a butterfly bush

How to propagate and care for your butterfly bush the right way
Countryside cottage garden

4 gardening trends that will bloom this spring and summer

How to be ahead of gardening trends and influence your friends and neighbors
hydroponic system

How the hydroponic Nutrient Film Technique can work for your garden

What is the hydroponic nutrient film technique? We tell you what you need to know
hot day with a hat

On Stay Out of the Sun Day, invest in these 7 UV-resistant gardening clothes for safe skin all summer

Staying out of the sun doesn't mean avoiding it altogether! Keep your skin safe with our picks
self watering planter with trellis pexels zen chung 5529581

This self-watering planter is the best low-maintenence garden buy this summer

Self-watering planters are amazing, and we've found the best for your garden
change for climate change

8 gardening ideas to counter climate change, one sprout at a time

Do your part to reverse the impacts of climate change right in your own backyard
family looking at tomatoes

When you should start planting for summer

Make sure you're on track for summer with this expert guide to planting.
best gardening seats wheeled kneeling pexels zen chung 5529950

8 gardening seats that make gardening fun again

These gardening seats might even make you dread weeding a little less
Family sitting on a couch watching tv.

Love gardening? These are the shows to stream

These 6 gardening shows are our favorites -- and we know they'll be yours, too.

When can you plant sunflowers for the most beautiful blooms?

This is when you should plant sunflowers for the biggest, most beautiful blooms.
Person working on computer in garden

High Country Gardens has a super-specific plant finder — and it’s pretty awesome

This plant finder is a lifesaver when it comes to picking the perfect blooms for your garden all year-round.
A person holding a seedling and soil in cupped hands

What does blood meal do for plants? This is what we know

Blood meal -- sounds scary, but it's actually great for your plants.
gardening together

Level up your gardening skills with this free program

Extention services are a sneaky way to learn how to garden for free.
Parent and child working on garden

How to plan a vegetable garden for beginners

Want a veggie garden but don't know how to start? We've got you covered.

What you need to know about the Dutch bucket hydroponic system

This is your one-stop source for everything you need to know about the Dutch bucket hydroponic system

How to build an aquaponics system perfect for a thriving garden

Follow our guide and build a simple aquaponic system that will help your plants thrive
Pothos plant

How to care for pothos plants that seem to be getting too much sun

Pothos plants love sun, but too much can be a bad thing. Here's how to fix it
pink hydrangea bush

How to grow beautiful hydrangeas from cuttings

Grow your own amazing hydrangea plants from cuttings with our simple guide
Person planting roses

Gardening 101: Grow beautiful red roses just in time for Rose Month

Celebrate Rose Month with this beginner's guide to growing roses.
how to build rain garden hands 1838659 1280

Consider these 5 things before you build a rain garden

Rain gardens are an amazing way to make the most of your water -- who doesn't want that?
Pulling dandelion weed

5 organic herbicides under $30 that will kill weeds every time

These organic herbicides are not only good for the environment, but also kill weeds every time
moth orchid

These are the 7 easiest orchids to grow for beginners

Orchids can be fussy, but these 7 are perfect for beginners
organic gardening

Master gardeners say these are the benefits of organic gardening

Organic gardening is more than just a buzzword -- Angelo Randaci says it's good for your health
instagram inspiration

Our 10 favorite Instagram accounts for outdoor spaces

Get inspiration for your garden on these beautiful Instagram accounts that give new meaning to #goals
Broccoli in basket

What you need to know about planting winter vegetables

Planting winter vegetables that can stand up to the cold can be hard. We've got you covered.
gardening books

7 books every beginning gardener needs to read

These books should be required reading for every new gardener
Monstera plant

7 Reddit communities gardening enthusiasts love

Whether you need to crowdsource plant concerns, have a bevy of questions, or just want to look at weird plants, these subreddits are for you
Peach tree

What to know about climate zones before planting your garden

Climate zones are vital to any gardener, but what is there to know about them? We break it down
Person in headphones

Our 8 favorite podcasts for gardeners

Give these a listen the next time you're weeding, planting, or driving to the hardware store for another bag of fertilizer
grow greens plant backyard engin akyurt pulsxslyrye unsplash

How to grow delicious greens in your home garden

Growing your own salads has never been so easy with this guide