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Bamboo garden close-up

Create a picturesque springtime garden with these 4 bamboo garden ideas

Create a picturesque backyard landscape with these bamboo garden design ideas.
Cut ginger on a table

Want to grow ginger hydroponically? Here’s how

Growing ginger hydroponically offers more advantages than the standard way of cultivation. Our step-by-step guide shows you how to do it.
Pink climbing roses

7 colorful spring plants that will beautify your fence line and give you privacy

These are best plants to add to your fence line to not only give you privacy but beautify your boundaries.
Person sitting on wooden pallets

Transform your garden this summer with these 6 DIY pallet garden design ideas

Here are some ideas on how to make homemade pallet gardens. Try these in your garden today.
Koi pond in the backyard

3 easy, low-maintenance Japanese garden ideas for a tranquil outdoor space

You can design a low-maintenance Japanese garden. Here are simple ideas to get you started on a tranquil space.
Bouquet of tulips

6 most gorgeous flowers to give for Mother’s Day this spring

Here's a list of the best flowers to give for Mother's Day this spring.
Lavender flowers

5 drought-tolerant companion plants that will thrive next to lavender

Lavender does well in dry climates, and so do these companion plants. Plus, they'll look beautiful together in your garden.
A sage plant with purple flowers

A beginner’s guide to planting salvia, an easy-care, aromatic delight

Salvia is a fragrant addition to any garden. This is what you need to know.
A small pot with a tiny house plant and succulents

Add whimsy and magic to your yard with these lovely fairy garden ideas

A fairy garden is a lovely addition to any outdoor space. Try out these ideas for inspiration.
Leeks on a cutting board

Your easy-care guide to planting leeks, a delicious addition to any meal

Leeks aren't that difficult to care for once you know the basics. Here's what you should know about the leek plant.
Wooden fence by a house

If your fence is leaning and in need of repairs, do this immediately

This is what you should do if you need to repair a leaning fence.
Cedar trees

13 incredible cedar tree varieties (and if they’re right for your climate zone)

Find out which type of cedar tree is right for your yard.
Raised garden bed with wheelbarrow

5 amazing raised garden bed ideas any beginner can DIY

Elevate your garden with these DIY raised garden bed ideas.
Bleeding heart vine

The best, most attractive shade plants to incorporate into your zone 10 garden

The most attractive shade plants to incorporate into a zone 10 garden
weeping willow trees by a lake

Fast-growing shade trees that would be perfect in your zone 9 garden

The perfect fast-growing shade trees for a zone 9 garden
English lavender flowers

Add some color to your zone 9 garden with these full sun perennials

The best full sun perennials for any zone 9 garden
 Ajuga flower

Need some shade in your warm zone 8 garden? Consider these shade plants

The best shade plants to add to your zone 8 garden
Aloe vera pots

Have more aloe plant than you know what to do with? How to propagate its pups

How to propagate your aloe plant's pups to spread the aloe plant love
harvested potatoes in baskets

This is the optimal time to plant potatoes in zone 7 for a bountiful harvest

A complete guide on when you should plant potatoes in your zone 7 garden
White amaryllis

Focus on color: Prepare your garden for Easter with these white plants

This month, we're highlighting white plants to add to your garden
Gardening gloves

The 3 best gardening gloves to protect your hands from prickly plants and pests

Looking for a good pair of gardening gloves? Try one of our recommendations
Polka dot begonia

4 lessons about indoor plants we learned from Betsy Begonia’s YouTube channel

4 lessons about indoor plants we learned from Betsy Begonia's YouTube channel
Monstera variegata

Here’s how to find and purchase the rare plant of your dreams

Have a rare plant you've been dreaming about getting? Here's how to find it

Do you live in climate zone 11? Everything you need to know

A guide to the plants you can grow if you live in climate zone 11
Person cutting roses in garden

3 different methods you can use to propagate roses from stem cuttings

3 methods you can use to propagate roses from stem cuttings
Freshly picked veggies and fruits

4 edible gardening lessons we learned from Instagram user @urbanveggiepatch

4 edible gardening lessons we learned from Instagram user @urbanveggiepatch
Beautiful rock garden

How to build a rock garden that will make your neighbors jealous

How to build a rock garden that will make all your neighbors jealous
Purple and blue pansies outdoors

Instagram user @greenladymeg taught us these critical 4 horticulture lessons

4 gardening lessons we learned from Instagram user @greenladymeg
Potted marigolds

6 easy-care patio plants if you have a brown thumb but still want a jungle vibe

Turn your patio into a jungle by adding these easy-to-care-for plants to your collection
A group of small tomatoes in gardener's hands

YouTube’s One Yard Revolution: 3 frugal gardening lessons we learned

3 sustainable gardening lessons we learned from YouTube channel One Yard Revolution
Wildflower garden

Change up your garden: The 2022 gardening trends that will liven up your space

Start planning your gardening projects now with these 2022 trends
arranged houseplants

The best ways to arrange houseplants to maximize their impact

Tips for using your houseplants as a part of your home decor
A collection of potted snake plants

3 easy ways to propagate your snake plant so you can share the tropical love

How to propagate your snake plant to share the tropical love
An indoor garden humidifier

Good, better, best: A guide to the best humidifiers for your indoor garden

A guide to the best humidifiers for your indoor garden.
man caring for plants

Plant of the week: Cissus discolor, the striking Rex begonia

This week's plant of the week is the cissus discolor, a striking Rex begonia