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Succulent in planter

Ensure your succulents thrive in winter with these 4 tips

Succulents are super hardy -- here's how to ensure they flourish in the winter months
Gardener pulling weed

These are the 3 best organic herbicides for weeds

Manage weeds without worrying about chemicals -- these brands hurt weeds but not your plants
herb seedlings

Our favorite places to buy organic herb seeds

Start a beautiful organic garden with seeds from these sources.
Peach plant

Do you live in Climate Zone 6? How to tell if your plants will last

Perennial plants are supposed to come back yearly, but not all plants love all climates. Here's how to properly select your plants
Child watering plants

5 ways you and your family can celebrate Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day with these 5 ideas for your yard and home
Hydroponically grown vegetables

Gardening 101: 6 types of hydroponic systems explained

What's the difference between the six main hydroponic systems and which one would work best for you?
Herbs in containers

6 ways to help your garden go green for Earth Day

Honor the earth and spruce up your garden with these great ideas.
Potted golden pothos

Gardening 101: Grow tropical plants in any climate, all year-round

Tropical plants aren't all high-maintenance -- these are the best ones out there
Watering can in garden

Our ultimate guide to planting a low-maintenance garden

Flowers without fuss are totally attainable -- here's how
Parent and kid with plants

Stream these 7 shows to teach kids about plants  

Cultivate a love of gardening in your children with these engaging shows
rose bush

You can grow these 9 flowers from cuttings today

You can propagate some beautiful flowers from cuttings -- here's where to start.
A hydroponic setup with small plants

Hydroponic vs. soil: Which growing method is best for your vegetables

Aside from the growing method, is there any other difference between hydroponic and garden-grown plants?
compost bin

A beginner’s guide to composting

Want to compost? Let us take you through the steps to get started
best gardening books a gardener standing at workbench reading z

The best books to gift to gardeners old and new

Here's a list of our favorite books for the gardener in your life

Can pesticides be good for the environment? Here’s what we’ve found

You don't have to harm the environment to keep pests away
snake plant propagation

A foolproof guide to propagating snake plants

Propagate your snake plant by using these tips we've laid out for you.
year round flowers laura adai m9qo5k2xms8 unsplash

These perennial blooms look gorgeous all year-round

Ensure your garden is colorful year-round by planting these flowers
boxwood bush

Plant these low-maintenance shrubs for an instant garden spruce

Spruce up your garden with these low-maintenance shrubbery ideas
coconut fibers

What coconut fiber can do for your plants

Coconut coir -- a gift to gardeners or nothing special?
diy plant propagation annie spratt s7viz8jwxwy unsplash

What do you need to propagate a plant?

What method should you use to propagate plants? Learn more here
black eyed Susans and coneflowers in a garden

On Plant a Flower Day, start an entire garden of beautiful blooms

Feeling inspired to start a flower garden? We've got you covered
organic or non-GMO seeds

Organic vs. non-GMO: How to choose the best seeds for you

Is there a difference between organic and GMO seeds?
Seed starting

When is the best time and season to plant your vegetables?

When should you plant your veggies outdoors? Here's how to tell
frost happy plants

These 10 vegetables thrive in the coldest months of winter

Grow vegetables in the winter months -- these plants love the cold

Why knowing your climate zone is essential to your vegetable garden

Do you know what climate zone you live in? Here's why it matters
cherry tomatoes

When to harvest cherry tomatoes at peak ripeness for maximum flavor

Get the most flavor from your tomatoes with these harvesting tips
houseplants grouped in a windowsill

Create your perfect home gardenscape with these five houseplant growing tips

Start a beautiful indoor garden with these easy tips
Two large brown slugs eating a plant

Organic solutions for managing slugs in your garden and around your home

Manage slugs without chemicals -- these alternatives are great
A hydroponic setup with small plants

Put your basement to good use — start a hydroponic garden

You can grow a garden in your basement with these easy ideas
Row of herb plants in pots on windowsill

You can propagate these 5 herbs indoors this winter

Grow herbs indoors this winter with these propagation tips
Mother of thousands plant with plantlets

Plants don’t have to be difficult to propagate — these are the easiest to start

These plants are simple to propagate -- and will thrive no matter how new at it you are
garden tools hanging on a wall

These are the only 5 items you need to start an amazing garden

Start an amazing garden with only these great tools
Spider plant with spiderettes

Spider plants are hardy hydroponic plants — this is how they grow best

Propagate and grow your own spider plants -- this is how
neat rows of vegetables in a garden

Plotting a seasonal garden can be a tough task — make it easy with this guide

Take on the challenge of plotting a seasonal garden with this guide
View of a vegetable garden

Gardening for the environment: How to minimize your footprint for maximum results

Take care of the planet with your garden and these ideas