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Watermelon jack-o-lantern on a beach

7 fruits and vegetables you can carve that aren’t pumpkins

Carve these fruits and vegetables instead of pumpkins for unique fall decor
Cabbage crop with mulch

4 lessons we learned from Instagram user @urbanfarmstead

Instagram user @urbanfarmstead has a lot to teach us about gardening. Here are some lessons we've learned from them.
carrot harvest

What to do with all the carrots from your fall harvest

Here's what to do with all the carrots you're harvesting this fall
fungi in the woods

Fungi can be vital to your garden’s ecosystem. Here’s what you need to know

What to know about fungi's importance to a garden's ecosystem
A grandmother teaching her granddaughter to garden

Good, better, best: Online master gardening classes worth investing in

Not all online gardening classes are created the same. Here are a few we think are worth investing in.
A hand dropping fertilizer around a seedling

The 5 best soil conditioners we’ve found this year

We've put together a guide to the best soil conditioner brands you can buy
Pots with seedlings growing

The 5 best grow kits for beginner gardeners

These grow kits make perfect gifts for a beginner gardener who needs a little extra help at first.
Dried corn stalks

4 dried corn stalk decoration ideas for fall

Here are four great ideas for how to use dried corn stalk in your fall decorations
Potted rosemary plants on a table

How to grow rosemary indoors from seed to spice up your dishes

Under the right conditions, not only can you grow rosemary indoors, you can grow it from seed to plant. Our guide shows you how to do it.
fermented foods

Fall farmers market veggies that are perfect for fermentation projects

If you want to start fermenting produce, consider starting with these veggies and fruits.
A person watering their houseplant

Are houseplants really good for the environment?

We love houseplants, but are they good for the environment? Here's what we know
garden tool kits

Good, better, best: The garden tool kits you should be buying

We've put together a list to help you choose between some of the best garden tool sets out there
Spider plants rooting in water

7 of the coolest propagation stations out there

Propagation stations are useful and beautiful. Here are some of our favorite!
gardening clothes

The best online shops to buy clothes for your gardening wardrobe

Hoping to look the part as a gardener? Here are the best online places to shop
Phone with plants

4 new features in iOS 15 you can use to boost your gardening routine

The news iOS update comes with a bunch of new features. Here's how they can help your garden.
Wildlife pond with cat tails

What to consider before building a wildlife pond

Wildlife ponds are beautiful additions to any garden. Here's how to build one and the best plants to plant alongside.
Weather app

iOS 15’s updated Weather app can help you in your garden. Here’s how

The new iOS update comes with a big improvement in the weather app. Here's how that can help your garden.
tree roots with moss

Should you transplant moss from the woods? What you need to know

If you wondered about transplanting moss from the woods, here's what you need to know before you do
A person reaching for a head of lettuce

3 high-tech indoor gardens that put yours to shame

High-tech indoor garden systems make growing that much easier. Here are some examples
Lifesaver cactus

Plant of the week: Lifesaver plant

This week's featured plant is the lifesaver plant, a cactus with star-shaped flowers
Gloved hands holding soil with different colored balls of fertilizer in it

How to choose the best soil conditioner for your garden

A guide on choosing soil conditioner for your garden
install zen garden kari shea b8jfjwzac9s unsplash

How to install a zen garden in your backyard

Zen gardens are beautiful additions to any yard. Here's how to install one
Alocasia leaves

5 lessons we learned from Instagram user @houseplantjournal

Instagram user @houseplantjournal is eager to share his knowledge about plants! Here are a few lessons we learned
Plants in basket

3 lessons we can learn from YouTuber Planterina

Youtuber Planterina is eager to teach us what she knows about plants. Here are three lessons we've learned
polka dot begonia is gray pot

Plant of the week: Polka dot begonia

This week's featured plant is the polka dot begonia, a plant known for the dramatic pattern on its leaves
Terrarium project

Our favorite inspirational terrarium coffee table projects

A terrarium coffee table is a beautiful way to incorporate more green into your home. Here's how to build one yourself
Spider plant with spiderettes

7 beautiful houseplants with the longest lifespans

Want to invest your time in a plant that'll be around for a long time? Consider buying these plants
grow lights in winter

The best grow lights for your indoor plants

If you want to add grow lights to your indoor routine but don't know where to start, we've put together a guide for you
climate change

Download these apps to help you understand your climate

Understanding what it means to live in your climate zone can be difficult. These apps might be able to help
snapdragon flower

Plant of the week: Snapdragon

This week's featured plant is the snapdragon, which has flowers that resemble a dragon's mouth
Various butterflies landing on flowers

Here’s how to plant a butterfly garden

Butterfly gardens are colorful sanctuaries for butterflies. Here's how to add one to your space
A dried floral arrangement in a pink vase

How to grow your own everlasting flowers

Everlasting flowers are beautiful and unique. Here's how to integrate them into your garden!
succulents in home office

7 low maintenance succulent plants perfect for your home office

Add these low maintenance succulent plants to your home office
A living plant wall

Here are some fun and easy DIY plant wall ideas

Use these ideas to build a plant wall in your home!
soil is messy

Here’s what you need to know about LECA and how to use it

Leca is a clay aggregate that many indoor gardeners love. Here's what you need to know about it and when it's best to use