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Green Gardening

Areca palm

Which plants absorb the most carbon dioxide? Here are 5 air-cleaning plants to add to your home

If you want to clean up the air in your home, here are four carbon dioxide-absorbing plants to consider buying.
Fresh vegetables with a knife on a wooden surface

These food waste apps will help you save money – and the planet

Coconut at the beach

How to use coconut coir in gardening: Your guide to using coconut husk for plants

A person mowing their lawn

Why you should absolutely be composting grass clippings

An arrangement of different echeveria succulents of different sizes and colors

Foolproof tips and tricks on how to make the succulent garden of your dreams

Border garden planted with drought-tolerant flowers

6 tips you should keep in mind when building your own drought-tolerant garden

Person with small plant in hands

What is coconut soil, and how can it make your garden better?

Camping trip

8 eco-friendly bug sprays that are good for your skin and the environment

Tire gardening

Used tire planters: Genius upcycling or harmful to your health?

plant trees

Climate change gardening: Trees you can plant to fight climate change

A wildflower garden full of colorful flowers

Gorgeous ways to get the natural garden of your dreams

Beautiful rock garden

How to build a rock garden that will make your neighbors jealous

monarch butterfly swarm

Where are all the butterflies? Study claims climate change is to blame

Signs of climate change are everywhere, and increasing. The latest data shows a critical decline in one important species.
blue robot

Are robots the next trend in gardening? Here’s what we know

Are robots taking over our gardens? Here's everything we know
Father showing children the tomato plant in their garden

Climate change threatens the future of gardens; gardeners may be the solution

Gardeners can help combat the unpredictable effects of climate change by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and challenging the industrial food system
solar panels

Interested in using solar power in your garden? What you need to know

What to know about using solar power in your garden
Person monitoring their greenhouse on an app

Smart home devices that do your gardening while you’re on vacation

We've put together a guide to smart home devices that will help you with your gardening!
Child stands before chicken coop with his dog

Homesteaders embrace self-sufficiency for the health of the environment

Homesteaders promote sustainability and self-sufficient living as the means to take control of personal health and personal responsibility to the environment
fungi in the woods

Fungi can be vital to your garden’s ecosystem. Here’s what you need to know

What to know about fungi's importance to a garden's ecosystem
Various butterflies landing on flowers

Here’s how to plant a butterfly garden

Butterfly gardens are colorful sanctuaries for butterflies. Here's how to add one to your space
Person adding vegetable scraps to a compost container

Composting made easy: pickup services help divert food waste from landfills

Compost pickup services help users take personal responsibility and divert waste from landfills, but more infrastructure remains necessary for meaningful change
Succulent plants growing outdoors

How to integrate succulents into your landscape design

If you're looking to integrate succulents into your landscape design, here's how.
Overflowing rain barrel in a garden

Do these quick projects over Labor Day to help fight climate change

Here are some quick projects for you to do over the long weekend to fight climate change
Mushroom growing in the forest

Why fungi are important to the environment — and what that means for your garden

Fungi is incredibly important to the environment. Here's what that means for your garden.
New apartment complex with trees

These are the best trees for carbon sequestration

These are the best trees for carbon sequestration.
sustainable gardening

8 sustainable gardening ideas we saw on Instagram — and loved

Instagram is sometimes inspirational, and we've found some gorgeous gardens you have to see
plastic dumps

How to eliminate plastic bags from your gardening routines

Plastic does nothing good for the environment, but gardening is chock full of it. Here's how to use less plastic.
change for climate change

8 gardening ideas to counter climate change, one sprout at a time

Do your part to reverse the impacts of climate change right in your own backyard

How to build an aquaponics system perfect for a thriving garden

Follow our guide and build a simple aquaponic system that will help your plants thrive
grow greens plant backyard engin akyurt pulsxslyrye unsplash

How to grow delicious greens in your home garden

Growing your own salads has never been so easy with this guide
Herbs in containers

6 ways to help your garden go green for Earth Day

Honor the earth and spruce up your garden with these great ideas.

Can pesticides be good for the environment? Here’s what we’ve found

You don't have to harm the environment to keep pests away
coconut fibers

What coconut fiber can do for your plants

Coconut coir -- a gift to gardeners or nothing special?
View of a vegetable garden

Gardening for the environment: How to minimize your footprint for maximum results

Take care of the planet with your garden and these ideas
hands beside a seedling

Grow a greener garden with these eco-friendly tips

Grow a beautiful eco-friendly garden with these inspirations