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Climbing pothos

Not sure when and why you should be using plant poles? Here are some tips

Vining plants like monstera, pothos, and philodendrons love to climb. Use this guide to set yours up with a moss pole to help them reach for the sky.
A pothos as a wall vine

Want to make your pothos plant’s vines thicker? Follow this guide

Has your pothos gotten a bit leggy? Try this easy guide to make the vines thicker, the leaves larger, and the plant even more attractive.
Peperomia caperata

Plant of the week: Peperomia caperata – learn how to care for the emerald ripple peperomia

Learn how to take care of the Peperomia caperata, also known as the emerald ripple peperomia
Ornament on a Christmas tree

What to do with an old Christmas tree: 6 ways to recycle your tree after the holidays

Here are six easy ways to recycle your old Christmas tree so that it doesn't go to waste after the holidays end.
Three little fake Christmas trees

Real vs. fake Christmas trees: Which is friendlier to the environment?

If you've ever wondered if real or fake Christmas trees are better for the environment, we have your answers.
A person holding a bowl of air plants

6 air plants that make for the perfect air-purifying indoor plants

These six air plants will make beautiful additions to your indoor garden and will help purify the air in your home.
plants growing in greenhouse

How to protect your plants and keep them warm in the greenhouse for winter

Keep your greenhouse plants safe this winter with some easily sourced materials and a bit of elbow grease. Here's how to protect your plants from the cold.
woman caring for plants

Plant of the week: Darwin’s orchid, a beautiful flower with star-shaped blooms

This week's featured plant is Darwin's orchid, a beautiful flower with star-shaped blooms

7 ways to reuse your Halloween pumpkin so it doesn’t go to waste

Don't let your Halloween pumpkins go to waste! From cooking to composting, here are some ideas on how to reuse them.
Squash fall harvest

What to do with all the winter squash from your fall harvest

Here's what to do with all the squash you're harvesting this fall
Pears on a pear tree

What to do with all the pears you’ll be harvesting this fall

Here's what to do with all the pears you're harvesting this fall.
Vines growing on a house

How to train climbing vines to climb up a trellis or along a wall

Pothos, climbing roses, and cucumbers are just a few plants that love to climb. Here's a guide to helping them reach for the sky.
Farmers market

What’s in season at the farmers market this fall

At the farmers market this autumn? Shop smart at the farmers market by knowing what produce is in season.
Apple harvest

Have an abundant fall apple harvest? Here’s what to do with a bunch of apples

If you have an abundance of apples, here's what to do with all the fresh fruits you're harvesting this fall.
Retaining wall with plants

How to repair a retaining wall without overspending

Repair the retaining walls in your garden without going over budget with this how-to guide.
Camping trip

8 eco-friendly bug sprays that are good for your skin and the environment

Insect repellents that are good for your skin and the environment work. These are the best ones we've found.
Bonemeal or blood meal

Gardening 101: The difference between blood meal vs. bonemeal

If you're wondering about the difference between blood meal and bonemeal, we've got you covered with the details.
Blades of grass

Zoysia vs. Bermuda grass: Which one should you choose for your yard?

Not sure whether you should choose zoysia or Bermuda grass? Here's a guide that will help you decide between them.
Liatris spicata blooms

The best and brightest zone 7 perennials to grow in your garden

From cheerful peonies to blazing stars, here are the best perennial flowers to plant in your sunny zone 7 garden.
climbing roses

5 easy-to-grow, beautiful climbing roses that will impress your neighbors

These beautiful climbing roses will wow the gardener in your lifeā€”and your Instagram followers! Here are five of the easiest varieties to grow.
plant of the week rhaphidophora tetrasperma mini monstera trending tropical houseplant in pink chevron

Plant of the week: Mini monstera, a plant with striking leaves

This week's featured plant is the Rhaphidophora tetrasperma, also known as mini monstera, a plant with striking leaves.
sunflowers in late summer

How late can you plant sunflowers and still see blooms? What you need to know about these beautiful giants

Worried you waited too long to plant sunflowers? Here's what you need to know about how late you can plant them to still get big, beautiful blooms.
Tire gardening

Used tire planters: Genius upcycling or harmful to your health?

Used tire planters have become a big trend, but are they safe? Here's what you need to know about this upcycling hack.
plant trees

Climate change gardening: Trees you can plant to fight climate change

Wondering about climate change gardening? Here's how planting trees can help you start giving back to the planet.
Person with potted plants

5 most beautiful potted plants that thrive year-round

Grow these beautiful plants in your pots and watch them thrive year-round.
Amaryllis flower close-up

Tips for keeping your amaryllis thriving all year indoors

Amaryllis plants can live all year. Here's how to make sure they keep flourishing.
Person caring for plants

Caring for the unique zebra plant – What you should know to keep it thriving

Check out this care guide to keep your indoor zebra plant thriving.
Pruning a plant

Pruning 101: 5 pruning blunders to avoid this spring

When you're pruning your plants this spring, be sure to avoid these blunders.
Low-light loving plant

7 best low-light indoor plants for your north-facing windows that’ll thrive

These low-light houseplants are perfect to sit in your north-facing windows and they'll still thrive.
Pink climbing roses

7 colorful spring plants that will beautify your fence line and give you privacy

These are best plants to add to your fence line to not only give you privacy but beautify your boundaries.
Person sitting on wooden pallets

Transform your garden this summer with these 6 DIY pallet garden design ideas

Here are some ideas on how to make homemade pallet gardens. Try these in your garden today.
Lavender flowers

5 drought-tolerant companion plants that will thrive next to lavender

Lavender does well in dry climates, and so do these companion plants. Plus, they'll look beautiful together in your garden.
arborvitae trees in a line

Wondering how to grow an arborvitae tree? We have your answers

Arborvitae trees are popular in landscape design for a reason. Here's how to care for yours.
Wooden fence by a house

If your fence is leaning and in need of repairs, do this immediately

This is what you should do if you need to repair a leaning fence.
Cedar trees

13 incredible cedar tree varieties (and if they’re right for your climate zone)

Find out which type of cedar tree is right for your yard.