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Wooden fence by a house

If your fence is leaning and in need of repairs, do this immediately

This is what you should do if you need to repair a leaning fence.
Cedar trees

13 incredible cedar tree varieties (and if they’re right for your climate zone)

Find out which type of cedar tree is right for your yard.
Raised garden bed with wheelbarrow

5 amazing raised garden bed ideas any beginner can DIY

Elevate your garden with these DIY raised garden bed ideas.
houseplant care

Plant of the Week: The easy-to-care-for, flowering Rhaphidophora decursiva

This week's featured plant is the easy-to-care-for Rhaphidophora decursiva
weeping willow trees by a lake

Fast-growing shade trees that would be perfect in your zone 9 garden

The perfect fast-growing shade trees for a zone 9 garden
English lavender flowers

Add some color to your zone 9 garden with these full sun perennials

The best full sun perennials for any zone 9 garden
Thaumatophyllum stenolobum

Plant of the Week: The highly sought-after Thaumatophyllum stenolobum

This week's featured plant is the highly sought after Thaumatophyllus stenolobum
hoya compacta

Plant of the Week: Hoya compacta, a strikingly unique plant

This week's featured plant is the hoya compacta, an attractive, unique addition to any garden
 Ajuga flower

Need some shade in your warm zone 8 garden? Consider these shade plants

The best shade plants to add to your zone 8 garden
harvested potatoes in baskets

This is the optimal time to plant potatoes in zone 7 for a bountiful harvest

A complete guide on when you should plant potatoes in your zone 7 garden
peace lily

Plant of the Week: Spathiphyllus, AKA peace lilies

This week's featured plant is the spathiphyllus, also known as peace lilies
outdoor sitting with lights

3 of the best solar garden lights for a bright and eco-friendly yard

The best solar garden lights to keep your yard bright and eco-friendly

A complete guide to cleaning your greenhouse for beginners

Follow this guide on how to clean your greenhouse to keep your plants healthy
Marble queen pothos

Plant of the week: Marble queen, a regal and popular pothos plant

This week's featured plant is the marble queen pothos, a regal plant
houseplant care

Plant of the week: Staghorn fern, a plant featuring antler-like foliage

This week's featured plant is the staghorn fern, named for its antler-like leaves
baby tomato plants

When and how to transplant tomato plants for the best results

Keep your tomato plants healthy by following this guide on when and how to transplant them
palm leaves

What you need to know about growing and caring for the handsome jelly palm

How to grow and care for your won handsome jelly palm
women outside sitting

5 outdoor living trends that will totally improve your 2022

Start planning your outdoor projects now with these 2022 trends
arranged houseplants

The best ways to arrange houseplants to maximize their impact

Tips for using your houseplants as a part of your home decor
man caring for plants

Plant of the week: Cissus discolor, the striking Rex begonia

This week's plant of the week is the cissus discolor, a striking Rex begonia
pink astilbes plants

Gardening 101: How to care for the ornamental perennial, astilbes

A complete guide to caring for astilbes, an ornamental perennial
rattlesnake plant leaves

Plant of the week: Rattlesnake plant, a calathea that won’t bite you

This week's plant of the week is the rattlesnake plant, a calathea that won't bite you
person recording podcast

5 educational gardening podcasts to listen to while you weed

Listen to these 5 podcasts about gardening the next time you're pulling weeds
monarch butterfly swarm

Where are all the butterflies? Study claims climate change is to blame

Signs of climate change are everywhere, and increasing. The latest data shows a critical decline in one important species.
plant of the week mistletoe

Plant of the week: Mistletoe, a parasitic plant with a romantic tradition

This week's plant of the week is the mistletoe, a plant that's romantic and also parasitic
dog on bed with houseplant

Use these tips to turn your bedroom into a luxurious plant haven

Turn your bedroom into a plant haven by following this guide
a pile of red and white gift boxes

2021 gift guide: Gifts for your favorite houseplant aficionado

A gift guide full of unique items for your houseplant-obsessed friends and family
Amaryllis flower close-up

Plant of the week: Amaryllis, a festive, flowering bulb

This week's plant of the week is the amaryllis, a festive flower
coiled green hose

Tips to protect your garden hose from freezing temperatures

Make sure your garden hose doesn't suffer this winter by using these tips and tricks
gardening gifts

2021 gift guide: The coolest gardening gadgets out there

A gift guide for your friends who love the latest gardening gadgets
wrapping christmas gift

2021 gift guide: The cutest plant accessories for your plant-loving friends

A gift guide of the cutest plant accessories to buy your plant-loving friends and family
person giving gift

2021 gift guide: Gifts for the gardener who has everything

A gift guide for the gardener who has almost everything
Grow lights in a greenhouse

Good, better, best: Grow lights to keep an indoor garden flourishing

Here are our recommendations for indoor grow lights
Flower garden with statue

How to find the best easy-to-grow flower seeds for your garden

Here's how to find the best easy-to-grow flower seeds to fill your garden with beautiful blooms
chopped veggies

What to do with root vegetables from your garden’s harvest

Here's what to do with all the root vegetables you're harvesting this fall