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succulents in home office

7 low maintenance succulent plants perfect for your home office

Add these low maintenance succulent plants to your home office
soil is messy

Here’s what you need to know about LECA and how to use it

Leca is a clay aggregate that many indoor gardeners love. Here's what you need to know about it and when it's best to use
Several houseplants including a money tree and a cactus on a window sill

Plant of the week: Chinese money tree

This week's featured plant is the Chinese money tree, also known as a coin plant or a UFO plant
fall crops labor day gabriel gurrola fcgprzmtm5w unsplash

The best fall crops to plant after Labor Day

These are the best fall crops to plant after Labor Day
what is smart gardening stella de smit l cj8xxusho unsplash

Gardening 101: What is smart gardening?

Here's an in-depth guide to smart gardening, which can be a huge help when growing indoors
labor day garden chores jim stapleton rzpefluagb8 unsplash

What to do in the garden over the long Labor Day weekend

With the long weekend ahead, here are some gardening chores you can take care of
watching a documentary

5 great gardening documentaries to watch for inspiration

These gardening documentaries will give you all the inspiration you need to get back to your gardening roots
swiss chard plants

How to grow Swiss chard in your kitchen

Start growing swiss chard in your kitchen today using these tips
iphone apps for gardeners

The 8 best apps for beginner gardeners

These apps will make sure any beginner gardener knows what to do
colorful swiss chard

5 Swiss chard growing tips to yield a delicious harvest

Use these tips to make sure you grow delicious swiss chard
garden path

8 ideas to inspire your garden design

These inspirational ideas will help you with your next garden design
guide plant zones john mark smith gtcwbwbznpm unsplash

Planting zones by state: A complete guide

If you want to know which planting zone you live in and how to design your garden accordingly, we've got you covered
pink astilbes blooming

How long do astilbes bloom? What you need to know

Everything you need to know about an astilbes' bloom season
tomatoes and basil

The best fruits and vegetables to harvest in August

August is the best month for lush harvests. These are the best crops to pick
eating local veggies anne preble sapvko12dqe unsplash  1

What produce is in season during the summer? A guide to eating local

Here's everything you need to know about which vegetables are seasonal and how to eat local
succulent varieties

These 8 succulents are perfect for beginners

Succulents are an easy way to liven up any space. Here are the best varieties for beginners
farmers market produce

How to preserve your fresh farmers market veggies

Did you go overboard at the farmers market? Here's how to wash, cut, and store your veggies
what is a rain garden mick haupt lp0dz24xo6a unsplash

What is a rain garden and why you should build one

How could a rain garden save you money and the planet?
sustainable gardening

8 sustainable gardening ideas we saw on Instagram — and loved

Instagram is sometimes inspirational, and we've found some gorgeous gardens you have to see
summer heat and plants angus gray vd0uhc3frac unsplash

How to keep outdoor plants alive in the blistering summer heat

Worried the sun will scorch your plants? Here's how to keep them safe.
1970s garden style

Should you plant a time capsule garden this summer? What you need to know

What is a time capsule garden? Is it right for you? We tell you everything you need to know
plastic dumps

How to eliminate plastic bags from your gardening routines

Plastic does nothing good for the environment, but gardening is chock full of it. Here's how to use less plastic.
garden hoses

Good, better, best: The garden hoses your backyard needs

Garden hoses are critical for all gardeners, and these are our best picks
neglected garden

The best way to quickly spruce up a neglected garden

Is your garden in bad shape? We've got some tips to liven it up in no time
what to plant in summer marya volk 4ryvizjprl0 unsplash

Gardening 101: The summer planting guide every new gardener needs

Our summer planting guide for new and experienced gardeners
soil conditioners

How to use soil conditioner to cultivate beautiful plants and rich soil

Soil conditioner may be the secret for your best gardening year ever. Here's how to use it
butterfly on butterfly bush

How to propagate a butterfly bush

How to propagate and care for your butterfly bush the right way
hydroponic system

How the hydroponic Nutrient Film Technique can work for your garden

What is the hydroponic nutrient film technique? We tell you what you need to know
hot day with a hat

On Stay Out of the Sun Day, invest in these 7 UV-resistant gardening clothes for safe skin all summer

Staying out of the sun doesn't mean avoiding it altogether! Keep your skin safe with our picks
self watering planter with trellis pexels zen chung 5529581

This self-watering planter is the best low-maintenence garden buy this summer

Self-watering planters are amazing, and we've found the best for your garden
change for climate change

8 gardening ideas to counter climate change, one sprout at a time

Do your part to reverse the impacts of climate change right in your own backyard
best gardening seats wheeled kneeling pexels zen chung 5529950

8 gardening seats that make gardening fun again

These gardening seats might even make you dread weeding a little less
A person holding a seedling and soil in cupped hands

What does blood meal do for plants? This is what we know

Blood meal -- sounds scary, but it's actually great for your plants.

What you need to know about the Dutch bucket hydroponic system

This is your one-stop source for everything you need to know about the Dutch bucket hydroponic system

How to build an aquaponics system perfect for a thriving garden

Follow our guide and build a simple aquaponic system that will help your plants thrive