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Pothos plant

How to care for pothos plants that seem to be getting too much sun

Pothos plants love sun, but too much can be a bad thing. Here's how to fix it
pink hydrangea bush

How to grow beautiful hydrangeas from cuttings

Grow your own amazing hydrangea plants from cuttings with our simple guide
how to build rain garden hands 1838659 1280

Consider these 5 things before you build a rain garden

Rain gardens are an amazing way to make the most of your water -- who doesn't want that?
moth orchid

These are the 7 easiest orchids to grow for beginners

Orchids can be fussy, but these 7 are perfect for beginners
organic gardening

Master gardeners say these are the benefits of organic gardening

Organic gardening is more than just a buzzword -- Angelo Randaci says it's good for your health
instagram inspiration

Our 10 favorite Instagram accounts for outdoor spaces

Get inspiration for your garden on these beautiful Instagram accounts that give new meaning to #goals
gardening books

7 books every beginning gardener needs to read

These books should be required reading for every new gardener
grow greens plant backyard engin akyurt pulsxslyrye unsplash

How to grow delicious greens in your home garden

Growing your own salads has never been so easy with this guide
herb seedlings

Our favorite places to buy organic herb seeds

Start a beautiful organic garden with seeds from these sources.
rose bush

You can grow these 9 flowers from cuttings today

You can propagate some beautiful flowers from cuttings -- here's where to start.
compost bin

A beginner’s guide to composting

Want to compost? Let us take you through the steps to get started
best gardening books a gardener standing at workbench reading z

The best books to gift to gardeners old and new

Here's a list of our favorite books for the gardener in your life

Can pesticides be good for the environment? Here’s what we’ve found

You don't have to harm the environment to keep pests away
year round flowers laura adai m9qo5k2xms8 unsplash

These perennial blooms look gorgeous all year-round

Ensure your garden is colorful year-round by planting these flowers
boxwood bush

Plant these low-maintenance shrubs for an instant garden spruce

Spruce up your garden with these low-maintenance shrubbery ideas
coconut fibers

What coconut fiber can do for your plants

Coconut coir -- a gift to gardeners or nothing special?
diy plant propagation annie spratt s7viz8jwxwy unsplash

What do you need to propagate a plant?

What method should you use to propagate plants? Learn more here
organic or non-GMO seeds

Organic vs. non-GMO: How to choose the best seeds for you

Is there a difference between organic and GMO seeds?
Seed starting

When is the best time and season to plant your vegetables?

When should you plant your veggies outdoors? Here's how to tell
frost happy plants

These 10 vegetables thrive in the coldest months of winter

Grow vegetables in the winter months -- these plants love the cold

Why knowing your climate zone is essential to your vegetable garden

Do you know what climate zone you live in? Here's why it matters
garden gnome

How to choose cute and functional decor items for your front garden

Add elegance and practicality to your garden with this inspirational guide.
flower garden

How to work greenery into your flower beds without choking your blooms

Which green plants will look best beside your flowers? Here are our thoughts.
soil care nutrient depletion eddie kopp kpzwi56rbky unsplash

Worried about soil depletion? How to make sure your garden’s soil is nutrient rich year-round

Ensure your soil stays healthy -- here's how to tell when it's time to take action.
cactus garden

Do cacti fit into your garden? Here’s what to consider

Is a cactus right for your garden? Here's what to consider -- and which type of cactus to choose.
winter prep

What your garden needs to survive the off season

When your plants aren't growing, how should you treat your soil? Here's some food for thought.
new year gardening tips kelly sikkema iu3mkdoqxdm unsplash

It’s not too late: New year gardening ideas you can implement now

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting off, make these resolutions a habit month after month.
Person holding tomatoes on plant

10 incredible vegetables to plant in the hot summer months

Plan a beautiful summer vegetable garden with these amazing veggies.
hydroponic plant growth shutterstock 1728055639

Do hydroponic plants grow faster? Here’s everything you need to know

We debunk some of the most common myths about hydroponic plants in this handy guide.
organic gardening

Want to start an organic garden? This is how to begin

Organic gardening may seem daunting, but this guide will make it simple and fun to start a garden of your own.
soggy yard

Wet soil can drown most plants — but not these 13 shrubs

Some shrubs thrive in wet soil, but it's important to pick the right ones. Gives these 13 trees and shrubs a try.
cherry tomatoes

Start growing cherry tomatoes today with these 5 tips

Growing cherry tomatoes doesn't have to be a hassle, and these beginner tips make it easy!
Compost in brown bag on a floor

How to know when to add compost to your vegetable garden

Learn when and how to add compost to your vegetable garden with this simple guide.
A bouquet of multiple flowers

Fresh-cut flowers: How to make them last

You want your beautiful, fresh-cut flowers to last, and we have all the tips on how to make that happen.
Vegetables in a garden

This simple guide will turn you into a master gardener

Gardening isn't for the pros -- it's for you, too, if you follow this good gardener's guide.